Honest Review Of Startup Alley – Is It A Scam That Offers No Value?

By | March 4, 2016

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Honest Review Of Startup Alley - Is It A Scam That Offers No ValueThe reason for this review of Startup Alley is because I came across this make money opportunity through a pretty popular marketer recommending the product. I saw the initial review on John Chows blog and instantly thought…If he recommends it, then it must be good right?. Wrong! I was really hoping for Start Up Alley to be a decent product I could recommend to you guys. But as it turns out, I want to stop you right now from spending $1 on the 7 day trial. For which I will be cancelling.

No Startup Alley is not a scam, well it wasn’t intended to be that way. But after spending $1 on the trial, I must say I do feel very let down, or I guess you could say I felt somewhat scammed. In fact I feel like I lost much more money through the hours I wasted doing NOTHING because I had to sit and ‘Play’ this game, which is hardly a game. But we can discuss this further down the page.

What Is Startup Alley About?What Is Startup Alley About

Startup Alley is meant to resemble playing a game from which you learn how to make money online. However it misses the point in a big way. If this monthly expenditure is meant to be targeted at people who want to learn how to make money while simulating a game, it couldn’t be further from the truth. All gamers I know would be insulted by the fact they are trying to pass this off as a game at all.  Unless you like paying games designed  for 10 year olds that is. Because thats exactly how I felt when playing Startup alley. It shaved 20+ years off me just like that.

I respect the angle that Startup Alley are trying to come from. Which is: making the process of learning how to make money online by playing a ‘video game’. But in all honesty, if they are really trying to target people who like games or are just too lazy to learn through typical methods. Then I don’t see this company taking off at all.

Why?. Because people who are serious about making money online don’t want to spend 3 hours watching a game basically telling you what a FaceBook AD is!. A quick search in Google and you can easily find out how to make a successful Ad. Yes it requires some reading, but dam! The amount of time I wasted trying to progress through this game is ridiculous. Only to find out that, there is no more. Unless you want to spend $27 a month…

How Much Does Start Up Alley Cost?

Let me tell you, there is no way in this world I would pay $27 a month to continue on with what I called torture. Yes, I found the trial version that bad. The trial version costs $1 for 7 days and then I assume they will automatically charge your credit card $27 for the next month. Fortunately I’ve been here, done that kind of thing before and found out how to cancel the Start Up Alley membership before paying the $1.

If you’re an unfortunate one and want to cancel your membership, head over to their support page to cancel immediately.

How Much Does Startup Alley Cost - is It Free


How Does The So Called Game & Training Work?

So the story line begins with a Man needing work, so his mate offers him a job where he works at a car yard. This is when the training begins. You’re tasks are to learn how to make an online AD for the car yard for which you now work at. For the 7 day trial version you get 4 Levels to complete. Which are repetitive chores set in a children’s style of teaching. Like I said..Insulting.

Start Up Alley Facebook Ads

For the first extended period of time you have to choose an image which you think would be a good image to post as a Facebook ad. After about 30 minutes or so, you have done several boring tasks of picking images from their select

ion. Each time you do a image task you have to wait 3 minutes or so until you get your results. Yes you passed or you failed, re do it!.

Then after some really cheesy story lines, you learn how to make converting Titles for your Ad. While this stuff is important, I could have read it all in 5 minutes flat and still be 40 minutes a head of the game. It’s frustrating to keep doing the same thing over and over just to hopefully get to something new. While I get this may be a way of teaching people, by repetitively doing something over and over. Cases like this, I believe it’s not necessary. A simple PDf would have been sufficient.

Then you start to learn about what the different terms associated with advertising on Facebook mean. Like CTR, Impressions, CPC etc. ALL of the above training is not by showing you first hand how to do things. It’s just a demo on screen of a fake platform which does not resemble FaceBook Ad’s manager at all. A newbie would have NO IDEA if they bought the 7 day trial and went to advertise on FB. There is no first hand training. Do this, then do this, change this etc.

How To Make Money With Startup Alley


Should You Join Startup Alley?

By all means if you feel like throwing $1 away and risk giving your credit card details away. Even if you know absolutely nothing about online marketing, this $1 WILL be wasted. I can suggest a much better program where you can join for free with no credit card needed where you will learn at least 100 times more. For free too…

Had this 7 day trial for Startup alley been free, then I wouldn’t be so harsh on them. But the truth is, I don’t think it’s even worth being free… Like I said, a massive time waste to learn very minimal.

The Startup Alley so called community and FaceBook group page is completely dead. Which is a big sign that, this product is not a winner. For a make money course to have no active community tells me that it’s really not worth spending anymore money on this program. A active community is one of the biggest reasons people succeed online. Without the help and support of real successful marketers, you’re just left alone to try figure things out for yourself.

Here’s A Screenshot Once You Finish The $1 Trial…. Not very helpful and NO I didn’t have fun

Startup Alley is A Scam 2016


What I Suggest You Should Do

Hopefully you can tell from my review of Startup Alley that I’m not a fan. I found it very much a waste of time fromMy Best Suggestion To Make Moneywhich I learned nothing. The thought of me paying $27 a month for this just makes me sick. If a $1 trial cannot even impress me, then they have 0% chance of me upgrading to a monthly subscription. I will be cancelling my $1 trial immediately. Startup Alley is NOT recommended. If you have been a premium member, I would really love to hear your honest feedback. Please share below in the comments.

Now that I’ve torn apart your dreams of making a income online with Start Up Alley, I want to re-instate some hope. I was generally interested in this program, but it turned out to be a big flop. A good marketer is always looking for new ways to make money online.However, most are failures unfortunately.

If you read my last post ‘How To Make $500 In A Day‘ then you know that making money online is possible. To be successful you need the right training. Training with an active community, training that’s updated frequently, the right tools and the right leaders. The training I got started with back in 2012 was free to join. Guess what? 4 years later and it is still FREE to join. This means you don’t need to enter any payment details, no credit cards, nothing.

When I compare this $1 trial by Startup Alley program and where I joined for nothing and learned to make $500 a day online, it’s chalk and cheese. It’s very obvious to me which route I would take again if I was starting out, but what would you do?. Hope to here from you soon.

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6 thoughts on “Honest Review Of Startup Alley – Is It A Scam That Offers No Value?

  1. support@propiercingkits.com'Hannah

    I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about Startup Alley recently. Have been wondering if its as good as they are saying it is.

    After reading your review I have decided that it is not for me. I probably won’t even bother trying it out. I have no time to waste on stuff like this. My days are busy enough as it is!

    Thanks for sharing you opinions on Startup Alley. I found this very helpful.


    1. Josh Post author

      If time is an issue for you Hannah, than Startup Alley is not for you. It took forever to complete the first few levels of the game, just to learn what’s a good image and headline to use on a Facebook ad… People who want to learn how to earn from home don’t want to drag the chain, they want a step by step training facility that they can implement immediately.

  2. markmedicalsupplies@gmail.com'Carlos

    The idea of creating a game to teach how to make money online shows that they already don’t know how to do it.
    Build a game take work and that means time and or money. The more money you invest, the faster you can have the work done.
    This is important because the online business changes very fast, what is good today can be useless in less than one year. So, they need to update the game permanently and that has a huge cost. So, it’s hard for them to get a profit.
    However, they probably know it. They created a simple product trying to attract people to pay the first dollar and, if they aren’t fast enough to cancel, charge them with another 27$ after one week.
    In that scenario, you are right considering Startup Alley a scam.

    1. Josh Post author

      Totally agree Carlos, the amount of money they spent on the game, they could have built a more sustainable training platform. One of the moderators on the inside says he used to work for ‘Rockstar’ so Imagine he wouldn’t have come cheaply.

      Because of the shear lack of activity within the Startup Alley community, I’m afraid they will charge me the $27 because no one is home to cancel my membership. I put the cancel request in already, so will see how it goes.

  3. rafael.navarro7@gmail.com'Rafael Navarro

    Son of a bitch, I haven’t taken any subscriptions and you guys want to get money out of my bank account every month.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Rafael, are you talking about Start Up Alley taking monthly fees from your bank?. If you haven’t already I would contact them about cancelling your membership and then contact your bank about stopping the payments. You can contact them here within 30 days of purchase for a refund or cancelling membership. pixlwise.freshdesk.com/support/home .


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