Honest The Click Profit Method Review – Is It Really That Good

By | March 27, 2016

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Honest The Click Profit Method ReviewIn my honest review of The Click Profit Method strategy by Aris Savva you will find out exactly what this course offers. Find out whether it’s just another scam you are use to seeing daily. Or whether The Click Profit Method is actually a legitimate way to make some money online. I’m going to give you my unbiased review in hope that you will be able to make a clearer decision on whether you should buy this course.

Immediately after reading the sales page for Click Profit Method, I knew it was somewhat different to the under delivering low cost products I have reviewed in the past. This is a big statement from me, but the question still remains…Is it worth buying?. Read my review and I’ll give you my honest opinion on this course, which will hopefully help you decide whether to buy or drop.

Short Review Of The Click Profit Method – Is It A Scam?

The Click Profit Method by Aris Savva is absolutely not a scam, however I do have some problems with it. This method is by no means new, but very unique in it’s approach. The overview involves buying Solo Ads for cheap and selling them for higher to make profit. So yes, it is a legitimate way to make money. However, it’s not long term passive income.

While I think this course is a unique method you may have not heard of before, I don’t think it will suit everybody. Especially people with busy lives aka a full time job because the method kind of involves timely responses and interaction with sellers and buyers. Me personally, well maybe I might give it a shot. But my true passion is for long term passive income. The days when I make $500 in a single day from work I did previously are much more appealing to me. That’s why my interest level in The Click Profit Method is slightly less, because it will always require ongoing work.


What Is Click Profit Method All AboutIs The Click Profit Method Legitimate

So the core concept of this course is about buying solo ads and selling them for a higher price. By connecting a buyer up with a seller and you the middle man, take the profit. What  is a Solo Ad?. A Solo ad is basically a email. Marketers have what are called ‘lists’ of 1000’s of subscribers. Generally the people on the ‘list’ are from a common niche/interest. So if I was building a list on this website here, it would be classified as make money online niche.

A email list is a highly valuable tool for any online business. So much so, that website owners and ‘list builders’ will sell their services. By this I mean charge people to basically rent their email list for a one time service. So if I had a email list of say 10,000 people I could sell my service through a solo ad to a buyer for anywhere between 34c and 70c per click. Someone could buy 100 email clicks from me and they would be able to send a email to my list of subscribers after paying. The reason people buy Solo ads is so that they can send emails to the other persons ‘list’. Inside the email will be links to either a affiliate product where they can get commissions from. Or to a opt in form where they can basically takes email addressed from the original seller’s email list.

How Does The Click Profit Method WorkIs The Click profit Method A Scam

This method doesn’t involve sending Solo ads which is why this method is unique. The course goes over 2 ways to make money. The free way, and the paid way ($100 week). The free way is the best way to get started as it doesn’t require any extra money. Just more work on your behalf. So as I have already stated, the purpose of this method is to hook up with Solo Ad sellers and negotiate a price with them.

For example, approach a private seller and ask how much for 500 clicks to mainly USA email addresses. The seller if he agrees will say for example $0.35  cents per click. Now your job is to find buyers. Find people wanting to pay for solo ads. To do this with the free method it involves advertising your service on Facebook groups. But you charge more per click, up to about 44 cents per click.

So say you organize to buy 500 clicks at $0.35 and you advertise to sell your clicks at $0.41, that equals a profit of 6 cents per click $0.06 x 500 = $30 profit from 1 buyer. Which isn’t much, but there is the possibility of scaling this up, but it requires extra time to find additional sellers and buyers. So I don’t think spending 30 minutes per day will be sufficient to make a decent income here.

Pay Your Way To The Top

The other method is the paid method. This involves paying for a promotional spot on various Solo Ad marketplaces. By doing this you are eliminating the need to advertise your service on Facebook. But it will cost you $100 per promotion. So you are still buying the clicks from the same seller as in the free method. However you are paying to advertise your service on the marketplace. Much easier method, but can be risky if you don’t make any sales.

What I Didn’t Like About This Product

I only have a few complaints about The Click Profit Method, which is rather good for me. However, they are personal road blocks for me from starting this method.

  • This may be simple for some, but many others will have no clue on how to set up a PayPal account and receive payments. Some quick training on this would have been a very nice inclusion.
  • To be a professional in this field, I feel as tho you would need to have access to your computer all day long. So when buyers pay you, you can quickly set up their Solo Ads. I imagine buyers may get impatient having to wait 8-10 hours until you finish work. Then you have to line up the buyer with the seller’s time frame. This could potentially be days if the seller is busy with other buyers/life etc. Which could lead to negative feedback, loss of sales and angry buyers.
  • There is risk to lose money, even on the free method. This is because you are accepting money from a buyer to place solo ads. If the buyer says ‘he never received the clicks as promised’ and you can’t prove them wrong because your seller screwed you. It’s in your best interest to pay for more Solo Ads from another seller out of your pocket to keep them happy. Or you could end up with a bad reputation in the tight knit Solo Ad community.
  • As more people buy this course, the competition will become fierce. Which will result in the sellers increasing their rates. Which therefor minuses from your profit. Aris does say in the sales page that he will be taking this offer down after  short time to prevent saturation. Whether this is true or not?…
  • No live examples in the course. Many people learn by following. Unfortunately this course is not presented that way and will lose many buyers because of it. However, many times during the videos, Aris does tell everyone to email him with any questions.
  • A small white lie on the sales page. As proof of income he states $1129.60 made in one day. While this may be true, it’s not the profit. From that $1129.60 he would of had to buy the solo ads in order to sell them at the higher rate. So it’s a white lie, but a lie none the less.

The Click Profit Method Complaints

Concluding The Click Profit Method Review

Had I not already been earning a decent income online through affiliate marketing, I reckon I would have given this course a real crack. But now that I do have steady reliable income flowing in, I find it hard to settle for things that require me to work everyday in order to be paid. No matter how small the job is.

However some people may love the idea of chasing lower priced Solo Ads and trying to find higher paying buyers. If this is the case, then The Click Profit Method is for you. It’s a solid and proven method of arbitrage shaped to the current technology age. The training and videos within the course are much more than what you typically expect from a cheap product course. A few things are missing, but not something that cant be Googled. Overall, I think Aris has done an amazing job with the product and offers real value.

But it’s just not for me. Who know, maybe in the future I can come back and give it a crack, but for now I’m happy with my online income.

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2 thoughts on “Honest The Click Profit Method Review – Is It Really That Good

  1. rahimi_abd@lycos.com'rahimi abdullah

    i still did not understand what we sell in online profit method likes shirt,shoes or gambling etc and how do we sell its..on facebook or other means.Does we have to pay its before selling.If the thing is not sell what happen.Does we still have to pay for its, its be sell or not we have to pays its.thankyou.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi rahimi, the method in The Click Profit Method is buying ‘solo ads’ for cheap and selling them for a higher price to make profit. A Solo Ad is basically a email address you are borrowing. So lets say you buy 100 Solo ads, that means you can email 100 people with whatever you are trying to sell. The most common thing to ‘sell’ is make money online products. Hope this helps


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