Honest Review Of It’s All You Need By Lee Murray

By | May 9, 2016

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Honest Review Of Its All You Need By Lee MurrayWhy My Honest Review Of It’s All You Need By Lee Murray May Shock You

To be honest with you, I haven’t heard of Lee Murray before going through his latest product “It’s All You Need”. After reading every single word in the 66 page PDF I am left with such a weird feeling. Something which I’ve never felt after reviewing a product before. I’m left wondering  “Do I like this product because of it’s whacky and crazy humor or is it just some rehashed techniques that are spruced up by the great story telling making me feel like this is a decent product?”.

Either way, the methods (all 3 of them) are proven techniques used daily by many online marketers, so I can honestly say It’s All You Need is not a scam. So you don’t have to worry about that this time around. However, what value does this course provide and who is it best suited for?

 So What Is “It’s All You Need” By Lee Murray?

It’s All You Need is a PDF course, which also comes with some relevant bonuses (That’s a first). The main objective behind this course is to make money by building a email list and monetizing with affiliate offers in the ‘make money online’ niche. I know… nothing knew right.

It’s a knock out the way Lee delivers this PDF. Something I have not quite experienced before. When I went through this course it was almost as if I felt Lee was really talking to me through the computer screen. Lee engages his readers extremely well, which I guess is a major part to his success online. Lee adds a weird yet fun sense of humor throughout the entire course. This may sound a little odd, but it helps massively to break up the theory as such.

Besides his quirky and engaging storytelling throughout the course, what else can you expect?. This is not your typical step by step training, so a beginner I feel will really struggle to keep up here. I have been making money online for over 4 years now and had no trouble following Lee. However, if I was me 4 years ago, I would be terribly disappointed with this course.

Why?. Because it’s not so much training in a sense. It’s more of a strategy Lee puts out from which you must research yourself on how to do the technical aspects. Unlike how I learned to make money every step of the way, this course doesn’t deliver anywhere near the information required to make this work as a first timer. Lee openly admits this too, he says that it would take hours etc to provide step by step training on all the sections required in the course. Which I totally understand considering the price.

It’s All You Need consists of 3 separate methods of generating a email list/make money. For every method you will be required to buy a domain and pay for it’s hosting. To a beginner this may seem somewhat overwhelming, especially considering Lee just tells you to basically Google things and do it your self. If you are a beginner and need help making a website, I have some advice for you.

Check out my post on how to quickly install a website for free. In under a minute you can have a free website up and running which would be adequate for this course. Most marketers will know what a autoresponder is, and yes you will need on to build an email list. This is another monthly expense. But in order to follow this course you will need one.

How Does It’s All You Need Work?Is Its All You Need A Scam

So there are 3 methods and out of respect for the product owner I won’t disclose all the details. I can honestly say that my post that I’m writing right now is technically one of the methods involved. By writing a review on a recent product release (It’s All You Need Product) I’m aiming to help visitors (You) by steering you towards a better training course to learn how to make money online.

You see, I started my search online when my previous job had no work for me. I was a painting contractor and when my Boss told me that there’s no work for 2-3 weeks I freaked. At the time my soon to be Wife was pregnant and I knew I had to be responsible for generating a income. I was the Man of the house and I had to provide food and shelter for my new family.

So out of desperation I turned to the internet and typed in the classic search terms “how to make money online”. When I discovered a mile long list of ways to make money online, my face just lit up. I thought to myself ‘I’m going to be able to provide for my family after all’. But not only that, make a better life for my new family.

Fast forward a few months and I had maxed out my credit cards, had no work and hadn’t made a cent online. You see, I kept falling for scam after scam because I was desperate to make money. Fortunately for me I stuck it out, and now I earn online over double what I was making 5 years a go as a painter.

Now what you just read was basically another method included inside It’s All You Need. But I didn’t add anything for you to click on at the end to get more information on how I made my small fortunes online., (That’s The Difference) Oh, yes all the above is my true story and now I have 3 Beautiful kids which are living a much better life than I could have ever imagined thanks to Affiliate Marketing. The 3rd method included inside of It’s all You Need is pretty much given away on the sales page. Selling your coaching at a high cost. No big secret here so I will leave it at that.

My Complaints About It’s All You Need

  • Too Advanced For Beginners – Even tho the sales page reads something like a 4th grader could do this. Yea sure they could…. If they had Lee’s 1 on 1 coaching.
  • Training is too brief and most of it is non existent – More of a strategy than step by step training.
  • Some videos could really have helped explain this course better
  • A Live example would have been brilliant. Yes I know there are upsells for this but I believe they should be included in front cost. Even if it means charging $5 more…
  • More of a product to lead you into Lee’s 1 on 1 coaching program, and or add you to his email list. Which is fine provided suitable training is included in the course.

My Overall Opinion On It’s All You Need By Lee MurrayFree Step By Step Money Making Course

I think this is a decent strategy course suited better to more experienced marketers. I feel beginners may struggle to understand a lot of the terms such as : hosting, solo ads, autoresponder, opt in forms, HTML, etc etc. So I would recommend this course to someone needing a simple strategy to build a email list, but must have experience with SEO and autoresponders.

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