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By | March 25, 2016

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Honest Straight Outta Fiverr Review Save You MoneySo before you buy Straight Outta Fiverr by Shim Shim, you are probably wanting to read an honest review to find out if it’s actually a scam or a legitimate way to make money from Fiverr. The sales page for Straight Outta Fiverr is rather compelling and has some pretty bold statements blasted all over it. To the naked eye, some of these claims may seem possible, but when you dig digger. That’s when you discover the real truth.

Overview Of What Straight Outta Fiverr Is All About.

So Shim Shim claims this to be a hands free method basically by not having to actually do any work for the ‘Gigs’ you get for over at Fiverr.com. For anyone unfamiliar with fiverr, it’s a place where you can buy or sell Gigs on just about anything. Pay $5 and somebody will do just about anything for you, or you can be the one receiving that $5 for doing something for someone else.

With claims of $4492 per month from just 3 minutes per day work, Straight Outta Fiverr is sure to bring some hungry customers. However, can you actually make money with Straight Outta Fiverr?. This is what is left to be desired. The method involved inside this course involves buying PLR Ebooks and re-selling them on Fiverr. While this may sound feasible at first, how do you think you will go competing against 1000’s of already established top rated Fiverr sellers?. What about the sudden urge of competition from other buyers of Straight Outta Fiverr.

The idea of this course works, however the steps aren’t detailed enough for a beginner to get started. Fiverr has a massive marketplace which is already saturated with marketers. Without having any prior knowledge of Fiverr and how to even get your ‘gigs’ found by buyers, you will struggle to make money with this course. There is no sufficient training inside this course on how to get your Gigs found by buyers on Fiverr.com. Therefor many people will waste a lot of time and money setting these Gigs up to just sit there and collect cyber dust. So I don’t recommend this course for in experienced Fiverr marketers.

So Is Straight Outta Fiverr A Scam?

What’s includedStraight Outta Fiverr OTOs

To be honest, I think most Warrior Plus products are time wasters and money pits. While the very short courses do offer little value, I can’t call Straight Outta Fiverr a scam. The concept of this course is based on similar ideas to arbitrage methods. But with possible recurring income from one time purchases.

When you buy this course you are presented with an overwhelming number of one time offers (Upgrades). It’s quite frustrating to say the least, I just bought the product yet I got to go through 30 minutes of OTO’s just to get to my product. I didn’t by any OTO’s becasue I don’t believe any product should need an upgrade to make it work.

The first OTO was $27 and it was Shim Shim giving you his proven Fiverr Gigs. Where you could literally copy and paste his campaign. I stopped falling for these types of upgrades years ago. Because when you think about it… If 100 people are using his exact Gig, how well do you think you will go selling the same gig as 100 other people. So after I finally got through all the upsells, I got to the training videos.

6 Videos in all. I’m not going to explain exactly what every video is, rather give you a overall experience wrap up. By following the videos you get shown how to open a Fiverr account and set up your profile. Next you get shown how to find Gigs which are already successful so you can base your Gigs on something similar. This method revolves around setting up gigs and selling the customer a Ebook.

What Is Straight Outta Fiverr About

During the training, Shim shows how to pick a Gig so you can sell Ebooks. The example he gives is’ SEO – getting Backlinks to your site’  and he says you can just sell them a Ebook. Ummm? The Gig says ‘I will give your site PR9 backlinks’ , not I will give you a Ebook on how to get backlinks. Then you are shown how to set up a gig by putting keywords into your titles etc. But he doesn’t go into any detail on how to get a cover design for you Gig. He just says make it look professional because its important.

The last video is the worst of them all. How to get traffic to you Fiverr Gigs?. The video is literally less than a minute and he just says..Share you Gig on social networks like FaceBook, Twitter etc. Absolutely no detail given on how to get traffic to your Gig. Without traffic to your gig, you are going to make $0000. 00. Traffic is the most important part, and the training is pathetic to say the least.

What I Liked About Straight Outta FiverrIs Straight Outta Fiverr A Scam

  • The concept is decent, however the value is not there. This product under delivers.
  • Wasn’t expensive unless you waste money on OTO’s.

What I Don’t Like

  • The training is hard to understand at times because of the accent
  • Training is under delivered offering a simple and basic version of something that should be much more complex. Not enough detail.
  • No live case study
  • Lies on the Salespage – During the introduction video he says he has made $3936 so far this month (March 2016), but as you can clearly see in the image below it’s for the entire year of 2016. Not just from this month. So he is over selling his results to make it look better then what it really is.

Straight Outta Fiverr Reviews

  • Too many Upsells – Way to put me off buying anything from him again. Plus they are mostly rubbish in the end.
  • FaceBook group link he has doesn’t work so you can’t communicate with others/the owners.

Overall Review Conclusion

Even tho I have bought Straight Outta Fiverr, I don’t see myself pursuing this model. Fiverr is not an easy place to learn without the right guidance. This course offers nothing about how to market your Gig, so you won’t be able to make money. There other course which teach you this, but unfortunately Straight Outta Fiverr doesn’t cover this. The Getting Traffic video was a massive fail and big time let down. I was patiently waiting for something to happen the whole time I watched the videos. But it never happened!. By the end, I was left feeling like I didn’t know where to go from here.

I don’t recommend this course if you are a complete beginner to Fiverr. But if you are an experienced Fiverr marketer, then you really don’t need this ‘secret loophole’ course. I’m sure you already know how to buy a Ebook and use it to your advantage. It’s no secret and it’s no loophole.

Wondering What You Should Do?The Best Way ever TO Make Money Online 2016

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8 thoughts on “Honest Straight Outta Fiverr Review Save Your Money

  1. sohailzafar71@gmail.com'Sohail

    Even though I know better, I was ALMOST convinced about getting this course. So thank you for the REAL honest review. I am currently in a private coaching program otherwise I would have joined Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks again

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Man, I’m glad to have helped. As long as your are going in the right direction with your private coaching then that’s all that matters. They can be expensive tho?. If it doesn’t work out for you, Wealthy Affiliate will always be around. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. paydaynet777@gmail.com'Ray

    Thanks for honest review. I was thinking of getting it but changed my mind. Wealthy Affiliate is a super place to discover how to succeed online.

  3. ore@tvitvi.com'Jon

    I was happy after buying it ca 15 usd. I also bought one of the uppsells 7 usd.

    Ok, I was offered an uppsell 197 usd… that in next step was 97 (i saved you at least 100 usd there ),
    Then another upsell 27 usd … next step it was offered for 7 usd.

    I got a business idea. With my upsell i learned how to create or provide other ways easy higher value for a hungry target market. The idea is basically to buy in for 1 usd and sell it for 5 usd (minus 1 usd to fiverr). And these ideas works (I believe) at the moment!

    I also applied as affiliate … (but needed to be member of wsoPlus), but was directed to a affiliate support area where they showed ways of marketing it – which i very useful for a newbie. There were thought 5 bigger traffic ways.

    Well in the 7 usd upsell I bought, I got the answer of what Josh (thank you for your review) seemed to be missing. I got details and 7 categories (= a bounce of possible products) and sources for producing (software or outsourcing). That is why I feel happy buying the product.

    This Straight Outta Fiverr will become a best seller (believe me). Many many marketers will promote it.

    The potential problem here is that too many will buy it and too many will try it on fiverr. The market is still huge, and last long. and there are many other marketplaces you can use outside Fiverr (with the same gigs).

    You have a proven small business in a box here. If you never have made money on internet – this is good learning.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Jon, thanks for adding your thoughts. People do make money on Fiverr, that’s no lie. But like you said when everyone jumps on this, and if they bought the $7 additional upgrade the competition will be fierce. Especially in the done for you niches.

      It’s not like creating a website where you can take on any niche and breakthrough by attacking it from 100’s of angles. If you made a ‘how to get a 6 pack’ gig on Fiverr, you would be up against heaps of competition and would struggle to even get page views. As there was no marketing tactics on how to get your Fiverr Gig found by buyers, I feel the gig will just collect cyber dust. However if you have knowledge on online marketing, you will have the edge. I would love to hear you progress with this product. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. benjaminagaran@gmail.com'ben

    Wow. An honest review? That’s rare. Eventhough I should know better I nearly bought this WSO. Most of the times reviews read like they were written by the seller.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Ben, yea the sales copy really works, unfortunately most products are rubbish. We know this going in, but hope that maybe this product is different and will change our lives right. Fortunately there are a few good course online, but many people neglect them because they require work and these ‘push button’ types of scams make people believe you can make money form doing nothing…


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