How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online Blogging Or From Affiliate Marketing

By | February 23, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online Blogging Or From Affiliate MarketingUsually the first question I get asked by new marketers is ‘How long does it take to make money online blogging’ or from Affiliate marketing?. The second most common question I get asked all the time is how much money can you make by having a website online?. These are two great questions, and questions I too wanted answers to back when I first started my online business.

However, there is no one set answer fits all to these two questions. There are simply too many variables as to how fast you can make money online and how much money you want to make to give a specific time or number. However if you are just starting your online internet marketing journey, I will do my best to help cement some certainty that this industry does actually work for us common folks. The big time Guru’s with massive advertising budgets are not the only ones that can make money online, and I believe us small guys actually do less work than those full time Gurus anyways. So there’s my first tip: Don’t listen to Hyped up Guru false income claims.  They will only take your money and then confuse you to top it off.

How Much Time Should It Take To Make Money Online?

Again, with many variables at play. I will try to answer this question as honestly as possible. For me personally, the fastest I’ve made money from a brand new blog/Wordpress site is 7 days. Within about 30 days or roughly 20 posts I was making daily sales. Obviously the more time you put into your blog or website, the better the results may be.

However to achieve the fast results we all seek, it’s critical you do your research. Do you know how to make money from Affiliate Programs?. If you have the skills to set up a blog or website, do you know HOW to actually make money with it? These are 2 very important aspects to master in order to make some serious money online.

By doing the right Niche selection and choosing your money making keywords, success can be found fairly quickly. Especially when you use a power house affiliate program like Amazon sells itself basically, so our job as affiliate marketers and blog/website owners is to send visitors to Amazon to make commissions. But not just any visitors, these visitors need to be buyers wanting a particular product, and they want it now!. So by selecting really good keywords, ranking in google for them and offering your visitor what they want. Commissions are just a matter of time. So be patient.

How Much Traffic Does A Blog Need To Make Money?

It’s A Numbers Game!How Much Traffic Does A Website Need To Make Money

If you follow the training where I learned to make money online, you will discover that making money is a numbers game. Not all traffic will buy something from your affiliate promotions. However a certain percentage of people DO buy, and that’s where you make money. For me, I use the affiliate program to make money. My conversion rate is typically 4-6%. So generally from 100 visors to my site I make 4-6 sales on amazon. This has been consistent for years now, so it’s pretty conclusive evidence to me.

So the goal to making money faster is to attract more traffic to your website. More traffic equals more money in your bank. With the correct training , anyone can bring in 100, 1000+ people per day to a site. So in my case 40 to 60 sales a day from 1000 visitors. Which is pretty much spot on.

But How Much Money Can I Make From A Website?

I know this sounds cheesy and hyped up, but it’s the truth. You can make AS MUCH money as you want online….IF you know what you are doing and follow a structured affiliate marketing training course. I am living proof of this, and yes I am willing to help you get started as well. But first lets look at how much money we can make from a blog.

Again sticking with the affiliate marketing through amazon..You already know that 4-6% of targeted visitors you send to through your affiliate link will buy something. This is a proven conversion rate, not only by me but many other amazon marketers. How much you make per sale varies on what products you promote.

Why It Doesn’t Take Long To Make Money From Amazon

The simple answer is that everyone knows and trusts amazon as a online shopping department store. So once you start sending traffic, the sales will start coming in and you will be making profit. As I said earlier, how much you make as an amazon affiliate marketer depends on your niche and the product your promoting. As you receive a % commission of the cost of the product, the amount you make varies from sale to sale.

But the even better news… that you don’t even have to sell the product you are promoting to make a commission. That’s right. Lets say you are promoting Ebooks on horses. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and doesn’t want to buy a Ebook, not all is lost. Within the next 24 hours, if that same visitor decides to buy ANYTHING from you make money!. Sweet right. That’s why I Love being an amazon affiliate. You promote Ebooks on horses but end up selling a TV, you still get paid!.

Traffic Equals Money

How Much Are Your Visitors Worth To You?

What is the Dollar value of visitors to a niche blog or website worth exactly? Overtime you will start to analyze stats like this and will come to know roughly how much each visitor is worth to you (As a $$ value). To find this out we will look at some of my stats as an example.

Month of January 2016 from 1 Website.

Total Number Of Dollars Earned From This ONE Website (See Image Below For Proof) = $5186.68

January Amazon Affiliate Income Proof

Total Number Of Traffic To This ONE Website (See screenshot below) = 25,922

January 2016 Traffic Stats 1 Website


So from the above data, you can see that 25,922 website views made this one website $5186.68 in the month of January 2016. To find out the value of each view of the website we just divide the $$ by the  number views:

$5186.68 / 25922

=0.2000000087 (20 cents per view)

To me this website is worth 20 cents per visitor. May not sound like much, but it still made me over $5000 in one month from just one website. Incredible!.


So I’m Sure You Want To Know HOW I Made That Sort Of Money From 1 Website/Blog?

With everything you may find on this website and the tips I have taught you here today, anyone will be able to make money online. However, to be really successful and actually make $500 in a day, $1000 in a day you need to know what your doing. Otherwise you will get lost, confused and finally burnt out.

A step by step action plan is the key to my success. I have been giving you hints throughout this post as to where I learned how to make this sort if income online. So I highly recommend you read my full review on this Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Course if you are not making at least $50 a day online. Do it now! I promise you it’s seriously the only online place I recommend for people to learn how to be successful online.

I’ll see you over at the review page, OR you can just drop me a comment below. Good Luck and here’s to a better life.


Learn How to Earn From Home Online Legitimate Business


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20 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online Blogging Or From Affiliate Marketing


    Hi, it’s Alexey!
    Wow, this is just amazing. Super valuable information with proofs, with your own proofs that this stuff does work makes it a no brainer!
    I found this article very helpful, and congrats on the earnings by the way 🙂
    You gave m a true inspiration & I hope that one day I will get to those stats as well – Thank you.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Alexey,
      Yea this affiliate marketing stuff does work indeed. It doesn’t happen over night, but once you get the hang of it, making money online is easier than what people make it out to be.

      Connect with me at Wealthy Affiliate by visiting my profile page at

      So I can check out your progress and offer any help which may assist you in living the internet income lifestyle. Keep chugging away. The best saying I ever read was something like “Everyone is only 1 keyword away from success” . Good Luck. Josh


    Hey there Josh. Wow I love this post.

    I;m interested in Google Adsense but I never really managed to make much from it that is why I switched to affiliate marketing now as my main business model.

    20c per visitors is a really good number.

    What do you think is best; affiliate marketing or AdSense?


    1. Josh Post author

      In my opinion affiliate marketing is the only way to go. I think, why would I want to send my visitors of to a Google AD and get paid cents when I can give them the product they want and make Dollars. Plus Adsense closes people accounts down all the time, not worth the risk if you ask me. Thanks for stopping by Chris


    I love the snapshot and the chart.
    Thanks for the article.
    And yes, $5,000 per month is great! 🙂

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks Jeff. Appreciate the feedback. $5000 per month is excellent, but in reality anything we can make online to help improve our standard of living is amazing. Whether it be $100 per month or $10,000.


    Hi Josh, Very helpful and knowledgeable website. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. How long did it take you to make an income of say $2,000 a month? Thanks!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Wendy, I was making $2000 a month from the combination of 2 websites and a few web 2.0 properties that I was promoting Amazon products. I got started and built it up to $1000 a month in about 4-5 months (about 40-50 posts). Then I had to stop internet marketing for about 10 months (I explain why in my WA Profile) due to another business opportunity. But I got back into it building my website and adding new ones. It didn’t take long to shoot from 2k to 5-6k per month because I had learned what I needed to know at WA.

      As a rough guide I try to aim for $500 a month from a new website within 3 to 4 months of work doing a couple hrs every day or 2. I don’t do it full time because I think a few hours a day is enough. For me, $500 a month is the minimum and usually the website will shoot off to make more.

      My very first website was a failure because I tried to make a website that covered the entire parenting sector, which is way too broad. Once I learned how to narrow the niche, it became a lot easier. Hope this helps. Josh.


    Hi Josh,

    Impressive website and earnings. You absolutely prove the points and that they work should there be any doubters!

    Hugely inspiring!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Claire, one of the things I always needed to see in order to trust a program was REAL results and I hope that my results can inspire the next person to go on achieve what they never thought possible.


    This is all impressive and inspiring, many thanks for showing these figures. Learning from successful people is the best way.

    1. Josh Post author

      Absolutely Jovo. That is exactly how I learned. By seeing what other successful marketers are doing and applying similar tactics to my sites. Having access to members like that is life changing. Soak up as much info as you can and most importantly Apply it. Thanks for stopping by. Josh


    Hi Josh, I really like this website and am beginning to think about giving it a go. It would be very interesting to see what webpages you created to earn the money, or how they look like to get a better idea of the whole thing. Thank you tons and keep inspiring!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Raphael, thanks for stopping by. I highly suggest taking this route to making money online. It’s a legit long term online business that can be very profitable. Once you have the skillset, making money becomes so much easier and something you will be able to do for as long as the internet is in existence.

      I don’t share my niche websites to the public for obvious reasons, however when you join Wealthy Affiliate here and go premium, I have a bonus to specifically help the people who have put their trust in me. In this bonus I show a website of mine and the exact methods I use to generate this income.


    Of course you’re also promoting your own goods and services and making a ton of money off of visitors to this website and promising success when people take your “course” which of course costs money. Not to mention the annoying irremovable java banner taking up the top third of my screen inviting me to click “yes” and give away more personal information. And also all the personal info I have to give you to post this comment. Just saying…


      Oh, and you moderate all comments, which means you’re free to censor out all negative comments and keep all the ones praising your product to make you seem more legitimate

      1. Josh Post author

        The reason I moderate comments is because of spam. You would be surprised how many spam comments web masters get every day. By having this turned on, I can block out the spam. Having people drop their website URL in my comment box to me is not a valid comment, plus it looks bad for my site. If someone has something helpful to say, by all means drop a URL. This is common in this industry. I am not trying to come across as ‘trying to be legitimate’ because I am actually legitimate. Sorry if you have been burned by other ‘Internet Marketing Guru’s’, I am NOT one of them.

    2. Josh Post author

      Hi Roberto, I’m sorry if I have upset you in some way?. The reason I promote WA is because it’s the place where I learned how to make money online. Without this training, I would not be where I am now. So naturally I want to help other people find the same success. Yes I do make a little bit of money by being a WA affiliate, but most of my online income comes from being a affiliate with Amazon. Totally unrelated to this website. While I do make some money by recommending WA, the people that join through my affiliate link I actually do help them (if they want my help). Every person I have helped that has wanted my help has made there first bit of money online and this makes me super happy. I spend hours and hours helping these people for sometimes just a $1 payment. So I don’t think this is unfair at all. I also help numerous people within WA that are not my referrals for free. Why? Because I actually do want people to succeed and better their lives.

      As for the ‘annoying banner’, there is a (x) on the top corner which will close it without accepting it. This was something I added to this site because I have had numerous people ask me to email them whenever I do a new review and such. As I’m not building an email list, I thought this was the best option to help readers stay connected. I do not get any user information from agreeing to this notification box. The personal info you given to write this comment?. This is pretty standard when leaving a comment on a website. Heck if it annoys you that much you can use a fake email and name if you want! I hope you have a good day and find what you are looking for. Best of luck


    Great post. I needed the motivation.

    What i didnt understand is how did you make a sale in 7 days? It seems impossible for a new blog to show up on the first page of Google for targeted keywords.

    Is there a secret to that?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Alvin, I’m happy to hear you drew some motivation from this post. While it may seem impossible to rank/make money in just 7 days. But it is not, I am living proof of that.

      I will admit that it is not so common to get results that quick. In this particular case I hammered out about 10 posts in a week and shared them over social media. The keywords I targeted were very specific and long tail. So if you can avoid the more common niches and find a relatively untapped niche, getting results is not all that difficult. Don’t swim with the sharks, or something like that haha. So instead of competition with millions of other people in the ‘weight loss’ niche, or ‘gaming’ niche. Get more specific and look for niches that are less talked about and you will find they have less competition. That is how I like to do my marketing and it works for me.


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