How Does Affiliate Marketing Online Work How To Get Started

How Does Affiliate Marketing Online Work How To Get StartedWhat Is Affiliate Marketing About & How To Get Started

Affiliate marketing is absolutely the best way for a beginner to start earning money online. This is because it is the easiest and fastest method to learn online. Affiliate marketing is in fact how I made my first $1 online and to this day it’s how I make $5k plus per month. So it’s not just a beginners method to quickly get started, it’s a method from which you can base a whole business around.


So What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing/advertising where you (the affiliate) promote products in the digital world. When someone buys a product or service you have recommended, you make a handsome commission. Products can include both physical products (Toys, food, tables, laptops, airline flights, tools, games etc) and digital products (E-books, software, online courses, Airline flights, music etc).

The most common method used by successful affiliates is to have your own website. In 2016,  a website is relatively easy to get started and fairly cheap as well. Once the website is built it becomes a huge asset to the online business. Not only can websites make $1000’s per month, they can also be sold. Just like a house. Except there’s no mortgage to pay off, its all profit. It’s not unheard of for sites to be sold for over $100,000 and even millions in rare cases.

I prefer to hang on to my websites as they provide me monthly passive income, but if the need came I could sell one, but for no less than 100k. That’s just my self evaluation of course. By writing content (words,images,videos) on your website about any given topic, you open the door to traffic (human visitors). Among your content you put affiliate links into text and images. Affiliate links are a special link you are provided by the affiliate program.


How Affiliate Marketing Works How Affiliate Marketing Works

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something, you can earn a commission. The amount you earn is dependent on the price of the product the visitor buys and which affiliate program you signed up for.

For example, lets say I had a website about fishing. One of the pages on my website I write about the best fishing rods for catching Snapper. I then would look for Affiliate programs that sell fishing rods. Then I would write a few words about each fishing rod. After these mini reviews I would say: For example: Check Price On Amazon. Those words are now blue with my affiliate link in them. So when someone clicks on those words, the visitor is then sent to If the visitor buys anything from the Amazon store, I get money. Images of the fishing rods would also have affiliate links in them, so if the visitor clicks on my images they are also taken to

That’s what affiliate marketing is about in a nutshell. There are many more aspects involved, but once you learn the skills it becomes really easy. Learning how to do affiliate marketing correctly is critical to success online. The place I learned how to become a successful affiliate marketer is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join also, so if this method of making money online as an affiliate marketer is of interest to you. Check it out.


Affiliate Marketing Is A Business…Not A Hobby!Best Affilate Programs To Join Free

To really take affiliate marketing to the next level, ie; make a full time income. It needs to be treated as a serious business. This is where I went wrong at the beginning of my online career. I didn’t take it 100%, I just thought if I make an extra $100 week etc, that would be fine. So I casually attended to it and didn’t see the results I wanted. Like any business, it needs to get started. I was basically treating it as a hobby and only working on it on weekends if I had time. So my business never really got off the ground.

Mistakes are valuable lessons, especially in affiliate marketing. Once I learned that I had to START my business before it could flourish, that is when it really took off. Now it’s a self serve 24/7 money making business. A simple mind shift and I was able to rectify my mistakes. From there I quit TV, quit video games and spend every second I could building up my online business. Was it worth it? Hell Yea, and I would do it over and over again.


How Much Money Can You Make From Affiliate Marketing

How much money can you make from affiliate marketingI have written a separate post detailing how long it takes to make money and how much can you make from affiliate marking. How much time you have to dedicate to affiliate marketing is the bottom line really. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate, is that you can earn while you learn. This is because its taught in a step by step manner, so if you follow along with the training you could start making money rather quickly.

But if you want a real time example, I will use myself. I first started out slow because I didn’t take it too serious. When my painting job got really busy, I was doing 70 hours a week. Once it all calmed down, I was making about $1000 online from a website I had worked on for about 3 months prior. From there I built a new website and so forth. About 9 months after that I was making between $4000 and $5000 a month. Now remember, this is passive income from here on out. I have barely worked on those websites in 2016, yet they still make me a tonne of money. See the power yet?.

So roughly it took me a yer to get to full time income online. I usually worked for about 2-3 hours a day for 4-5 days a week. Gradually it built up to  a full time income. Since then it has gone up again. This is because anytime I work online I add my assets to my websites (Content). Another member from WA made his first $10,000 month just recently. That is from just over a year of being a member. This is the potential of affiliate marketing. Keep building and earn as much as you want really. That’s how simple it is.


How Do You Get Paid As An AffiliateHow to make money with affiliate marketing

Payment methods vary from the different affiliate programs. Some programs pay via PayPal once a month, while some pay on a daily basis. While others will pay via direct deposit, gift cards or cheques. The various methods also vary for where a bouts in the world you live. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live either, affiliate marketing works for just about anyone.

The amount you earn per commission  also varies between the different affiliate networks. For example pay up to 10% commission while some digital products sold can earn you a nice 100% commission. However in my experience, selling digital products is a little harder. So I stick with physical products that people NEED. Depending on your niche/website topic, you may be able to promote digital and physical products to have a mixture of sales coming in.


How To Find Affiliate Programs

There a so many affiliate programs available online, so I will not mention them all here. However I will provide some tips on where to find affiliate networks and provide links to the most popular affiliate programs.

  • The easiest way to see if there is a affiliate program in your niche/topic is to use Search ‘product + affiliate program’ . This will bring up any affiliate programs for the chosen products. For example ‘Go Pro + Affiliate Program’

How To Find Affiliate Programs

  • If you have a particular product or website you may be interested in, many times they will have a link on their homepage that says “affiliates” Click on that to learn how to join their affiliate program. Usually the link is at the very bottom of the page, or sometimes hidden up the top in a menu.

Websites with affiliate link

Popular Affiliate Programs Or Networks

Listed below are some of the common affiliate programs you can join for free. The program I use the most is Amazon’s Affiliate Program. I also think it’s the best for beginners to start with.


What Do You Need To Start Online Marketing

To start online marketing as an affiliate marketer, you will need some direction. While it is possible to learn by yourself, its much quicker and more rewarding to follow a step by step training course. Once you have the training under your belt, the common tools you will need as an affiliate marketer could include:

  • A Website – Free websites are available otherwise you also need a domain: which is the address of your website; is the domain for google. A website is like the engine room for your domain. Most commonly, people find it’s best to start with WordPress. WordPress is the engine room, where you do all the work for your website. How it looks, all the content you put on it and where you add features to your site.
  • Hosting – I describe hosting similar to paying rent. It’s a monthly cost to keep your website online. Without hosting, no one can see your website. Hosting determines the speed of your website and how much storage you can keep on it. Having the best Hosting is also a safer route to take to protect your website from hackers. Hosting can be an expensive asset once you have multiple websites. However, free hosting is provided with the free websites at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • A Keyword Research Tool – This is a digital tool that every marketer needs to make money. It’s a tool which tells you what people search in google and how much competition is around those words. A marketer then finds Good Keywords to write about based on their quick research from the tool. Knowing how many people search for a term in Google is a necessary for making money online. Knowing how many other websites are competing for those keywords is even more important.


What Is The Best Way To Start Affiliate MarketingHow To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

The best and quickest way to start affiliate marketing is by joining a training program like Wealthy Affiliate. Getting the correct information from the get go will get you headed in the right direction so you can make money much faster. Follow the step by step training and take action as you go. This is the only way to get started quickly with affiliate marketing.

Don’t get stuck going around in circles trying to research everything yourself. There is so much incorrect information online, and this will definitely halter your progress. If not force you to quit and commit to the 9-5 job forever. Nobody wants this!


Why Do I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Besides being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years now, I honestly believe there is not one single training program that offers anything close to the amount you get at WA. This is the place I learned and I am living proof it works. Check out my WA Profile for more about me.

If you haven’t read my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review, I suggest you do if you are serious about affiliate marketing. Besides the first class training that’s available and the fact you can get started for free. Without even handing over credit card details, Wealthy Affiliate offers so much more.

It’s basically a business in a virtual box. Everything you need to start affiliate marketing is included. This includes the critical items I discussed earlier: Website, hosting and keyword tool. This is all included for Free along with the training. There are options to upgrade further down the track, but I recommend you start as a free member first. This is because there is so much offered at Wealthy Affiliate, taking advantage of the free stuff first is the best option. Upgrading is also optional, so if you only want to be a free member, you still get the website etc.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Now!

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing could just be a few minutes around the corner. All it takes is action on your behalf. So I highly suggest you read my WA review or check out the Free Membership ASAP. Time wasted is money left behind.


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