How To Improve Your Website Ranking In Google Without Backlinks

By | June 9, 2017

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You start a site, you make a few pages, you work on it for several months, but you don’t see the results you were hoping to see. This usually results in less money made as well right. So now you want to know how to improve your website ranking in Google the legitimate way and without spending countless hours chasing after backlinks.

In this beginners guide to SEO, I will be sharing with you how I manage to rank my websites better from simple things that anyone can do. Do note, this is part one of a 2 part series. Access Part Two Here. Instead of making a 4000 word article and boring you to death. I cut it up into two sections. The more common basic SEO like keywords and then this article which will cover topics like user experience, website linking etc.

This is not about off page SEO and chasing external links to your website. I explain below why I am not a fan of backlinking methods. While you may think the tips shown on this page are pretty common sense, they are often not done correctly. Resulting in poor website rankings. Do the little things correctly then you and your website will be heading in the right direction.

How To Improve Your Website Ranking In Google Without Backlinks

Overview Of Tactics Used To Improve Websites Ranking In Google

  • Are Backlinks Good For SEO
  • Exact Match Domain Vs Branding
  • Internal/External Linking
  • User Experience – No full Page pop ups
  • Age Of Website/Number Of Posts
  • Part Two – Basic On Page SEO


Why I Dislike BackLink Methods As A Google Rank Boosting TechniqueAre BackLink Methods A Google Rank Boosting Technique

I won’t be including any of the popular methods of obtaining backlinks such as guest posting, PBN’s, comments, Wiki links, broken link replacements etc. Why?. Simple answer: I don’t use them, never have, and never will. Why? Mainly becasue I’m not a out there type of person and I definitely am not the type of person to ‘BEG’ for anything. Especially a link back to my site. I’m not saying backlink methods don’t work to help improve a websites ranking, I’m just saying I don’t use them.

I started to learn how to make money online back in 2012 through this online community which I am still an active member of today. Back in 2012, this online community had a side business in article directories. Part of the training was to write a quality article and post the article on their side business with a backlink back to your site. This use to work and it helped websites rank better in Google.

But when Google got sick and tired of marketers trying to manipulate the search engine rankings they enforced a algorithm update. I’m not a SEO Guru or some big shot, so I won’t get into the technicalities of it all. But I do get a enough organic traffic without backlinking methods to make me more than full time income online. So you can either take what I say and run with it, or just continue onto another article on why you must be backlinkng to be successful or some rubbish.

Are They Just Trying To Sell You A BackLink Service?2017 SEO Website Ranking Factors

Nine times out of ten when someone says that you MUST manually go out and get backlinks, they are trying to convince you that you need to buy their product in order to be successful. If you want to do this, then that is fine. But it’s not necessary and I have proof.

When Google unleashed the update that wiped out 1000’s of websites that used black hat backlink techniques, it left a lot of openings in the search results for white hat websites. All of a sudden, normal webmasters were seeing the results they deserved. All the sites with all the money to spend of spammy backlinking techniques were no longer dominating the Serps. But it wasn’t long before people realized that high quality back links still have a ranking factor in Google. So the people continues on with the scarcity. “You must get backlinks to survive etc”. It’s true, backlinks do help with your website rankings only if they are high quality and from authoritative relevant sites.

I’m Not A People Person

But, again. I’m too lazy to go chasing backlinks. It’s just not in my DNA. So instead, I focus on the other important ranking factors for getting better results in Googles search engine. In my opinion, I could spend 8 hours (A full day) emailing other website owners chasing up potential guest post opportunities.

Or I could spend the day writing two new articles on me website that are going to get more traffic naturally anyways. So why waste time writing content for someone else’s website when you could be putting the content on your own site and adding even more value to the reader?. This is my thinking anyways and it’s what works well for me. So lets have a look at the ranking factors I focus on to get my website posts ranking better in google

Exact Match Domains – Do They Help With Rankings in 2017

From my own personal experience, exact match domains certainly do help your website rank for that keyword. Just take a look at the keyword used in this website here :). I have other niche websites that rank page 1 using exact match domains.

Typically speaking, a exact match domain is better suited to narrow niches and is often a long tail keyword. Focus your entire website around this keyword/niche and the home page (Exact match domain) will rank for the term.

For example, lets say “makeup to look like Elvis” was a long tail keyword. You could make a website and target similar keywords and rank the homepage for “makeup to look like Elvis”. Similar posts could include such things as: What lipstick did Elvis use, What color blush did Elvis wear, How to look like Elvis etc etc. When I think about it, this may be a good niche. Many people love to dress up like the King.

Is Exact Match Domain Still Ranking Factor 2017

Brand-able Websites

On the other hand, instead of exact match domains, you attack a broader niche. This domain would be something not so specific and something people could remember the name of. For example, you could call a website “ElvisLives”. This is a broader domain of the ‘Elvis Make up’ exact match domain. On the ElvisLives domain you could write articles about anything and everything related to Elvis.

The exact match domain would rank quicker and higher for it’s narrow long tail keywords. But the broader domain ElvisLives would be a more successful overall website. Just takes longer to gain authority in a broader niche.

Moral Of The Story

If you are just starting out, a broader niche/domain can take a lot longer to rank highly for in Google. However, a exact match domain on a much tighter subject will rank faster and potentially make you money quicker. Both routes are fine to take. But from being a member of an online community that has over 1 million members, I know far too well that people don’t have patience. So perhaps starting out on a micro niche is the best route to take. Then you could make many of these narrow websites. Or create a broader niche website once you have proven to yourself that the micro niche website works and you have made money online.

Find More Help On Choosing A Niche Here

Internal Linking & External LinkingDoes Internal Linking Help Website Search Enging Ranking

Probably one of the most overlooked website ranking factors in my opinion. Every post, I mean every post I publish online has at least one external link and one internal link. An external link is when you link your post to another website/post online. See how I linked the word ‘external link’ to the Wiki page. This is considered helpful as it is showing the reader how to find out more on the topic and also shows that I am not selfish. I don’t just link to my own posts on my own website.

Internal links are highly powerful ranking factors. What are they?. They are simple links sending people to a different article on the website. Have a look at any other link on this article. They are all internal links to other articles where you can read more about the topic.

This spreads around ‘link juice’ from one post to the next. Kind of creating a web of links if you can visualize a website like a spider web. With all it’s posts linking to each other and so on.

This Helps User Bounce Rate..

How long (time) someone stays on your website and how many internal links they click on is a ranking factor for Google. So by encouraging your readers to visit other articles on your website in fact helps your whole website rank better overall. When your reader clicks on a internal link and goes to another page, this is good in the eyes of Google. It tells them that people are actually enjoying your articles so much they want to read more.

This lowers the ‘Bounce Rate‘ of your overall website. The bounce rate is basically if someone exits your website without checking out more. So by having internal links on your articles, you will lower the bounce rate. Having a high bounce rate can suggest to Google that people don’t find your content all that relevant or interesting and may rank the next website better than you instead. Most of my niche websites where I basically want people to just click on affiliate links have high bounce rates of over 80%. So don’t freak out too much on this number.

A Good User Experience Does Help Your Website Rank Well

So we just had a look at bounce rate and internal linking strategies and how that can affect rankings. Bounce rate is also part of the overall ‘user experience as it tells Google how long they stay on your site and if you visit more than one page. But there are other factors to consider as well:

  • Good Menu Structure. At the top of your website, the Menu is the ‘Map’ to your website. Make sure it is easy to read, well laid out and is in order of importance. This makes navigating around your website easier creating a better user experience.
  • Take advantage of headings. Imagine trying to read this article you are on now if it were all text with no headings or images. It would be a complete BORE and you would not read any of it. This would create a bad user experience. So try to break up the text with helpful headings and images. Using short paragraphs (3-4 sentences each) and bullet points like this one here make it easier to read.
  • Have a theme with a white background and dark basic text. Don’t think fancier is better when all it it does is confuses and distract the readers. A simple white background theme will trump a site with flashing bells and whistles any day.
  • Avoid Full Page Popups. This was a update to the Google algorithm in mid 2016. Google understands that pop ups drive their customers nuts. So as a way to prevent angry customers, google introduced a new punishment for websites that use full page pop ups. I hate pop ups, you hate pop ups so why use them?. A small one is fine, but ones that take up the whole screen and constantly bang you with more pop us need to be punished.

Out Last The Rest, Become The BestDoes The Age Of A Website Count For Ranking

One of the more longer term SEO tips is to simply hang in there. Never give up and keep adding content to your site. The age of your domain, how much content your site has and how fresh or up to date your blog is contributes to googles ranking.

Just becasue you find an easy to rank keyword does not mean guaranteed success immediately. Many people including myself have been guilty of this false thinking. ‘But the keyword tool says is has only 5 competition, why am I not non page one of Google??’.

Sound Familiar?. Well when you think about it, it makes total sense. Lets say the competition for this keyword has quality content that is highly relevant to the keyword and has also been ranking online for 1-2 years. What makes you think your brand new blog post should immediately knock this Veteran article of it’s number 1 spot on the day you publish your article?.

Sometimes this is possible, but for the most part your newly published article will sit back on page 2-5 of Google. Over time it will climb the rankings and may eventually rank on page one of Google. But for this to happen, you need to apply these basic SEO tips and consistently add content to your site. Prove to Google that you are WORTHY of a page one ranking.

Learn How To Rank Page One Of Google Continued…

Well that wraps up part one of my guide on how to improve a websites ranking in Google. Part two will showcase some more basic on page SEO techniques proven to help increase ranking. Everything I do to make over $10,000 a month online is simply from following these two guides to SEO. This is the kind of teaching that is made freely available over at Wealthy Affiliate where I learned everything I know today.

These tips I present are not just made up from researching other blogs, this is exactly what i do to obtain large amounts of traffic without manually seeking back links. I hope you can see the full value in applying what is taught here.

Next Step: Read Part 2 – Basic SEO Tips

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