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By | January 11, 2017

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How To Make Money In A Small TownEverybody loves a small town, they are a glimpse into the lives of people that aren’t necessarily obsessed with modern technology and the latest and greatest fads. Which is why many people love to visit and spend a night put up in a 3 star Motel. But being a tourist in a small town is a whole different story to being a local in a rural or small town.

In particular employment. Every body needs to make money to survive in this life. Small town or large city, we all need cash flow. Learning how to make money in a small town can be extremely difficult. Especially if you’re in a Family which isn’t one of the main businesses in town. If your Family is part of a small town business, it may not be a bad idea to seek employment there until what you really want to do for a career pops up.

According to the Washington Post, people from small counties across America are less likely to start a small business, compared to a larger city. Which is not a great sign for future employment possibilities for small town folk with youngsters. The Census also states that contrary to popular belief, growth in small town America is on the rise. So we have small towns growing out, but are less likely to start businesses which create employment. So how exactly is a small town Boy or Girl meant to find a job without moving to the big smoke?.

The Best Ways To Make Money In A Small Town

In the following guide I will be going through some online and offline ways to make money if you are not connected to a large city. I am currently leaving a location with a decent population of over 20,000 and plenty of employment opportunities to live in a rural location with just a few thousand people and a handful of country shops. So what am I going to do to put food on the table and pay my mortgage? Well, I’ll show you how I plan to retire in a small town and NEVER have to worry about employment again.

Moving To A Small Town Employment opportunities

How I Earn Money Online From A Small TownHow To Make 1000 Dollars A Day Online

First off I want to state that this method of making a living online has taken time to build up. However right now I earn more than 4 x the national full time minimum wage. So yes you can absolutely make money online and lots of it. It doesn’t matter if you are from a small town in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom etc. All you need is a computer/laptop and a internet connection.

But, no matter what method you use online. Be prepared to learn and spend at least 3-4 months wrapping your head around the concept and mastering the art. So this is NOT a solution or a job for which you need money immediately. Unfortunately you cant earn decent money online immediately. So this method is not applicable if you need money urgently. But if you are interested in creating your own online business for which you are the boss, then read on.

Have You Got A Laptop/Desktop And Internet?

If you are connected to the internet and have access to a desktop or a laptop, then you have the possibility to create an income online. But why is this a good method for people who live in a small town?. Well, unlike living in a town with a small population and not many opportunities for employment, the internet is world wide. This means you are no longer limited to your regional location.

In America alone, the prediction for 2016 was 327 Billion dollars spent online by consumers. Now think about that for a minute. That is a boat load of money and more. To be successful online you only need to take the smallest slice of that money to be making a killing. Then there is worldwide opportunities. There has never been a better time to make some serious money than in 2017.

So How Do You Get A Slice Of The Pie Without Investing In Products To Sell?

The problem with living in a small town and trying to make money by selling products is access to suppliers, remote locations and limited resources. The same thing applies to the online world if you head down the route of selling your own physical products. But the good news is, you can make a lot of money without ever having to touch a product or even deal with payment transactions.

In fact, just this month I made my first $1000 in a single day online. This kind of income is life changing for my Family and I’m sure the same goes for many people across the world. I did this from the comfort of my own home without ever picking up the phone, contacting/emailing anybody or sending/receiving payments. So you can see why it is the perfect fit for someone in a small town looking to make a living online.

Drum Roll Please….

It’s Called Affiliate Marketing!Make Money Online From Anywhere

Affiliate marketing is the exact way I provide sufficient money for my Family to live a happy life without worrying about finding a job ever again. But like I said earlier, this is not some get rich with no work method (They don’t exist besides winning the lottery). I spent many hours building up my affiliate marketing business to the income level it is at now.

How did I achieve this success?. Well simply put I followed this training which taught me everything I needed to know to begin. This same training organization also provided me with all the tools needed to build my business. I came across this method after spending $1000’s online falling for scams and programs that simply didn’t work. But eventually I fond something that is best suited to my lifestyle.

Basically Affiliate Marketing is the process of recommending products that someone is selling to somebody that is interested in buying such a product. So in my example I recommend products from the site to people in a certain niche. When these people buy form the Amazon store I get commissions on absolutely anything they buy. Which is very nice I must tell you.

Sound Complicated?

While I know that was a very brief explanation and you may be thinking that it is complicated and too hard for the average person to do. Well, if you follow a proven plan or training and have basic understanding of the English language. Then trust me..It’s not that complicated. In fact with this training you can get a website online in about a minute (No Joke) and you can begin the process that day.

But there is a learning curve. Which is quite normal when starting any business. But the best thing about working online is that you don’t have the expensive overheads you get with a offline business. So while you spend a few months mastering the art, you are not paying for expensive rent and loosing money. In fact you can actually earn money while doing the training.

If this kind of business or way of making money appeals to you, then I highly recommend you take a peak at my Wealthy Affiliate article where I go into more details and show more income proof. If I didn’t have this source of income, there is no way I could survive in a small town. So I am forever grateful to Wealthy Affiliate for teaching me the ropes.


Alternative Ways To Make Some Money While Living Remote

Facebook – Most people have a Facebook account or at least have heard of Facebook. But not too many people know about their special buy/sell groups. Within these groups you can buy or sell items for a price that you deem fit. Depending how remote or how small your town is, there are ways to utilize these groups to make money. Do a bit of research and find out which products people are buying in your area (Within 1-2 hour drive).

Become the middle man and hunt down sellers of these in demand products. As we are in small towns, most people won’t be bothered to drive an hour to buy a product. Or better yet, collect a big list and take your list to the big smoke and get these products even cheaper. Of course when you sell these products include a mark up to cover costs for fuel/transport and your extra bit on top.

To find these Buy and Sell groups on Facebook is easy. Just enter the name of your town or city plus the words “buy Sell” and click search. Once the results are in, click on the tab that says “groups”. This will bring up all the groups on Facebook that Buy/Sell in your town. As you can see from thus example there are roughly 125k people just from the first 4 results for “Buy Sell Texas”. See the potential here. this method is very rewarding if you have a eye for spotting cheap antiques.

Make money on Facebook from Buy Sell Groups


Is Your Town Missing Something?

Start A Small Business To Fill The VoidWays To Make Money In A Country Town

Starting a small business is not as scary as one may think. But to be successful you need to be offering a service in which is in demand. So you would know best what your town needs?. Is there a service which is not catered too or could be improved?. Consider asking more locals what they think the town needs and start doing some research.

While most likely the major services are already counted for like a Butcher, local supermarket, Chemist, Pub etc. But start thinking outside the box. Research neighboring towns of similar size and find out what small businesses they have that your town doesn’t. Do they look like a successful business and could that type of business fit in well in your town?. Perhaps a 24/7 Gym is what is the missing piece?. One never knows until taking the first steps.

Various Ways To Make Money In A Small Country Town

  • Set up a small stall on the main street or even out front of your house. Sell various local fruit, vegetables and flowers.
  • Convert your house into a Bed And Breakfast and offer air conditioning and Internet to passing through tourists. If possible its best to have some kind of attraction to your B&B. Like a scenic back drop.
  • Set up a car washing service for both passing traffic and locals.
  • Approach local businesses in your local town and even surrounding counties. Offer to create them a online presence. Learn how to do local marketing online which Wealthy Affiliate teaches. Once you know how to do this you can approach these business and offer to create them a website, get them more visitors to their shop via online traffic which leads to more sales for the small business. This is a simple approach and can bank anywhere up to 10k a month for big clients. Smaller business with less cash flow may be willing to pay you $100, $500 etc a month to get them more customers.

So… What Should You Do?

While there are many more opportunities for someone living in a small country town to make money, the methods listed above are sure to spur on some ideas. The problem with making money within a town with limited population is getting customers. No matter what you do, you need someone to pay you. Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees.

But the next best thing to money growing on trees is like I mentioned previously; Making money online!. Which is related to a degree. Every time you do something online for your business, it’s like planting seeds so that they can grow into money trees. By working online you are turning a few thousand potential customers into billions. This is the true reality of having a presence online.

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