How Do People REALLY Make Money Online? Like Seriously!

By | November 4, 2016

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How Do People REALLY Make Money OnlineLately you may have seen an increase in people claiming they make a full time living off the internet and maybe you are wondering how do people really make money online?. Like seriously is it possible to work from home wearing nothing but your pajamas?. Yes it totally is. But some people prefer to wear more than just pajamas, while others actually hire an office to ‘work from home’ so they can be less distracted by kids, TV,pets etc.

People have been making money online for more than a decade now and those lucky pioneers that first discovered it are laughing all the way to bank nowadays. Does this mean it is impossible to make money in 2017 because everyone is now making a killing online?

Absolutely not!. With over 3 billion online users online and rapidly rising, there has never been a better time than right now to start an online business. But how! How do all these people really make a living online?.

The Truth About Making A Full Time Income Online

Truth be told, anyone CAN make money online, how much depends on your skill set, willingness to work and the method you undertake. BUT only a small percentage of folks actually break through and become full time internet marketers (Or work from home people). I am one of the few that has turned my passion of the internet into a profitable online business. It didn’t happen overnight and took me some time to figure it all out. Was it worth it? Hell yea!. I have never been in a better spot financially and me and my family are only a few short weeks away from owning our own brand new home. I’m not telling you this to brag, but to let you know that there are legitimate ways to make a legit online business without compromising your soul to online scams.

But Only A Fraction Of People Make It Online..What Are My Chances?

You may have heard about the 97% rate of failure for people trying to make money online. I have no idea where and how these Guru’s pull these figures from. But I can guarantee you that anybody can do this. If you believe you will fail, then chances are you will. If you believe you can make it… Don’t stop until you do make it. This way you can never fail and never be apart of the 97% of the online community.

It really is that simple. But if you are looking for overnight riches, then please close this website as such a thing doesn’t exist. It takes time and effort to build a online business, just like in the offline world. Except with online business there’s only a fraction of the start up costs. You didn’t think starting a business could be done for free did you? It’s a business, treat it like one and be successful.

So How Do People Legitimately Make Money Online

Now that you know you have a chance, no let me rephrase that: Now that you know you CAN make money online, lets have a look at some proven scam free business models. I will start off with the online business model I partake in and generate 6 figures a year doing.

The Best Way To Make A Real Living Onlinetop rated way to make money online

This is how I make money online: I earn passive income online by mastering Affiliate Marketing. In particular Amazon products. Affiliate marketing is proven to be the best way for a beginner to start making money online, especially when you are promoting a powerhouse company like Amazon. You are pretty much guaranteed to make money once you start to get people clicking on your affiliate links to Amazon. In This Article I explain What Affiliate Marketing Is and How To Get Started.

Pros Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Once set up you can earn residual passive income for months, years to come from the work you did earlier.
  • You NEVER have to touch, handle or process any products. You don’t have anything to do with transactions, refunds or anything. All you have to do is recommend products to people and you get paid a commission.
  • Easy to understand method
  • 100% Legitimate and perfect business model for beginners
  • Just about any product online has a affiliate program, so no matter what your interests/hobbies are you can make money online simply by writing about what you love.
  • During  the Christmas shopping rush, Amazon Affiliates earn crazy amount of money due to the massive increase in online sales. Some people earn 10 x what they earn during the rest of the year over the months of November and December. So if you are earning $5k  month Feb – Nov you could realistically earn $50,000 over Nov and December due to the Christmas shopping blitz.
  • You don’t need to own any products in order to make money from recommending them. Even though I make 10k a month, I don’t own any of the products I recommend. However, if you do own and like the product you currently have, you can make even more money as you can give a much more personal product review.

Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Some affiliate programs require you to have experience before they approve you to promote their products. However, with Amazon you can pretty much walk in as a beginner and get approved.
  • Competition can be fierce because it’s such an easy business model, so will need to learn the correct way of choosing a niche. Do this part right and you are good to go.

Where The Best Place To Learn How To Make Money Online?Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

In regards to Affiliate Marketing, there is no better place online to learn than through the W.A University. It’s where I learned how to master the art 4 years ago and the place I now call Home (Don’t tell my Wife). This place continues to grow and get better year after year, I highly recommend you read my review and see for yourself how amazing this place is. Oh, it’s free to get started as well.

What About Online Surveys?

Before I knew about Affiliate Marketing I wasted so much time taking online surveys. I would spend literally an hour of my day answering surveys to get paid like $2. It was ridiculous now that I look back on it.

However, it is income none the less and can be a reliable source. So for some people, $20 a month can change life drastically, so I won’t rule it out as a opportunity. But be very careful. Scammers are targeting people you think taking surveys is a legitimate way to make money. While it is, Scam artists are creating fake survey sites and charging it’s members to be a part of the community. Once inside you can never make any money. So be sure to do your due diligence and research the survey company.

Getting Paid To Write Articles

Getting Paid To Write Articles

Thousands of people all across the world are making money online by writing articles. How much money you can make will vary from site to site, depending on your writing ability and whether or not English is your first language. Typically speaking you can get started for around $8-$10 per 1000 words you write. Freelance writers with years of experience can charge to write entire books and make $2500 for 40k words. With this method you only get paid once per article, whether it be $50, $10 or $1 which Is why I prefer Affiliate Marketing as it can be a passive income, once set up each article you write can earn you money over and over. But being a freelancer can be a good start to making money online.

Places online where you can get paid to write articles:


Ecommerce FBA Sites

This method is gaining in popularity in recent years. It involves you being the middle man between a supplier of products and the buyer. There are many ways to do this. But without proper training it can be very risky. AKA you could loose a lot of money trying to be successful. As I live in Australia I have not attempted this method to make money online due to our population not really having the market the USA has.

FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is where you can buy products for cheap from a commercial supplier. From there you can ship the products to the FBA program by Amazon. You then list that product for sale on When somebody buys the product from amazon they take care of the shipping for you. Amazon takes their cut and you keep the profits. A legit and profitable method, but it doe’s have high risks for ill prepared people.

Ebay is another place where you can drop ship or use the arbitrage method of buying cheap and selling for higher. There area  couple courses online which teach you how to buy from Amazon for cheaper and than sell on Ebay at a higher price. Sending the product directly from the Amazon store to the customer from Ebay’s mailing address.

Create Your Own Product & Make Money

Having your own line of products whether it be physical or digital is the most profitable route you could take. However, you MUST know how to do online marketing. You could have the best of the best product in the world, but it means absolutely NOTHING if you don’t know how to market it. Owning your own website is a must if you are serious about taking this route. Branding yourself is critical to success. This method is not too dissimilar to Affiliate Marketing, except you sell the product directly rather than getting a vendor to process it as an affiliate.

If you like the idea of creating and selling your own products, I recommend following the same first class training so you can get off to a flying start. Trying to do this solo may work out, but it could take you a lot longer to learn the ropes and a lot of wasted money from trial and error.

Methods Of Making Money Online I Don’t Recommend Is Making Money Online A Scam

  • Rev Share Schemes: Also known as Revenue sharing programs. These are outright scams and the only way anyone can make money is by taking money off the next person to join. There is no legitimate way the programs can earn external revenue, yet they promise ridiculous payouts like 4% return daily etc. They are scams and don’t believe what anybody else tells you about them. The only reason they are telling you ‘Oh I made $100’ is because they need you to join so they can take money off you to keep the program going. See My Triple Threat Review of the latest Rev Share I was involved in.
  • MLM: (Multi Level Marketing) This is where you recruit people and get paid, but you also get payment from the person you just recruited when they make their own recruitment. Hence the name multi level. Sounds awesome right, except it’s incredibly hard to actually recruit members that want to recruit other members, and then they have the same problem and typical everyone just quits. You are essentially putting your business in the hands of your recruits to make money. Plus most of the time, the products you have to sell (Recruit) are over priced by a mile and nobody wants to pay a high price for something they can get cheaper somewhere else.
  • Binary Trading/Forex: Very risky business models and you can loose a lot of money very quickly. I was in Binary Trading for a little while and it wasn’t until I lost $2000 in one day I decided that I would cut my losses. Plus many binary trading platforms (Where you invest your money) are scam artists that pressure you into putting more and more money into their platform. They manipulate your bets so you lose all your money and they pocket it instead. Be very carful with this method.

Still Not Sure Which Method To Pursue?

Still unsure how to make money online and need advice?. Feel free to leave a comment below and I WILL reply to you as soon as possible. My highest recommendation is that you start with Affiliate Marketing using the Amazon affiliate program as I am very experienced in this field and find it the easiest for beginners to start making money with.  Drop me a comment below for any questions you may have.


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