How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online

How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online In 2016How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online In 2016

Online scams are running rampant each and everyday. My inbox is filled to the brim with these nasty critters. It seems like every man and his Dog wants to make money online and they think the only way to do this is by scamming people. I’ve had enough and I’m pretty sure you have too.

I Say “NO” To Online Scams!

Join me in beating these scammers who promise you riches but end up leaving you with a negative bank balance. These people know that we as humans want more than what we have and they focus on this need.  They know the power of the internet and how easy it is to scam someone. Especially when poor innocent people are legitimately wanting to learn how to earn from home. People wanting to improve their financial situation and create a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Yes this lifestyle of making money online is possible, but it’s made so much harder by having to dig your way through the millions of scams floating around right now. I’m tired of reading about and hearing about these genuine money seekers being lured into online scams promising them hundreds or thousands of dollars overnight. I’m telling you right now, don’t fall for it. Making money online takes time. Time to learn, time to apply and then and only then it’s time to earn!.

Good Indicators That Something You Found Online Is A Scam

Website Scam Locations

An Example Of A SAFE Website!

  • Unrealistic Financial Achievement – Many of these money making scam products will lure just about anybody in with their fancy headlines boasting how they made $100k this month…and you can too. Most likely you won’t earn a cent and most likely the product is just a jam packed with nonsense. This kind of rubbish will take you on a journey and show you how rich they are….BUT they don’t teach you step by step how YOU can achieve financial success online. Or perhaps it is a step by step guide with half the steps missing. I’ve bought many of those!. Or a step by step course that simply doesn’t explain how to do certain things. Then you are left wondering..What the heck do I do now?. Maybe I should Google this step, which could also lead you into yet another scam product. And so the cycle continues.
  • Check The Legitimacy Of The Seller – Often when things seem too good too be true they usually are. Scammers will avoid at all costs sharing with you their legal requirements. Such as a simple Privacy Policy page or an About Us page on their site. This is a sure sign that they are hiding something from you. Have a look on check-host to find out the location of the website. Third world countries are notorious for coming up with quick online scams.
  • If something smells and looks like a scam…It probably is. Use your gut instinct as a good indicator. Most of us know that Pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes are outright scams and illegal. But the creators of these ‘scams’ get tricky with their wording and sale pitches to make the unsuspecting customer buy into it. Before you know it they have you marketing a scam unawares of what you’re doing and not making a cent in the end. The only person who makes money here is the creators. That is until they finally get caught and in many cases put in jail.
  • Get PAID To Push A Button? These programs are very popular right now in 2016. Revenue Sharing Investment Programs that will tell you to click on 10 ads a day and make 120% return on your investment within 3-5 days. While some programs like this do actually pay their members, it’s only a matter of time until the business collapses and you loose everything. The only way you make money on these platforms is by the program bringing in more paying customers to click on ads. Check out my Triple Thr3at Marketing Review for more information on these types of programs and how they actually work.
  • Try It Free – Most scam programs won’t let you try the system before you buy it. This is because they want you to spend your money before you find out it’s a scam. Unfortunately too many people are gullible and don’t consider taking a free test drive before buying a program online. However, legitimate make money course like Wealthy Affiliate DO allow everybody to get started with a online business for free. No credit card required..Nothing and that’s how it should be if you ask me.

What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online Without Being Victim Of A Scam?Make Money Online Scam Free

The best way to find training on how to learn to earn online is by researching. If there’s a legitimate training course out there (Which there is), people will tell you about it. Try to find honest and reliable sources as some people will try to promote junk training. I see it all too often, people will buy a $7 course, read it and basically never touch it again. This is because for $7 you are not going to learn how to make money online. Plain and simple.

The person selling this guide is trying to make money off people thinking “it’s only $7”. But when 1000 people buy this simple but worthless course the creator pockets $7000. That’s how these people make their money and it’s just not right!. I will NEVER endorse worthless and sly tactics like this. People want help, so why cant people just help them. It’s not too much to ask for. Why give them something that will just confuse the heck out of them and possibly worsen their chance of making money online. It’s ludicrous to think people can sleep at night by doing this.

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

Like I said in the beginning “I Say NO To Online Scams”. So if you are tired of wasting your time and money looking for a legitimate way to earn money from the internet, listen up.

I’m going to show you how I make a full time income from the internet, and guess what?. It’s no scam and you will never need to buy another scam product again. If you’re wondering…No it’s not from selling or promoting how to make money guides either. Sounds good right?.

So I make money with easy to build websites and recommend physical products to my visitors. To show you the legitimacy of this method I recommend you check out my earnings for January 2016 with just 1 website. (hint scroll to the bottom of that page to see the juicy details).

It’s Not Hard To Make Money Online..Or Is It?

No it’s not hard as in physically. But to make a solid recurring monthly income you are going to need to be committed. Remember we are trying to avoid scams here and scams will tell you that you don’t need to work to make money…

So listen closely ‘To make money online, YOU will need to put in some effort’. I don’t want you wasting your time or my time if you are not prepared to give a little. Yes I will help you, but only if you show me that you really want to live the life of having no Boss ever again. Trust me… It’s more than worth it to put in the hard yards in the beginning. Because in the end you can live a life of freedom. A life I never imagined possible. But only if you are prepared for the journey.

What I Want YOU To Docheck2

Step 1. Show me that you have what it takes to make the first step. I want you to read my honest review of the place where I got my free training.

Step 2. After you have read the review and if you think you have the simple skills and determination to avoid scams all together and finally make money, I want you to join for free. Yes I said free. So get to it.

Step 3. Once you are on the inside, I want you to create your own profile and then connect with me on my profile page. This way I can help you from within the system. Stop by and say Hi. Then it’s time to get started on creating financial freedom. Scam Free!.

See You Soon



10 thoughts on “How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online

  1.'Tina Adams

    Nice article Josh, and I agree whole heatedly that Wealthy Affiliate is he way to go! There are so many scams out there that people have to be very careful. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Josh Post author

      Yes unfortunately so many people are unaware of many scams going on and before they know it…. that program/website has shut up shop and taken their money. Been there, done that and NEVER going back.


    wow! Great info, here, Josh! I must admit that I’ve been scammed a couple times and I noticed what those scammer predators prey on and count on is the victim’s sense of desperation and dispare. Yes, I’ve been in that desperate moment and caved with the promise of making enough money to solve all my problems. Not so much.
    Thanks, again, looks like Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.

    1. Josh Post author

      Honestly I don’t think the curiosity side of our brains turns off completely to these scams. Some of them seem pretty convincing and even though you know better. Something inside is eager to find out if it’s a scam or not. Fortunately many people post scam reviews online these days, so we all can benefit.

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Felix. The less scams available online the better all our lives will be. Here’s to a scam free internet!.


    Hello Josh! Nice site, and very nice article too. You are so right about scams, and I know exactly what you mean about how they flood your email. My personal email is so flooded with them, and every chance I get I unsubscribe from them. It’s been on my mind for the last for weeks to do a thorough cleaning to unsubscribe and delete them all, I just been so busy, but I will get to it, because I so want them all gone!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Tamika, I have had to have separate emails to avoid too much spam/scam emails entering my personal email. When you start looking into how to make some extra cash from the internet, it’s inevitable that you will run into these crumby programs. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi David, have you had a read around my site?. I teach mainly how to make money via affiliate marketing as it’s an easy start for beginners. But like anything in life, it takes work and commitment to make it work for you. Best wishes


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