Honest & Real 5rr Cash Loophole Review – Will It Fill That Hole In Your Pocket?

By | April 2, 2016

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Honest & Real 5rr Cash Loophole ReviewsI want to share my honest and real review of 5rr Cash Loophole by Art Flair and Idrees Farooq so people have an idea of what they are getting into before handing over the cash. As someone who actually has the product and even gone through the entire course (shocking I know right), I feel my opinion of this course is one that you may be interested in reading.

In this review I will discuss whether 5rr Cash Loophole is a scam, what the actual loophole is, the pros and of course the complaints. Will this product suit you, can anyone make money using Fiverr and my overall opinion on the course. So lets get into it.

Short 5rr Cash Loophole Review

After going through the complete standard course, I can honestly say this method works in theory. However, the problem lays with competition. Like many make money with Fiverr products, the type of gigs you have to deliver are highly competitive. The loophole the 5rr Cash loophole unveils is a gig about getting Twitter followers.

While there is profit to be made delivering this gig, a simple ‘Twitter Followers’ or ‘Get Followers on Twitter’ search on Fiverr.com shoots back 976 competing gigs. I don’t know about you, but trying to compete with 976 other people to make a few bucks seems like a lot of work for little reward. But if you have the skill set and knowledge on how to get your gig ranked in the top 8 positions, then the amount you make will be drastically increased.


What Is 5rr Cash Loophole All About – Is It A Scam?Get 5rr Cash Loophole Explained

Art Flair and Idrees Farooq have recently released their latest Fiverr product called 5RR Cash Loophole, and I’m sure you are wanting to know what it’s all about and whether its a scam right?. While it’s no scam, it’s not the greatest product to ever hit the cyber shelves.

I’m reviewing the standard course which doesn’t include any of the OTO’s. As I have always said, one shouldn’t need to buy OTO’s if the actually standalone course is worthy. So once you buy he course you get to the main product. Which is presented in the form of a PDF and a short 5 minute walk thru video.

The PDF is 28 pages long which does include a bit of fluff. Stuff like, about the creators, what Fivver is and why use Fiverr. Once you get past this you are then shown how to create a Fiverr account, again more wasted pages to build the product up. Then the secret loophole is revealed.

What is the 5rr Secret Loophole?. The meat of this course is based on creating gigs on Fiverr about Twitter. To be more precise, gigs that offer Twitter followers to be purchased. So your gigs will be $5 for 500-2000 twitter followers to your account. So how can you possibly make money from this course by offering up to 2000 twitter followers?.

This is the secret loophole: You buy these twitter followers from a secret source for up to $1.50. When you include the $1 Fiverr fee you end up with a potential $2.5 profit per sale. $2.50 doesn’t sound like much, but if you manage say 50 sales in a day you are looking at a $125 day. But the underliying issue is competition and traffic.

Why 5rr Cash Loophole May Not Make You MoneyIs 5rr Cash Loophole A Scam

The short training within 5RR Cash loophole doesn’t exactly cover how one is to get ranked high enough in Fiverr to ever have your gig discovered. While Art does say put your keywords in the title, many new people have no idea what keywords are. How does one get to the top of the search listings inside of Fiverr?. This is not discussed during the course.

Besides the basic optimization of your Fiverr Gig, competition within the social marketing niche is fierce. As previously stated, 976 competing gigs for the term ‘Twitter followers’. When you are a new seller on Fiverr you are going in with no credit, authority or trust to your name. There are many top rated power sellers on Fiverr you will have to compete with. So some extra training on this subject would have been ideal.

Also, when 500 people buy this product. How many more people will you be competing against to rank for ‘twitter followers’. Too many!.

What I Like About This Product5rr Cash Loophole Art FLair

  • Profit can be made, how much and over how long a period of time is left to be desired. Until your gig is a top rated gig, finding buyers may be totally up too your marketing abilities
  • Nice way to buy Twitter/social media followers,likes etc. Handy for your own personal web properties/Youtube videos etc.
  • Semi automated if you can get it off the ground. But not true passive income. Which I love.
  • PDF format with a couple bonus short videos.

My Complaints About 5rr Cash Loophole

  • The secret source for Twitter followers/Facebook likes etc costs $5 which is more than you make from a gig. However, if you can line up a skype call with the owner you can get access to the special prices Art Flair talks about in the course. The option of talking on Skype may not be possible for people around the world. Different times zones, internet restrictions and some folks may not want to Skype some random guy asking for cheaper prices. Plus the owner may get really busy with the release of this product and be backlogged for a long time?. A long term vision could see this owner increasing prices or even closing up shop. Not a long term reliable strategy.
  • Highly competitive niche, even more so after people buy this product as it will increase the number of available social media gigs.
  • Course could be much more detailed and even include a live case study.

My Final Opinion On 5rr Cash Loophole

My initial thoughts were somewhat positive for 5rr Cash Loophole. However after putting much more thought into it, I have decided I won’t pursue this course any further. The fact you are relying on 1 supplier and 1 supplier only to offer you a service which can undercut the competition is dreadful thought. Combine this with the amount of social media gigs which are about to pop up among the already power sellers has made me not so much interested anymore.

While the method is rather simple in theory, how effective is it really?. I do like simple, however I like passive even more. Which is why I love what I do to make money online. Do the work now, and continuously get paid for it for months and even years later. In fact, 1 website I built in late 2013 made me over $15,000 in a single calendar year. Completely passive without me touching it for the whole year of 2014 and 2015.

To this day I still make passive income from that 1 website. Do you think I built more website?. Heck yea I did, and guess what?.  Same results but even more income every month. How did I do it?. Well it did involve learning some basic website building and basically writing articles about products available to buy online. As you can see from the screenshot below, I made over $8000 for the month of March 2016. This is from just 1 of the companies I advertise products for online.

How I Made $8000 in 1 month online


Want To Learn More?

Does this kind of income and online business structure suit your lifestyle?. I don’t know how it couldn’t personally… This is what I do, this is how I make so much money online every month. Interested and want to learn more? I can show you how, I can even personally help you get started. However, I have 2 requirements.

  1. You must be enthusiastic and willing to learn. While the process is pretty simple once you get going. In the beginning you must learn how to set up a passive long term business like the one I have. This wasn’t the result of some push button method, or cheap WSO product that offers no value. This is the result of taking the idea of making money online seriously and following step by step instructions.
  2. Lastly, as I only want to help serious folks that actually want to make a full time income online. I want you to read my review of the training I’m talking about. This is a gateway into the steps I have taken to build my empire. Now I want you to read it and decide first hand whether this is worth your time. I don’t want to waste yours, nor my time.

Congratulations if you have decided to trust my recommendation. I look forward to helping you build an online empire.


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