How To Become An Affiliate Without A Website

By | April 27, 2017

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How To Become An Affiliate Without A WebsiteSo you have probably heard of affiliate marketing and seen the potential financial rewards associated with the industry. But the thought of creating a website scares the living heck out of you right?. Now you want to know how to become an affiliate without a website?.

So, can you be an affiliate without a website?. Well, there are a few ways in which this is possible. None of which are risk free and in my opinion all that wise to pursue entirely. As previously discussed in my article the ‘5 ways to start affiliate marketing without a website‘, I point out the pitfalls of not owning your own property online. That is your domain/website.

However, I don’t turn my nose up completely to putting affiliate links on various web properties which are not owned by the third party (You). I’m a firm believer in not putting all your eggs into one basket. So, I do partake in affiliate marketing in other forms online, which don’t require a website. However, I always send the traffic back to my website, and not directly to an affiliate offer. But that is just me and I will explain why now.

Making Money As An Affiliate Is Simple….

So the process of making money as an affiliate is pretty simple. You provide an affiliate link to someone wanting to buy or needs helps with a given product. When that person buys you make money. Pretty straight forward.

But, this is the part where most affiliates mess up. They don’t build a relationship with the reader/visitor. When you are sending a person through an affiliate link without earning there trust first, the chance of you making the sale are very slim. So yes you can be an affiliate without a website, but you won’t convert the traffic into sales at a high conversion rate.

For example, lets say I was paying to advertise a affiliate link targeting how to make money online visitors. I send the traffic directly to the sales page.I may make a couple sales, but most likely will lose money from my advertising versus income from the couple of sales.

But, if I send the traffic to a ‘review on the #1 way to make money online‘ which is full of related questions and answers the reader may have before joining such a program, then my conversion rates would be much higher and I would profit from my advertising.

This is building trust with reader as I am personally talking to them and showing them how and why this product is so good. Compared to just sending them straight to the offer without ‘pre-selling’ the product first. People will trust my recommendation more as I have given them more information and prepared them for whats ahead.

How To Be An Affiliate Without A Website

So, before we get into how to be an affiliate without a website, I want to drill in a message here. Making a website in 2017 is easy and fairly quick. For the extra effort it takes to build up the trust and earn repeat visitors, I highly recommend you look into it.

The guys at WA have made it as simple as riding a bike to create a website online and it can be set up in under 5 minutes and won’t cost you the world either. In fact you can get started for free and use the free website to get started.

If you are serious about making the internet your full time business, at some point in time you will buy your first website. Trust me, I was the same. I used to avoid anything to do with needing a website, but nowadays I have many websites online making me lots of money. So, I owe it to other people to show them how a website is the best route to take and avoid the mistakes I took.

Taking Advantage Of High Authority Sites

How Long Does It Take To Rank Page One Google

#1.Recommended Article

There are numerous websites online where you can post your affiliate link without needing your own affiliate link. But to be successful in doing this, you need to essentially piggy back off another websites popularity aka authority. By leveraging the domain authority of sites like Yahoo answers, Youtube, Ebay, Storify etc you can quickly and easily rank on page one of google.

Here’s what you do…

First you need to find a ‘easy to rank’ keyword, I use this tool here to do this. This tool will show you all the easy keywords that other people are ranking in google for by using these high authority websites. Also know as Parasite Sites.

Once you find an easy to rank keyword using the above tool, its just a matter of rewriting the existing article, or write your own targeting the same keyword. Publish the article with the keyword in the title and make sure it’s also in the first paragraph of the article. This is all taught in the training for using this awesome tool. Add your relevant affiliate links to the article.

Then presto, you now have some content online which has the potential to make you money without needing your own website.

Another Method – FacebookApplying To Be An Affiliate Without A Website

Marketers use Facebook all the time to make money for their own businesses. You will find most of them use their own websites tho. Advertising on Facebook costs money, and using direct affiliate links is generally not accepted (People spam FB with affiliate links so much that FB got sick of it).

However, if you set up a Facebook Fanpage, you can add your affiliate links to it. What is a fanpage?. A simple page that is owned by Facebook, but run by you. This page is all about your chosen niche/topic. For example, lets say you want to promote a dog obedience training course. You could set up a Fanpage all about Dogs.

Once you build a following to your Fanpage, you can then start promoting your dog training course on your fanpage and hope to make some sales. Alternatively, you can post products from Amazon related to your fanpage. To do this you will need a Amazon Associates Account. Once set up you can ‘share’ products with your affiliate link directly to your Facebook fan page.

Don’t Spam!!!!

Nobody likes being spammed, so why do you think that spamming Facebook with your affiliate links is going to work?. Be creative and thoughtful when you post comments on Facebook Groups. Give some helpful responses and people will trust you more. If you just join up to FB groups and start spamming a affiliate link you will most likely be booted out of the group.

Applying To Be An Affiliate Without A Website

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Using 5 Simple Methods

This is the hard part. Getting approved as an affiliate is not easy, and having no website makes it even more difficult. Most places won’t even consider you without a website. Many don’t even approve you, even with a website. Some Affiliate programs require you to be getting 100’s of people visit your website every day before approving.

So what to do?.

Bite the bullet and create a simple website. That is my best advice. I show you how to get a website started in 5 minutes here. Having this URL (Website) will be sufficient for some affiliate programs. For example, you can join the Amazon affiliate program immediately after you create a free website from the above link. From there you can create a Facebook Fanpage or start dominating high authority sites with this tool.

Alternatively you can join places like Clickbank, Clicksure etc that don’t require you to have a website to get started. However, their products arent always the best in the world to recommend.

For a further option, you can join my #1 recommendation online and become instantly approved as an affiliate. Without spending a cent you can promote the affiliate link and potentially make money. Again using the super tool I’m raving on about you could rank well in google using high authority websites and be promoting my #1 recommendation to make money without spending a cent on a website.

In Conclusion – Do You Need A Website As An Affiliate?

The bottom line is this; If you are serious about making money as an affiliate marketer, your best bet is to create your own foundation. A website you control, you manage and an asset no one can take away from you. Like I said, in 2017 building a website is no longer difficult. Yes, I have given you some options to become an affiliate without needing a website. But to effectively run your business I highly encourage building your own web properties and not putting you financial future in the hands of other peoples sites. It could eventually end in disaster.

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