How To Make Extra Money As A Physical Therapist Without Ever Leaving The House

By | May 25, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How To Make Extra Money As A Physical TherapistI want to make this clear from the beginning, I’m not a Physical Therapist. But my friend who is recently asked me how to make extra money as a Physical Therapist?. Why would he ask me, when I don’t even have such a qualification you may be thinking?.

Well, recently I became self employed and basically have quit the work force. I make all our household income from using the power of the internet. So I guess he thinks I’m qualified enough to help him achieve extra finances by utilizing his trade. The thing is, my trade is a Chef and a Painter. Neither of which make me over $10,000 per month every month online. So this online business is relevant to anyone really, not just Physical Therapists.

I do apologize in advance if I say things wrong and sound like I have no clue when it come to P.T, it’s becasue I really don’t have a clue. BUT!. I can still tell you right now that making extra money online from YOUR Physical Therapy experience is 100% possible. After all, you are the Guru, not me. I’m just connecting the dots here.

So How Does One Make Extra Cash From Physical Therapy

As being a Physical Therapist requires you to be a professional with a qualification, anybody can’t just roll up and apply for the job. One must be skilled. This tells me that, what YOU the Physical Therapist knows is extremely valuable information that not any ordinary folks like myself would know.

So if you were to help me with my queries, I would certainly TRUST your opinion and listen to your advice. ‘That’s all well and good Josh (That’s Me), but how do I make money by knowing things that other people don’t?’.

Use Your Knowledge To Build Trust & Make MoneyHow To Make Extra Money From Your Current Job

So as a Physical Therapist you provide services that help people. This is known as you job. You help to maintain, help, increase peoples movements and functions. Not only this, but you help improve quality of life, no matter the clients age, help with social well being and so much more.

This makes you rather important and extremely helpful in peoples lives all over the world. So what’s the biggest innovation in terms of technology over the last 30 years or so. The Internet.

The Internet is HOW a Physical Therapists makes some cash on the side. There’s are a few ways gushing into my mind right now that could leverage your trade and tun it into a full time income generating online business. So lets have a look at them.

#1. Recommended Way To Make Extra Cash As A P.T

Help People Online!

So you know the ins and outs of your trade, why not use this knowledge and help others with their problems whilst you make extra cash on the side?. To do this you will need to have your own website. Don’t worry, building your own website these days is super easy. In this article I show you just how easy it is.

Your website which takes just minutes to set up will be your central HUB. Or portable money making machines as known by me and possibly just me. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. This website will be where you help people that need help with anything related to what a Physical Therapist would know.

On Your Physical Therapists Website You Could Write About:

Make Money On The Side

  • How to build strength and recover from accidents by using Isokinetic devices.
  • Promoting muscle growth after injuries via Electrical muscle stimulation.
  • How to use a exercise bike the correct way that will help the client with their specific needs.
  • How Ultrasound therapy works and what equipment can people use to treat themselves form home.
  • Plus anything and everything related to your trade.

Now Comes The Money Making Part – Woohoooo!

Don’t freak out just yet, there is a special online training facility to help you achieve all this. I’m just helping you right now to understand the basic overview.

So from the above bullet points, you could write many articles just like the one you’re reading right now. Publish them on your website (Which the training teaches you how to do) and now they can be seen by virtually anyone in the world. Again, don’t freak out. No one will be judging your site 🙂

So lets take the Physical Therapists topic of IsoKinetics which I have absolutely no idea about. But I will show you how YOU can make money from this subject using your website.

Talking IsoKinetics & Making Money From Them

Again i have no knowledge on this subject, but presumably you could write a novel on the topic. So there are at least 3 ways to make money online from the subject of Isokinetics.

  1. Making commissions on sales that you recommend
  2. Making money from ad’s being placed on your website
  3. Building a email list so that you can email your readers with promotional offers (More advanced route for beginners)


#1. Make Commissions On Physical Therapists Tools & Equipment

So using the Isokinetics topic again, you could review the different kinds of tools that people could use from home to help them with recovery. In this article I show you how to write product reviews the easy way.

This is the EXACT method I use to make over $10,000 per month online. But obviously not in the Physical Therapists niche. But the same methods and principles taught here apply to any niche.

So what you would do is find a keyword. (Again all taught in the training) and this keyword would be the subject of your article on your website. I’ve gone ahead and even done you some research.

Start With ThisWays To make Part Time Income From Physical TherapyWays To make Part Time Income From Physical Therapy

Here’s your first keyword “Isokinetic Exercises And Example” or you could use “physical therapy tools”. What you would do is write a article about one of these keywords. For the Physical Therapy Tools keyword you would find the best 5,6, 7 or 10 (Whatever you want) tools that help people with recovery. Write a article and review these tools. These are only mini reviews however. As you are reviewing 5+ of them on one article, writing 1000 words per tool could get rather long. So just write like 150-200 words about each tool.

Once you have done so, you could use the Affiliate Program to recommend these products to people to buy. This is known as affiliate marketing and how you make your commissions.

See An Example Website

An example of this in action can be found on Guide Doc. In this article the owner of the website is writing about 7 of the best tools used by Physical Therapists. You will notice on some of the links they send you to other places to buy the products. This is them using affiliate marketing to make money from their website.

Now If I was in this niche/topic I would also add special links (All in the training) to the images. As people like to click on images, this website owner is missing out on money. When someone clicks on the images/links and buys a product, the person that owns that guide doc website will make money.

Go One Step Further

Because you really know your stuff, you could make a heap of YouTube videos. Make videos on informational topics within the Physical Therapy niche, or make product reviews on tools used in your trade. In the description of all the video you make, you would include a link back to your website where you are recommending these tools. This would bring in extra money from the extra visitors that come form Youtube.

See This Video Example – Reviews on resistance bands. In the description of the video he has links back to his website, and affiliate links. You could totally do this as you are a Physical Therapist!.


So About This Special Training I’ve Been Harping On About…

Are you ready for the big reveal?. Well here it is: Wealthy Affiliate. This is the #1 place online that teaches ordinary people how to build a sustainable online business from scratch. While I just gave you the blueprint for building a secondary income in the Physical Therapy niche, the same model can be applied to absolutely anything you can think of. If they sell it online, you can make money form it. Welcome to affiliate marketing!.

I know sounds too good too be true right. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. It does require you to do work on your website, it does take time and it is not completely free to pursue.

But, it can make you more money than you thought possible if you apply the training and implement every step of the process. Never give up and you too will be making a full time income online in a niche that you are passionate about.

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