How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website To Make Money

By | February 9, 2016

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How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Website

Before I demonstrate some ways on how to find the best keywords for your website, it’s important to truly understand what keywords are, and how to use them. Mastering the ability to find the best keywords relevant to your niche is a ticket to manufacture money on demand basically. Once you dominate keyword research, making the money follows much quicker and easier.

So What Are Keywords?

Keywords are in essence every single word you post online. Every single word that’s on any website has the chance to be ranked in the search engines. So with this in mind it’s important to keep all of the content on a particular page/post relevant to the main keyword rich title.

For Example: If I write a post with the title (Main Keyword) ‘loosing stomach fat the quick and easy way’ and I write 800-1000 words describing how to loose fat in the stomach region via proven fast methods, I will not only potentially rank for my main keyword ‘loosing stomach fat the quick and easy way’ but those extra 800-1000 words can also rank this particular post/page for related terms to the main keyword. Just as an example I could possibly rank for ‘diets for fat stomachs’ ‘healthy foods to loose the belly fat’ ‘how many sit ups do I need to do to loose 30 Lbs’ …. Provided I talked about these particular topics within my page/post. Having related H2 H3 Headings are also good for ranking additional related keywords.

What I’m trying to get across here is that yes, while we normally pick a keyword to write the post about, it’s not the only keyword you may rank for. Sometimes you won’t rank very well for the main keyword, but will pick up heaps of traffic for longer versions of the keyword.

How To Pick Strong Keywords To Easily Rank For On Your Website

Rank Page 1 Google Easily

Ranking position 1 page 1 of Google is the ultimate goal when selecting any keywords. But how does a beginner know which keywords to chase after?. There are a few factors that must be considered when looking for guaranteed ranking keywords.

  1. A Reliable Keyword Research Tool – With many keyword tools available online, how is one meant to know which one to use?. Fortunately for me, I hit the jackpot with the first tool I ever used to search my first keywords back in 2012. Fast forward 4 years and I still religiously use this keyword researching tool on a daily basis. Jaaxy holds a very important role in my online success. Without it I really don’t know if I’d be in this position right now. It has never led me in the wrong direction. After I tried Jaaxy Out For Free, I was immediately hooked. I just saw $$$ after every search I made.
  2. Does It Make Sense?. The keyword you are looking for data from must make sense to the human reader. By taking shortcuts with keywords that don’t make 100% sense will only give you inaccurate data. See my real examples below.
  3. Can You Understand How The Keyword Tool Works? If you don’t know what the data means the tool is spitting out at you, then you could be wasting some serious man hours trying to rank for the pure impossible. Use the best SEO keyword tool and learn and understand what the data means.
  4. Is The Data Accurate? This is critical to successfully making money from the best keywords. Many keyword tools are often NOT updated, therefor you may be getting results from months or even years ago. The good keyword tools are updated frequently to give us marketers the best chance of ranking in the search engines. Hence why the good one’s cost money. It’s not free to hire someone to update the system and it’s a valuable service to me. So I’m more than happy to throw them a few bucks.
  5. Know Your Stuff! At first, finding the best money making keywords for your niche or website may feel difficult or overwhelming. But as the saying goes ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. After a while you will be able to spot the Great keywords from the duds immediately. Once you have perfected how to do proven keyword research, you have done half the battle to making unlimited money online. Plus keyword research is super addictive and heaps of fun if you ask me.

The Process For Finding The Best Keywords To Rank For

This process of how to find easy to rank keywords is one that I have used for many years and has become secondKnow Your Google Keyword Competition nature to me. Something you should also take into account is the competition is not always the best gauge on if you will rank page 1 of google. For example we may find a great keyword in the tool and it says the competition is only 14 other web pages. Other factors of SEO come into play as to whether you will beat those other 14 pages. The top 10 may be really solid web sites which are highly authoritative with super high quality back links etc.

So if you go after that keyword, it may be very tough to try get into the top 10 of Google. Not impossible.. But depending on your SEO skills, it may be very expensive to get it into the top. This is not how I go about my business either. I choose to go after EASY to rank keywords, so I don’t have to do much more additional work other than write content on my websites. Super simple and easy steps to success, that’s how I learned to earn money online.

An Example Of How I Research Great Keywords

So I Can Leave The BAD Alone…

For this example, I will be using none other than my all time favorite keyword research tool Jaaxy. If you haven’t tried Jaaxy yet, you can try it for free and follow my steps to get good keywords for free. So I come across good and bad keywords every single day that I’m researching. It’s easy for me to quickly differentiate between a good and a bad keyword to use in my websites posts or pages title. So hopefully you can see from my examples and you too can master this art.

Example Of A Bad Keyword To Try Rank For

The image below details the results I got from Jaaxy for the term “Make Pizza Home” As part of my above rules, I wouldn’t make a page with this exact keyword as my title. This is because it doesn’t make sense. While we know what it means, it doesn’t make complete human sense which looks really bad for your website if someone saw it. But what’s more important is that while the results show an outstanding amount of traffic and only 60 other websites ranking for this exact term, you will find that there are many many many more websites you have to try beat.

Example Of Bad KeyWords To Rank For


This number “60” is not a true reflection of the amount of websites ranking for “Make Pizza Home”. This is because, this keyword/phrase is not real, in essence. It doesn’t make English sense. Therefore the search engines know that, and when someone types in “Make Pizza Home” Google automatically knows that the user is searching for terms such as “Make Pizza From Home” “Make Pizza At Home” or even “How To Make Pizza From Home”. So the true amount of competition is drastically affected. This is why you should ALWAYS find keywords that are complete phrases that make sense. Otherwise you are in for a world of pain trying to rank.

Finding The True KeyWord Competition


What To Look For When You Want A Good Keyword

As you can see from the above example, a simple keyword with 60 competing pages has now turned into at least 616 competing pages online. 616 as a sign of competition is FAR too much. For the method of making money online and ways to rank websites online that I use, 616 is a number I would never consider.

The Important Numbers To Look ForWhat To Look For IN A good Keyword

When using Jaaxy, these are the exact credentials I look for. This is a technique of keyword research I have implemented for the last few years and it has not let me down. Results are typically pretty darn good for me and if you follow the methods I have shown on this page, you too could achieve similar results. I typically aim for Page 1 in the search results by the next day, so then I can simply forget about that post and move onto the next keyword. Most of the time I am there or there abouts. But on occasions I will follow up by adding some back linking strategies to help boost that particular page up the search results.

So My Formula Is:

MINIMUM Search Volume Per Month = 50

COMPETITION Must Be Less Than 100 (Preferably Under 50)

SEO SCORE: Must Be In THE 90’s


This formula I use day in day out is on my trusted and proven keyword tool. Results may be different if you use a different tool. So only consider my numbers if you are currently using Jaaxy or want to Test Drive Jaaxy for free.

Examples Of Some Good Keywords

Using the above techniques, I have used Jaaxy to find some keywords in various niches to show you how easy it can be to find the best keywords for your website.


Examples Of Great Keywords

Start A Free Keyword Search Right Now

Start a free search on Jaaxy with this cool search box that will pull in the same results I’m getting from my Paid version. Test drive it and hopefully you can see the extreme value in it that I see daily.


Want To Learn More About Keywords & Building A Successful Online Business

Keywords are a great starting point to get the beginning marketer excited about making money online. Finding good keywords can easily flash dollar signs in many peoples eyes. It still does for me every time I find a gem of a keyword, I don’t think that will ever change. But there is still more to learn, not only about keywords, but the whole online marketing sector.

Trying to make money online can be a scary and unrewarding experience if you are going down the wrong path. But with so many paths to follow, I can understand that finding the right path is extremely difficult. Fortunately for me, I found the right direction to take online several years ago. Guess what? I’m still heading in that direction and living the lifestyle we ALL deserve to live. Click on the Get Started button to find out what steps I took to finally break free from my real world Job.


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