Honest Tube Passive Profits Review – No Bonuses!

By | March 7, 2016

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Honest Tube Passive Profits Review No BonusesToday I’m sharing my honest and unbiased review of Tube Passive Profits, the latest warrior plus product by Billy Darr. Like many sales pages for WarriorPlus products, you’re left hanging. By this I mean, you have absolutely no idea what the product is about. All thats given away is how you can quit your job, become financially free and finally buy a product that works.

After you buy this product you will never need to buy another WSO again. Sound familiar?. It should, because it’s a common tactic used by these product creators time and time again. So will anything claimed on the sales page come true for you?. Possibly, but most likely not!. I’m not saying Tube Passive Profits is a scam, but I just think it’s another recycled empty product crated by Billy Dar.

So What Is Inside Tube Passive Profits?


Don’t you just hate how the latest trend is to get you to buy something before you know whats actually on the inside?. I

What Is Tube Passive Profits

know I do, it’s frustrating as all hell. But to save you the same grief, let me tell you what to expect from Tube Passive Profits. Just so you know, I am only reviewing the front end product as I don’t believe OTO’s or one time offers should be required to make money online. The meat of the course should be included inside the main course right?…

Tube Profits is all about making money from promoting offers/affiliate links on YouTube. Nothing new here right, but Billy Darr promises a ‘secret sauce’ to flood your affiliate offer with buyers. Which is basically getting your you tube video to page 1 of google. Again, nothing new here.

I’ll even go as far to say, his secret sauce is not required in most cases. This is because people will want a honest review and will go onto page 2 of Google if they have to find one. That’s how you got to my site right?.

So the whole gist of Tube Passive Profits is to rank on page 1 of Google promoting WarriorPlus products basically. The training involves 4 videos which total about 45 minutes.

  1. Intro Video with brief overview of what you will learn
  2. How to find converting offers on WarriorPlus
  3. Using his included template to record YouTube videos
  4. His Secret Sauce To Get You To Rank

How To Make Money With YouTube


How Does Tube Passive Profits Work?

During the training, Billy refers to a product by Nick Marks ‘CPA Smasher‘ and how it has sold 1000+ copies. So this is a good indicator that it’s a good product to promote. (Which makes me laugh, because 1000+ people who bought CPA Smasher are now on Instagram promoting the same offer competing against themselves basically) Essentially this is what you will be doing if you buy Tube Passive Profits. Competing with everyone else who bought it, trying to rank on page 1 of Google for most likely the same product…

Next you record YouTube video using the provided template. You review the product with your voice and text is in the background. Once the video review of a high converting WarriorPlus product you need to apply the secret sauce in order to move up in the Google rankings.

The secret sauce which apparently no one else is using?. PBN’s. Private blog networks: a string of entwined blogs all linking together passing on link juice. Link out to the YouTube video to pass that link juice on for increased ranking. Again…Nothing new, but Billy does show you where to buy them, it you don’t have your own PBN.

Tube Passive Profits Secret Sauce


What I Liked About Tube Passive Profitscheck2

  • It was quick training. Nothing too intense and straight forward to follow
  • Where to buy PBN’s.
  • Reveals a free screen capture recorder
  • Template was pretty basic, but may convert for make money online niches
  • Handy method for lessor known niches.

What I Don’t Likex2

  • It’s not a new method, in fact it’s a method being sold by many other marketers, but with small changes.
  • Basically about promoting make money products to other people who then have to promote how to make money products. Without actually forming a solid business.
  • Product is essentially about making creators/affiliates money and building their email list so they can promote more of these cheap and nasty products. Over and over, and over and over.. Until you are broke of course!.
  • Not a PASSIVE income like the name suggests. As the training is aimed at promoting WarriorPlus products, it doesn’t go into any details on how to use this for other physical products. Therefor many people will be promoting the same products to each other and it will become too competitive.
  • As WarriorPlus products are getting released daily, they never maintain interest for very long. So the chances of you making sales off the same YouTube video in a month’s time is slim. In 6 months, people will say “Whats Tube Passive Profits?”.

Review Of Tube Passive Profits Conclusion

While I don’t think this product is a scam, it is legitimate. However, it’s not passive long term income in my opinion. This is the type of income I LOVE. I prefer to make income from work I did for the last few years to be basically autopilot for the next couple of years at least. This is how I make $500 Days NOW from the work I did 6 months ago.

This product may be handy to have if you have never dealt with YouTube before as Billy Darr does explain briefly about Video SEO. The principles in this video can make you money, but for how long. That is my question. I don’t want to be making videos every day just to make a few bucks. I want the work I do everyday to pay off for me for years to come. Not just in the immediate future.

Here’s What I Suggest!My Best Suggestion To Make Money

Buy Tube Passive Profits for like $7 and have some basic understanding of video marketing. Or sign up for free and learn how to create an online empire. By this I mean a online affiliate marketing business that can make you long term passive income for years to come. This is what I do and it’s what I highly recommend. By creating easy to make websites around topics you like, a full time income is very achievable. I have also done a review of Wealthy Affiliate if you want to know more about this opportunity. Its FREE to join, so you really have nothing to loose, and more importantly MORE to gain.


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2 thoughts on “Honest Tube Passive Profits Review – No Bonuses!

  1. Carol-beadle@hotmail.co.uk'Carol b

    A very good post. I don’t know much about using Youtube for profits, but can now see the importance of this. Tube Passive Profits seems like a wonderful idea and a very useful tool.
    Sounds like you have been quite successful with it so far. This deserves a revisit though it does have some cons I think it could be a good business tool overall.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Carol, Tube Passive Profits is not really a tool, more of a method. I don’t actually use this particular method because I prefer to make niche websites which rank for months, years…. This way I make passive income for a long time. Not just for the life of a product like this.


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