Honest & Real Insta Cash Machine Review – Truth Revealed

By | April 25, 2016

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Honest & Real Insta Cash Machine Review Truth RevealedIn this Insta Cash Machine review you will get a real and honest review by someone who’s actually gone through the entire course. From the introduction through to the OTO’s I will reveal the juicy details you want to know.

I’m sure by now you have seen many lame ass You Tube video reviews that don’t give you any details about the actual course. So I’m going to spare you the garbage and just tell you exactly what Insta Cash Machine by Billy Darr (2016) is actually about. This way you don’t have to waste your hard earned money on a product you really didn’t need or want. That’s the gamble we take when buying WSO’s these days..

Short Review Of Insta Cash Machine

This is the quick and straight to the point review so you can determine if it’s a scam, worth buying or just another quick throw together WSO. While there is over 30 minutes of video training in this course, I still don’t think its worth buying. Especially for beginners who have no experience with websites and how to upload/edit cPanel files.

The overview of the methods used in this course to make money is a pretty simple yet complex one at the same time. Make a squeeze page to attract email addresses from members of Instagram. The method of driving Instagram users to your squeeze page is by paying other Instagram accounts in your niche to put your image, link and description on there Instagram board for a period of time. While this is a feasible tactic, I don’t think it’s a tactic newbies will be willing to take. Especially when there’s a risk of loosing money.

What Is Insta Cash Machine All About?

Is It Another Scam?….

This is not the first WSO by Billy Darr that I have reviewed and saved many people from wasting money along the way. To be honest, most WSO’s are a waste of money in my opinion. Billy Darr makes his fortunes online by selling these quick throw together courses. In doing so he is gathering email addresses to continue the cycle of promoting half arsed courses in his down time. While this is a legitimate way to make money online, is it ethical?. That’s the $100 question and one I know the honest answer too. NO! If someone is legitimate about making money online, offer them a real and proven method to make a solid recurring income. Not recycled rubbish every 2 weeks!.

Moving on from my rant… Lets get into the Insta Cash Machine Review. Insta Cash Machines squeeze Page Template

The Insta Cash Machine method is about building a email list by paying Instagram accounts to share you Squeeze page url which is offering a free product. Having the free product opt in is by no means new, however it is effective. Billy Darr does go over 3 ways to get a free product to give away in exchange for an email address. That’s pretty much the gist of the training and it goes over the steps involved to achieve this.

So this course is delivered in the form of 5 short videos which totals just over 30 minutes. At least 15 minutes of the video training is about how to upload a squeeze page & Thank You page into your websites Cpanel files, grabbing Aweber code to enter into the squeeze page and a brief explanation on follow up emails. A small amount of time is dedicated to adding affiliate links to your “Thank-You” page once the user puts in their email address.  These affiliate links are offers similar to the free giveaway you are promoting on your squeeze page.

The other sections in the course explains how to find free products to giveaway as a bribe to get people to enter their email address to your squeeze page. The last remaining 6 minutes of the course is about the traffic method; Instagram.

The Secret Traffic Source RevealedMake Money With Instagram

So the big build up during the whole course leads to how the heck does one get traffic to their squeeze page?. Well the last video is dedicated to this and runs for just over 6 minutes. The secret traffic method is paying other Instagram account holders money to ‘shout out’ your image on their account. The amount of time your image is advertised can be from 1 hour to who knows…

The training in this module really doesn’t express much details or examples of previous ‘shout outs’ from Billy Darr himself. So how much it would cost to advertise your image/link is determined by a member to member basis I guess. If I had to guess, I would say anywhere from $20 an hour to $100 an hour. If I had 500k followers on Instagram, I would be making a ton of money. So why would I advertise someone else product for cheap if it meant I was loosing money from my own advertisement?. So I imagine the Pro Instagram accounts would charge a hefty fee to do this.

What I liked About Billy Darr’s Latest Product Launch

  • It is a legitimate method to make money, but as always with paid traffic it will be risky. Especially on something like Instagram with a user who could easily rip you off and just take your money without advertising your squeeze page.
  • I learned how to upload  a squeeze page file direct to CPanel. Normally I just use Profit Builder to build my own squeeze pages.
  • Billy explains how to track your clicks using bit.ly so you can monitor how many people click from Instagram to your squeeze page.

Insta Cash Machine Complaints

My Complaints About Insta Cash Machine

  • While I could easily implement the squeeze page set up and autoresponder etc. A complete beginner will be lost here. There is no training on buying a domain and hosting. Yes I know one could Google it, but a newbie wouldn’t even know what Billy is meaning when he simply says to log into your Cpanel account through your hosting account. Not all marketers are this advanced and have no idea what he would be talking about.
  • Training is too short with not enough details given. Billy Darr also talks really fast and moves fast in the training. So some folks may find it hard to understand his English accent and keep up with what he is doing.
  • Minimal training on setting up a autoresponder which I know many people will struggle with.
  • Billy shows you hot to advertise on someone elses Instagram account. But during the recording he checks atleast 10-15 different accounts and could only find contact details for 2 people. People will leave a email address in their profile description on Instagram if they want people to contact them. However it seemed like not too many people want to be contacted. So how effective would this course actually be. This is just my observations and may be incorrect as this is not the course for me…
  • There is no warning that extra money is needed after buying the front end course. This is a personal dislike. The sales page makes you think you can make money in the next 30 minutes and mentions nothing about the additional costs, which is 100% not the case. The amount of funnel set up required and hunting down a Instagram account holder with 100’s thousands of followers that will allow you to advertise your offer on their board will take hours, days and lots of money just to set up.
  • Additional costs include: Website $10, Hosting $10 month, Autoresponder $30 month, PAYING a random person on Instagram $$$???

Concluding My Honest Insta Cash Machine Review

I hope my honest review of Billy Darr’s latest product Insta Cash Machines has helped you make your buying decision a little easier. While the whole concept is a legit one, I think there are too many risks involved to pursue the method any further. Had there been better training on the Instagram ‘shout Outs’ with real life Billy Darr examples, then maybe this course would be better. But for now I FAIL this course and don’t recommend buying it. Everything I have gone over in this review is more than what you will take from Insta Cash Machines if you are a experienced marketer..

However, if you are not yet making money online or seeking a legitimate and long term method to make a full time income month after month I may have what you are searching for….

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  1. clickbankchristopher@gmail.com'Chris

    Well it sounded pretty cool to begin with then I saw that the product itself was actually a WSO – hold my breath and close the page!
    I happen to hold the same opinion on these WSO’s as you do – absolute rubbish. Most of them get their mates to review them and leave positive feedback – stuff you can find online for free!

  2. reelikarspl@gmail.com'Reelika

    I had even no idea what a WSO means, needed to look that up first, so thanks for sharing this information. I mean I would never personally go for any programs like these but I think it is awesome when someone tells people the truth about sketchy stuff with honesty, like you just did!


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