How To Get On Page One Of Google Fast – In Under 15 Minutes

By | April 25, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

In this follow up/case study I will show you how to get on page one of google fast. In fact in just 12 minutes I took a brand new article and ranked it #4 page one in just 12 minutes. This keyword I ranked for does get traffic and it required just 456 words.

Will this article make me money?. Probably not. Why?. Because it was just a case study to show proof of how awesome this new tool is that I have been using. It is an article in a random niche that I have no prior experience in, so for now it will just sit on page 1.Further down the track I may choose to monetize this #4 position or use it to link to a future niche site. If if gets to #1 position (Which I am pretty confident it will), I may make a whole niche site around this subject.

Following up from my review on this tool Rank Hijack, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and demonstrate the process so you too can see how easy it is to rank on page one of Google when you have the right tools.

So How Did I Make Page One In Google Search Results So Quickly?

Making page one of Google in under 30 minutes is not all that uncommon for the experienced marketer. But the problem most people face is lack of authority. When you first start out trying to rank your website in the search engines you are basically the bottom of the barrel. Google won’t rank you highly at all. It takes time and consistent writing to prove to Google that you are a legitimate website that offers value and one that can be trusted. Not spam in other words.

By the time many people potentially could reach page one in google, they have already quit and given up on this whole make money online thing. So by hanging in there and providing quality targeted posts, you could eventually reach page one.

But I Want To Be Ranked Page One Now!How Long Does It Take To Rank Page One Google

Ok I get it, many people don’t have the patience to wait months to start seeing results. So how did I rank a new article #4 in just 12 minutes?. Simple, I piggy backed of the authority of high authority websites.

I used the tool Rank Hijack to find me easy to rank keywords and spend about 30 minutes of my time to write 456 words about this keyword. Then I created a new account at this high authority website, created a new article, hit publish, submitted it to Google. Came back 12 minutes later and searched incognito from my chrome browser. Presto, Page 1 #4.

You see, these websites have high domain authority scores. A new site starts at 1 domain authority, many people are lucky if they make 40 domain authority after many years online. But these high authority sites have domain authority scores of 90+. So by leveraging there powerful presence in the search engines we can utilize their authority to help us rank much faster than if we were to use a new website.

On these high authority sites, you can send a link back to your website. This will encourage the traffic to go to your site where you can promote affiliate offers, build a list etc. Some of these sites you can actually use an affiliate link on the actual article, so make sure to read the terms of service before hand.

My Page 1 #4 Case Study Revealed

So now that you know how I got onto page one of Google search results so quickly, let me show you step by step the method I used. I have no intention of building this page out or to take advantage of the traffic just yet. It was merely a spare of the moment decision to do a case study.

Step 1. Find An ‘Easy To Rank’ Keyword

Yesterday I reviewed this super cool new tool that does the research for me. It digs deep into these high authority websites and finds available keywords waiting to be dominated. It ranks each keyword from 1 -100 in regards to difficulty to rank for. These keywords are specific to high authority websites only, this is not your common keyword tool. So it pulls data from these sites and analyzes the results. Giving us the opportunity to pick the ‘easy keywords’ and rank on page one of Google very quick just like I am about to show you.

Look At Image Below!

Ranking Page One Google Case Study

Red Circle: This is the keyword I went with from the list of results the tool presented to me after I entered the term ‘fire Pit’. The keyword is ‘Should I Put Sand In The Bottom Of My Fire Pit’.

Blue Circle: The data in the blue circle tells me this. The high authority website that is already ranking for the term ‘Should I Put Sand In The Bottom Of My Fire Pit’ has just 80 words in the article and how many that 1 article is currently ranking for (11 keywords)

Green Circle: This data tells me an estimate of the traffic numbers this article gets. (See below for proof of search volume)

Purple Circle: This is how difficult the tool tells me it is to rank for the keyword ‘Should I Put Sand In The Bottom Of My Fire Pit’. 0 being the easiest and 100 being the hardest. My keyword has 0 difficulty naturally.

The Critical Factors Explained

Just from looking at the circled data above, its obvious to me that ranking page one of Google would be easy. So I went ahead with the keyword and presto, page one in just 12 minutes. So I went with the easiest keyword I could find after about 5 minutes of looking. The fact it had 0 difficulty, 1 back link and was ranking for 11 keywords told me I had struck a winner.

Initially not trusting the amount of traffic this tool said, I decided to use my trusty long term keyword tool that I have used since 2012. My keyword tool backed up the results from the Rank Hijack tool by saying this keyword does get search volume. See image below, it shows that the search term gets 150 searches a month with 26 traffic. So the Rank Hijack tool is pretty accurate from my experience.

What Keywords To Use To Get On Page One Of Google

Ranking On First Page Takes Content

Example Of First Page Ranking In Google

Click Here To See My Article On My Chosen Keyword

So far I have established that this is a easy to rank keyword and it does in fact get people searching for it in Google every month. Which is a great start. The next part is to follow along with the Rank Hijack training and either rewrite the article already ranking on page one of Google, or to write one yourself. Without content, how can we rank on the first page right?.

So from the results shown by Rank Hijack, I could see that the competitor was ranking page one with only 80 words. This is seriously an easy beat!. So I did some research on the topic of my keyword and took some photos of my actual fire pit at home to add to the article. I created an account at and wrote my new article (just 456 words) on fire pit sand etc. Uploaded the 2 photos I took and pushed the ‘Publish’ button. Alternatively you can outsource and get someone to rewrite the existing ranked article for as low as $3 as shown here.

After I publish anything online, whether it be on my websites or on these high authority sites I always submit the url to Google for faster indexing. This is how I managed to rank in just 12 minutes.

Ranked Page One Of Google Fast Proof!

Ranked Page One Of Google Fast Proof!

So What, I ranked First Page.. Now What?

Ranking page one of Google is quite an achievement, but it means nothing if you don’t reach your end goal right. That is to make money. The Rank Hijack Tool spits out 1000’s of these easy to rank keywords giving you all the data you need to rank on the first page with ease. So image pumping out 5-10 of these easy to write articles everyday. After a month you could potentially be ranked on page one of Google with 300+ keywords.

As previously said, this was just a case study to show you the power of the Rank Hijack tool. But if I wanted to make money from this new page one ranking I could. I could make a quick and easy free website, then list a few fire pits, sand, coals, using the Amazon Associates Program etc on this site. Link my already ranked #4 article to my new free site and start making money. Or I could go into more detail on my site and have Google Adsense on it to make money, or build an email list etc.

The making money part is not hard, its the getting the page one rankings that many people struggle with. But now there is a tool designed just to get easy keywords almost guaranteed to rank page one without even owning a website. If you have struggled in the past to get any traffic, I highly suggest you check out this amazing tool.

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10 thoughts on “How To Get On Page One Of Google Fast – In Under 15 Minutes


    I like this page , I don’t understand some of it at first , but I am going to keep coming back to use the info here so I can get my site and pages ranked higher than what they do now, because it is as you say the higher the rank the higher the visitor the higher the cash flow

    1. Josh Post author

      Basically its about using a tool to find easy to rank keywords when using high authority sites to post your articles on. As shown in the case study, my article went straight to #4 without any back links or whatever.


    Hi Josh,

    Been using Rank Hijack for a couple of days now. Very impressed – and also got one onto page one of Google!

    I need to work out the best way to use it – but it’s looking like a great tool already!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Hamish, glad to see you here. Also glad to hear that Rank Hijack is working out for you. As I have websites in many niches I am finding this tool very helpful in discovering keywords I previously missed/couldn’t find. It’s great!. At the moment I am using these keywords as a way to draw traffic into my money pages.


    Thanks for an informative post. I like the way you really go into detail about the keywords and your potential competitors. I have not seen it detailed out quite like that before so found it very useful.

    I had not heard of the Rank Hijack tool before. Does it do the same thing as jaaxy or is it slightly different? Would you use one or the other or do you use both tools?


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi louise, I use both tools now. Rank Hijack is not like Jaxxy in that it is more geared towards finding keywords already ranking on high authority sites that we can essential ‘Hijack’ for our own use.

  4.'Sharon Whyte

    Hi Josh,
    What an interesting tool Rank Hijack is. I will definitely be looking closer at this for sure. I checked out your page that your ranked for and you are now at No.2 which totally proves us what you have shown here. Building websites is great however it is a slow process to authority and using this technique my just quicken the process for traffic! Thanks heaps for sharing this.
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for our kind words Sharon. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it can be to get onto page one of Google if you avoid the competition. Low competition keywords can be found in any niche and Rank Hijack makes it easier to find them.


    Nice article, I will adhere to these guidelines. Thanks for sharing Nitesh.

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks Nitesh. Glad you got something to take away from this post. It’s exactly what I do to achieve success online. Hang in there and dig in through the hard times.


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