How To Earn Extra Money From Working At Home

By | October 26, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How To Earn Extra Money From Working At HomeLearn how to make extra money from working at home with these straight forward and legitimate methods. The internet is full of unique ways to earn some money on the side. But unfortunately, many of them are scams. This is sad for the honest person as there really are legitimate ways to earn extra cash from the internet. But after being scammed myself for upwards of $2000, I also know how hard it can be to trust anything you read online.

Since 2012 I’ve been making money online and in 2016 I went full time working from home. I still have to pinch myself occasionally becasue it seems like a dream come true. But I’m living proof that anyone (no degree here!), can make some extra cash online and even make enough to provide for the whole family. Yes, the money I make online is the only income my household receives. This is why it really does seem like a dream at times. But I assure, it isn’t. There re ways to make some cash online if you do things right.

Over the past 4-5 years, I’ve learned many of ways to make money. But only a couple of them are really worth pursuing. For example, many people have read about Clickworkers and while it is a legitimate source of income online, I show you in my review how it made me just $1.10 per hour. Which to me is not acceptable.  There are many little ways to make money like this, but for me the time versus reward is simply not enough. So I am not going to include these low paying methods. Instead, I will share with you how I manage to make $10,000 per month online with a total expense of just $40-$50 per month.

The Best Way To Make Extra Money Online While At Home

how to quit my job and work for myself

My OLD Job!

So this is how I make enough money online to support my household. It’s not immediate income and it does take time to stew in the pot so to speak. But, once the stew is cooked, it just keeps on giving. Like a good stew should right.

What I’m talking about is online marketing. Before you turn your nose up and think “this sounds too hard”. Stop, take a deep breathe and take it all in. Because I’m no one special, I don’t have a fancy degree or have never worked in IT/Computers. I’m just your typical construction tradie: Painter. Name: Josh. Nice to meet you!.

What’s Involved In This Method

With this way of making extra cash from home, you need to learn the ropes first and foremost. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can do this and have $1000 in a weeks time. With this method you can make anywhere from $0.00 to an unlimited amount. As I have previously said, I make 10k a month from doing this. But there is no ceiling, The more work I put in, the greater the rewards. Hows that for extra money.

So you know the website Amazon. They have whats called an affiliate program. By joining up for free, I can now promote and recommend just about all of the millions of products they have in their online store. This is all done online from the comfort of my office.

When someone buys anything from amazon after they have clicked on your links, you make money. That is how I make money month in month out.

How Do You Make Money Tho?

So I make a % commission on the total value of what the visitor spends on So imagine 1000 people buying something from amazon after you have sent them there. That is 1000 x %$ commission.

How To Get People To Amazon

Now comes the training. Don’t be afraid, after a couple of weeks it all sinks in. From there you have a license to build your online business to make as much extra money as you can achieve. To do this, we need to build a website. Don’t be afraid, you can get one started in under 5 minutes.

Your website will be on a topic that you enjoy. So anything from fishing to knitting. Lets say fishing is your topic. On this fishing website you can promote amazon products and make money from any sales. To do this you write articles on your site which are relevant to fishing. For example, you could write an article on ‘how to bait prawns’. In this article you could say, ‘I find the ABC hook to be best for baiting prawns’. Now the words ‘ABC hook’ would be a link to amazon. That link would send them to the ABC hook product page on amazon so your readers can buy it. Now you make a commission. Simple right?.

Get Started Today!

Income Proof Wealthy Affiliate Works

3 Months Of Proof 35k

I know the brief overview of how I make money may seem a bit confusing. But I assure you, it is the absolute best way to make extra coin online. And it can be scaled to an income level that can replace your job income.

I want to send you to a review I did. This is the program that has taught me everything I know. This is how I got my foot in the door and started making money online. I want the same for you, so if you really want to make money online, please read this review.

While you may have seen many people talking about how they make money online blogging, and you can also google a lot of information. The problem is that you are then left in the dark. Not knowing what is correct and what is wrong information. With this program, I assure you that it is 100% spot on the money. Plus it’s completely free to get started. So go learn something brand new for free and take action.

Other Ways To Make Cash Online

Amazon Second Hand Text Book Buy BackMake Money Selling Text Books Online

With this method, its more hands on and requires you to do more research. Amazon has a text book buy back service which you can sell your old text books directly to the seller. Amazon sends you a free shipping label and you are good to go. But Amazon only buys back certain books. So you will have to check out what they buy back here.

But what if you don’t have any text books?. This is where the work and research comes in. There are other book stores online where you can buy second hand text books. The key is to finding a version that amazon will buy back and for a lower price elsewhere.

So places like Book Finder will help you out. Alternatively you can buy on amazon and sell to one of the book stores found on Book Finder. Which ever way gives you the most return. I just favor Amazon as they are more well known and trusted.

The profit on these buy backs is usually minimal, but if you can manage 100 a day at $2 profit, your doing pretty well. But this method is more hands on then my preferred method.

Become An eBay Seller With A TwistOnline Stores Are One Way To Make Cash From Home

I’m pretty sure most people are aware they can sell on eBay right. But it’s not that easy to just start selling and make a profit. Sure you can sell stuff from around the house and make a quick sale. But if you want to make extra cash from home for a long time, you need a better strategy.

So with this method, you are going to be dealing with amazon again. Even tho eBay and Amazon are competitors, they work hand in hand. You see, many products that are for sale on eBay are also sold on Amazon. But generally, these products are a lot cheaper on amazon than eBay.

Starting to see the connection now?. So yes you buy from Amazon and then sell the same product on eBay for a higher price. Be careful to allow for shipping and seller fees on eBay. Include this in the marked up price.

What you do is find the popular high selling items on eBay. Look for how many of that particular product have sold. This is a good sign that people actually buy this product. So now that you have a product in mind that has 100+ sales on eBay, head over to Do a search and see that it is available on amazon. If it’s not, then forget that product and look for a new one.

But if the product is also on amazon, check the price. If it is about 15-20% cheaper than eBay, that’s a good sign. So once you have worked out the seller fees etc on eBay, its time to list the product on ebay. Yes list the product BEFORE you buy it from amazon.

Dealing With Shipping

So the way to get around shipping is explained now. So list the product on eBay before you buy it. Now when someone buys the product from YOU on eBay, that is when you go back to amazon. Go back and buy the same product off amazon. But when you fill out the shipping address, make sure you put in the buyers shipping details from eBay. This way amazon will ship the item to the person that bought the product off you on eBay.

Genius right. You never have to handle the product and you don’t have to worry about shipping the item. Perfect for making money while working from home. The negative to this method is that it does have the chance of the eBay buyer wanting a refund for whatever reason. So factor this into your markup on the eBay price.

The other issue that could arise is that when you go to buy the product of amazon, it’s unavailable. So this is why it’s a good idea to do further research before listing the product. Make sure the item is in stock for starters. Also look to see if there is more than one seller on amazon with the same product. Then also look for alternative place to buy the same product online. This will ensure you have 3+ places to buy the same product if one does become out of stock.

The last disadvantage to this method is you need to be on your computer everyday to process sales and keep track of customer details etc. So if you are limited on time and have free time at different stages each day, this method may become too difficult to manage.

Making Extra Money Online From Home Is Possibletop rated way to make money From Home

So there are 3 ways which are legitimate methods to achieving an extra income online. Each differentiate from the other and are suited to different types people. But if you can make money from either method, you can be proud to know you are not scamming anyone and no one has scammed you in the process.

Out of the 3, the first method is suited to my personality best. This is becasue I can do the work upfront and I have the patience to wait for the passive income to start rolling in. I am not much of an arbitrage kind of person. I don’t have the desire to find low priced products to sell at a higher price. This is maybe because I found affiliate marketing first and I have become to use to making a passive income while I sleep. Either way, I hope that you have found some useful information out of these 3 ways to make extra money from working at home. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Drop a comment below.

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