How I Almost Made $1000 In A Day From My Websites

By | March 18, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How I Almost Made $1000 In A Day From 1 WebsiteI had always dreamed of making $1000 in one single day from the internet, but never did I think it was possible. Especially for a simple normal person like myself.  Myself and I’m sure many others only ever thought the Gurus made this sort of money online. You know, those cheesy headlines, make $5000 in your sleep overnight with only 20 minutes work?.

We have all seen them and we have all fallen prey to these money sucking scams. Or at least been tempted by the magical sales page right?.  Only to be greatly disappointed when you realize that you just handed over hard earned cash for a PDF full of pure rubbish. Or even worse, fallen victim to a Ponzi scam promising great returns. Only to find out 6 months down the track, you have earned nothing and wasted precious time online.

This to me is even worse then wasting money on useless WSO’s or other related half filled training courses. To make a successful business online, time is my best friend. But can also be my worst enemy if spent on pointless time wasting en devours. To get the most out of a online business, one needs to dedicate time and effort to be successful.

Proof I Almost Made $1000 Online In A Day

I recently submitted a blog post detailing my story and how I earned A Weeks Wage In One Day!. I didn’t post it here at Learn To Earn From Home because I felt it was more relevant to post it at the place that taught me how to make money online. Feel free to take a read, non members can also read the post. There’s some insightful comments from fellow members.

Proof I made $1000So How Did I Make Close To $1000 In One Day?

With my websites, from which I advertise Amazon products. This is known as Affiliate Marketing and it’s honestly the best way to start making money online. In fact it’s the only way I’ve successfully made money online. But hey if it’s only $1k a day, then I can assure you I won’t be disappointed with that!.

I explain in more detail on a previous page showing the step by step method on how to make $500 days online.

So on the 16th March 2016 I checked my Amazon affiliate earnings as I do every day. I then added up the total amount of products shipped (The actual value of the product). The total came to a whopping $9010 worth of physical products ordered all thanks to my websites. I made more sales online than some actually physical stores do in a week. How incredible is that!.

As I make quite a few sales every month, my commission rate gets to 8%. So this means that for every $100 worth of products I sell, I make $8 pure profit. Now it’s time to do the maths.

$9010 / 8% = $720 USD. As I’m an Australian affiliate for (You can be an affiliate from anywhere in the world, read more about Amazon’s Affiliate Program for more) I then have to convert it to AUD. Which at the current USD to AUD is $948 Australian Dollars. Which is simply amazing. In Australia, $948 is almost $300 more than the minimum wage and I earned that in one day online. To make to pudding even sweeter, I had actually done no work that day. You bet I was happy!.  Do Note The Images Don’t suggest 1k in a day because not all items have shipped yet.


How To Make $1k A Day


What Do I Mean When I Say I Didn’t Actually Work That Day To Earn Under $1000?

The beauty of making money online with websites is that THEY work for you 24/7. Every day of the week, even on Christmas day you can potentially earn money. This is why I love and highly recommend affiliate Marketing to everyone wanting to make money online.

So once your website makes it to page one of Google search results, you start getting an increase in traffic to your website. An increase in traffic generally means a pay rise for you. Congratulations. This happens for as long as you remain on page 1 of Google, which can be months and even many years. So you receive money on auto pilot for much longer then it took to create the website 🙂


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You May Be Wondering….

Can I Make $1000 In A Day?The Best Way ever TO Make Money Online 2016

Like I said, when I first started looking online for ways to make money from the internet I could only dream about making 1000 dollars in a single day. I never ever thought I would reach such heights, well close to anyways. So can you really make $1000 online from a single day, or even in a week?.

Absolutely!. Making $1000 in a week is the first goal, and then go upwards from there. There really is no limit to how much money anyone can make online. So don’t limit yourself. Make high goals and don’t stop until you reach them.

Incase you are wondering.. No I’m not some high tech gadget Guru either. A few years ago I only used the computer to do my banking and check emails. Had you asked me to create a website back then I would have broke down with laughter. These days I can get a fully functional website online in under 5 minutes.

With the correct training, motivation and support from people like myself you have the best chance of being successful online. If you are serious about trying to change your life, whether it be pay back debt, pay off credit cards, make few extra bucks or go full time online and live the laptop lifestyle. I’m here to assist you all the way. To get started, I suggest you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate. This is the place where I learned how to build websites and make money from them. If you can connect with my message, then I look forward to helping you.

Any questions or feedback, please comment below.


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