Honest Street Smart Profits Review Reveals All

By | October 6, 2016

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Honest Street Smart Profits Review Reveals AllIt’s been 24 hours since I bought this product, so I figured it’s time to give my honest Street Smart Profits Review. This is a new product just released by Steven Gilbert with the training provided by Nishkarsh who’s a successful Fiverr marketer banking sales up to $1250. But does this mean you can too?. Well you will have to read deeper into my review to find out.

As per normal the Street Smart Profits sales page is a blind one, meaning you will have to buy the course before you even know what it’s about. Fortunately for you, I already have the product and reveal the method behind this product. Steven Gilbert endorses this product and after his last product “Make $4.97 Over & Over“, I didn’t hesitate to buy Street Smart Profits. Marketers who promote realistic and solid courses I don’t have a problem buying from. But it’s the ones that email you daily about crappy products that they haven’t even tried or gone through the course, get under my skin. So it’s good to jump on the email lists of marketers like these. They are few and far between. Anyways moving on…

What Is Street Smart Profits About

Is It A ScamIs Street Smart Profits A Scam

In a nutshell, Street Smart Profits is detailed course on how to make money on Fiverr by selling ‘Gigs’. During the course Nishkarsh gets you to choose a interest or hobby you may have. The idea is to turn this skill into a Gig on Fiverr and make money. But if you are anything like me, you want feel skilled enough in any one area to be charging $300 to $600 per sale right. Which the big draw card is to buying Street Smart Profits – Making $300 – $600 per sale. So straight away I want you to know this is a hyped up claim and one us common folk won’t be able to achieve immediately.

So Nishkarsh also provides an answer for people with no real talent or skill to sell as Gigs on Fiverr.com. This is how he himself makes up to $1250 per sale. Through the form of Video Animation. With his video animation skills Nishkarsh is able to charge $400 per minute of animated video. Which in the professional industry (Outside of Fiverr) is cheap. Professional video animators charge $5k – $10k per minute of video.

So basically, you need to be able to create your own high quality professional animated videos to be making the claims of $300 – $600 per sale. If you can do this, then great!. But if you have no artistic skills like me and couldn’t animate a video to save yourself then you may be left a little disappointed in this course. Not too mention being capable of making videos to order, Meaning being able to communicate with the buyer and create the video how they in-vision it. This is the part the would frighten me as a guy who has never animated video before.

Is Street Smart Profits a scam?. No, it is a very good course on setting up the foundations of a Fiverr selling account. There are the usual tricks and tip included in the course to help get you Gig ranking in the Fiverr marketplace. BUT….! There’s no training on how to create the products to sell. There is no examples of a high quality animated video or explanation on how Nishkarsh makes his videos. He just says 3 programs you can use to make them. He also has a brief section on outsourcing the procedure to online job sites. But I feel this is risky as you are making custom videos and if the Seller wants to change something about the video, it could get messy for a beginner to figure out how to do.

Should You Buy Street Smart Profits?What Is Street Smart Profits About

Yes and No. If you have the ability to create business cards, marketing related jobs, presentations or animated videos. Then yes this course will do wonders for you. The training is very good and thorough. Quite impressive for a $7 product really.

But if you haven’t got anything to sell and don’t feel confident outsourcing (Paying someone $70 to create the video for you) and have no interest in selling on Fiverr. Then NO don’t buy Street Smart Profits. I for one don’t like the idea of having to handle transactions and physically have to be behind my computer to fulfill a customers demands. It kind of resembles a job to me, and I just recently QUIT my job to earn online full time. I don’t want to have deadlines to meet where I have to have this video finished by tomorrow and that video finished by today etc. But that’s just me!. You may love this idea.

What I Recommend If Street Smart Profits Sounds Interesting To You

So in order to make a decent income from Fiverr, you are going to have to learn how to create animated videos first. So in the training Nishkarsh recommends using Powtoon.com as the video editor. What I recommend you do is head over to Powtoon and create a free account. After you join up for free you get 48 hours access to premium functions. So go in there and see if you can create a high quality animated video. Use YouTube if you need to figure out how to create the videos. Then if you feel that ‘yea making animated videos is easy’ then I recommend buying Street Smart Profits. But join Powtoon first!.

Complaints ABout Street Smart Profits

I made my first animated video (Below) using a template offered by Powtoon. But I haven’t made a custom video yet as I imagine this will take me weeks to figure out. But still it’s a skill you could use in this industry. Do note that you have to pay premium to have the Powtoon Water Mark removed form your videos. So eventually you will need to upgrade if you take video animation seriously.

Here’s My Demo Video

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  1. alljabuzz@yahoo.com'Royan Shaw

    Fiverr is oversaturated to get any meaningful sales on that platform. It’s a throve of cheap (and I mean what you pay for what you get cheap) service providers who are actually flippers from cheaper services provided in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other labour cheap task based countries now taking over the internet in droves.
    I am the designer and developer of Viral Profit Booster a product designed on a membership platform for users to be provided premium resources to do their content marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing and social media marketing without having to pay for tools listed above their pyschological purchase value.
    Alot of the profit guides you buy (I have bought and have analysed quite a few for which am not impress due to the minimum basic information being provided) are lacking in the fresh information as most of these guides provide information that is in their best effort stale, methods suggested over-saturated and already exposed to potential buyers hence the reason for the “affordable” $5 .95 or $7.00 you are enticed to pay for these products.

    1. Josh Post author

      Absolutely Royan. We can’t expect much from a cheap product, some are better than others. But it’s never a complete business model. Thanks for your feedback.


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