How To Make Money Giving Advice Online – 5 Legit Methods

By | November 1, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How To Make Money Giving Advice OnlineWhen it comes to making money online, the core principal is to help someone in return for a payment. When you think about it, you are essentially paying somebody daily for advice in the real world (Doctors, School, Tutoring, trainee-ships etc). Learning how to make money giving advice online works in a similar way, except many times the person paying is indirectly paying you. You will understand what I mean by ‘indirectly’ in some of the ways to make money that I will show you.

I will show you some of the typical websites in which you can get paid for your advice or opinions. But the thing is with these websites, it is not as easy as you may think. To actually be paid, you have to have to be an expert with credentials. Many sites offer a voting system whereas your answer must be voted the best in order to get paid. So there could be a lot of hit and miss with this way of making money online.

If you are anything like me and consider yourself not skilled enough to offer expert advice, fear not. I will also show you how I have built my online business to over $10,000 per month by giving much simpler opinions and recommendations rather than professional advice.  But first lets have a look at a couple of the popular paying websites for offering your words of wisdom.

The Best Paying Website For Professional Advice

Just Answer is a website I stumbled across about a year ago when I was looking for legal advice when I was buying a block of land. They were offering answers to my questions, but at a price. At the time I didn’t think anything of it and closed the browser. But now I can see how Just Answer is a great opportunity for professionals to make an extra side income online to supplement their offline wage.

According to their website, they have experts in 175 categories. But I would suspect that the main categories that require ‘Legal’ advice get the most queries and bring in the most money. This is just my opinion, so by all means check it out if you are an expert in another field

honest Review

Where some folks may come unstuck is with the application to become an expert. Yes, you have to apply to be accepted into the program. You are also required to upload any Education credentials and a current Resume. But if you are a genuine expert, then this should not be a problem. According to their website, acceptance can take up to 20 days. So don’t expect to be earning money by tonight. If you manage to get approved, how much you earn will be dependent on the shear amount of questions that come into the system. According to their website, average orders are about $20.

Make Money Giving Advice Over The Phone

Ether is a company thats been offering it’s services since 1999, so they are not quick fly buys to try and scam you. However, they are a unique company in that you can charge what ever you want for your services. Ether makes money by taking a 15% cut off your charge. The majority of services Ether offer is via phone calls, but don’t worry. Nobody ever finds out your actual mobile number as a Ether extension is added to the number.

This approach can be a little less ‘Expert Advice’ compared to Just Answer because there are people on Ether who charge $1 per minute to listen to you rant or complain or to simply talk to you about something. So if you are a good listener you can make some good money provided the audience is willing to pay your rates.

Ways To Make Money Giving Help Advice

Are you connected to the spiritual world, have Physic experience or an expert in relationships?. Then Keen may be the right opportunity for you. Get paid to give advice in these categories.

Help Students With Homework & Get Paid

While you probably won’t make a fortune here (Remember, students are generally poor) you can make some extra money on the side. This method involves answering specific questions currently have in regards to their schooling. Payments can range from $1 to over $50 depending on the task.

However, not any ole Joe can apply to make money doing this. You must have a higher degree and or currently studying in University or College. So while this may seem like something a teacher would frown upon, it’s also a great way to supplement the Teachers wage.

How To Make Extra Money As A Teacher


“But I’m NOT An Expert…. How Do I Make Money Giving Advice?

My #1 Recommended way to build a Job replacing online income

So you may have gone through the above 4 legitimate ways to get paid by offering advice and thought “I can’t do that”, or “But I’m NOT an expert in anything” and have just about given up hope in chasing a way to make money online. I know I would have felt the exact same way, in fact I still do yet I make more than a full time income online.

But how do I make a full time income Online being a unskilled house painter?Me Painting

This may shock you, but it’s NOT from giving painting advice (There’s already enough YouTube videos on how to paint). So I give advice in a totally different way. I answer peoples questions when they type something into the google search bar. For example, if someone typed into Google “What is the best alarm clock in 2017” the way I make money from this is by writing product reviews on alarm clocks targeting those words “What is the best alarm clock in 2017”.

On my product review, I have given my personal opinions and advice as to which alarm clock I think is the best. When the person who visits my reviews and likes what I have to say. They will click on a product to find out more about it. Then they are taken to where they can buy the product. Now if this person buys the alarm clock or anything at all form amazon I will get paid a commission. This is known as Affiliate Marketing and I have been doing it for the last 4 years.

In my opinion, this is the BEST way to make money online, especially for beginners. I don’t ever have to talk to customers, I never handle the products and I NEVER deal with payment transactions. I simply promote my reviews and I get paid by Amazon. Pretty awesome right?. Not bad for giving my advice and recommendations on products I have never owned.

Can You Make Money Online Like I Do?

Yes!, but only if you have the following tools at your disposal, a internet connection, a laptop/computer, understand English and have the correct attitude. Which is: Willing to work for your money!. Because let me tell you, so many scams are online pushing down your throat lies about how anyone can make $1000 over night or whatever. They plain out lie to you so they can steal money from you. Never trust false claims like that. It makes my blood boil how many of these scam artists are online these days.

Anyways, if you understand that making money online takes time and it should be treated like growing a brand new business than you should be fine. The only other thing you will need is a proven training system. Again with so many scams online it’s important to avoid the one’s claiming instant riches etc. To save you the heartache, I will recommend you take the same training I took because I know 100%, it’s simply the best institution online.

If you are interested in taking the same path as me to owning your own ‘Boss’ free business, then you can read my review here to get started. From there I will walk you through the entire process and help you every step of the way. Yes that means I am still involved with this company. Because they are the one’s who taught me how to build my online business to heights I never imagined possible, so why would I ever leave. Instead of just learning and leaving,  I now help other people like you get started in this online business so you to can finally believe that making money online is possible and not some wild dream.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Money Giving Advice Online – 5 Legit Methods

  1.'Anita Sandra

    How could I make money by giving daily life advice? I don’t have any particular skill really?

    1. Josh Post author

      Excellent question Anita. Guess what, I have no skills either. My day job was a house painter, so nothing flash there. However, I have managed to turn nothing into a online business. For some real world examples. Do you have kids/pets?. Either work fine. Both would have needed to be taught how to go to the toilet right?. Teaching other people by giving advice on how you got your kids/animals to go to the toilet is a way to make money. With this you could promote potties, toilet trainer DVD’s, books etc. Pretty much anything you can think of is a niche and can be profitable.

  2.'Richard Dela Cruz

    So you’re just making money doing Amazon reviews?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Richard, Yes I make my income online by writing my own reviews on products found on Amazon. I recommend them on my websites as outlined in the training in Wealthy Affiliate. This is by no means a new strategy, its time tested and proven to work. The only thing to do is learn how and then apply. Best of luck Richard


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