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By | April 24, 2017

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After watching the video on the Rank Hijack sales page, I knew this was going to be one powerful affiliate marketers tool. In my honest Rank Hijack Review I am going to share with you all why this is a must have tool and how to use it effectively. The shear amount of opportunities this tool by Matt Garrett offers is mind blowing. The best part is, you can even outsource all the ‘work’ and start ranking for hundreds of keywords quite easily.

Update: After sing this tool, I was so impressed I decided to do a case study on it. From this case study you can see I ranked page one of Google in under 15 minutes thanks to Rank Hijack.

What Is Rank Hijack, Is It a Scam?Honest Rank Hijack Review

Rank Hijack is 100% not a scam, in-fact it could be the most powerful piece of software you buy in 2017. So what is Rank Hijack and what can it do for you?. So this is a web based tool that you never have to download and can be used on any computer due to being web based.

What Rank Hijack can do for you is get your foot in the door so to speak. It finds ‘easy’ routes into any niche. It doesn’t matter if you already have a niche or if you are looking for a new niche. This tool WILL help in both situations. So if you are looking for a way into a new niche without having to deal with high competition, all you do is filter down into ‘sub categories’ within the tool. From there you can get lots of easy to rank keywords. This is a great starting point for a new website.

But if you have an existing niche website, Rank Hijack can help just as well. Instead of searching through the categories you simply type in a word relevant to your niche. Then the tool will bring up a heap of keywords that are easy to beat and are ranking already in Google. So all you need to do is basically take those keywords and apply them to your site.

Look at the below image, this shows you that Rank Hijack can be useful in any niche. It even brought up a heap of keywords for the term ‘Garbage Bin’. So no matter the niche, this tool will be able to help you find easy to rank keywords.

Is Rank Hijack A Scam


What Else Does Rank Hijack Do?

So you can see from the above image that you can find easy to rank keywords in any niche by simply typing in a relevant word. I have found many new keywords to target from using this tool for just under 2 hours. This alone makes Rank Hijack one of the best affiliate marketing tools of 2017.

But the software does even more. Once you found the easy keywords, you can get a list of all the other keywords that particular article is ranking for. It gives you a list presented in word pad. From there, you know you need to include all those words into your article to rank for the same.

Now the idea behind Rank Hijack is that you leverage of high authority websites. So once you found a keyword for your niche, you also can grab the article that is currently ranking for that keyword. Download it and rewrite it in your own words to make it longer and better. Once you have done this, you simply use the same high authority website to post a new article. Using your new keyword you make the title and then paste in the re-worded article. Technically your article is better than the one currently ranking and you are targeting the same keywords. Therefor you should also rank well.

The Training Is Included

Get Rank Hijack Video Modules

Just One Of The In-depth Training Modules

Unlike many other tools, Rank Hijack comes with all the required training to not only use the tool, but also teach you how to re-write the articles, how to apply on page and off page SEO, how to upload the articles to the high authority domains and a whole heap more all about getting you to rank on page 1 of Google.

This is not just fluff training either. Even tho I know a fair bit about ranking in Google, I found the training in Rank Hijack is amazing. They teach you what is relevant in 2017 without leaving out the important details. The most important training will be how to post your articles on these high authority websites. So if you don’t know how to post on WikiHow, or create a Ebay guide for example, Rank Hijack will teach you this. This is important because you are leveraging the authority of these websites and ranking high in google by having your article on their site.

Some Of The High Authority Websites You Can Leverage Inside Rank Hijack

  • Ebay
  • WikiHow
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Medium
  • Storify
  • Rebel Mouse
  • More To Be Added In Time

What If You Don’t Like Writing

Pay Someone Else To Make You Money!

Another cool part about the Rank Hijack method is that you don’t need to be the best writer in the world to get results. While I don’t typical recommend just re-writing an article. I typically recommend that you put your own unique opinion on the subject. Which makes it 100% unique.

However, I know that writing is the hardest part for many folks. But this mundane task can be made a lot easier when you outsource the job. From as low as $3, you can get someone else to rewrite the article you found on Rank Hijack.

Does Rank Hijack Work

How Does It Work?

So once you find the easy to rank keywords using the Rank Hijack tool, you download the existing article that is already ranking well in Google. From there you outsource the re-write part. Depending on how many words you need, it can cost as low as $3 using my #1 recommended article outsourcing site.

To show you how easy and affordable this can be, look at the image below where I have requested a rewrite of a portion of this article. Once signed up, you just click on the ‘article rewrite’. From there you just need to add a heading (With your keyword you found on Rank Hijack) and then paste the existing article text you downloaded from Rank Hijack.

In this case the cost is $3.41 for 454 words. This is amazing value and you don’t have to write a thing. From there a ‘REAL’ person, not a robot/software will rewrite your article so that it is unique and makes perfect sense. Once the new article has been finished (Usually same day), you simply upload that article to the high authority website following the Rank Hijack Training. Presto Done!, a high ranking article without having to do the writing yourself.

Outsource Rank Hijack Articles


How I Plan To Use Rank Hijack

As I already had well established sites and make over $10k per month, I am going to use Rank Hijack to find me even more keywords to use on my websites. As I have authority already, my websites will rank fairly quickly for these easy to rank keywords I have found in Rank Hijack. With these keywords I will write a 100% unique article without rewriting anything. Post them on my website and let them simmer in the Google search engine for a while.

But I will also take advantage of the high authority websites and pay $3-$5 for someone to rewrite the original article found on Rank Hijack. But I won’t post affiliate links in these re-written article. Instead I will have links on them back to my website where I have also written about the same keyword which will have the affiliate links. So these high authority sites will be sending the traffic to my website and then my website will be making me the money and also improving the rank for my website on a whole.

My Final Thoughts

When tools like Rank Hijack hit the market, I get very excited. Not only because its not a scam (What a relief), but because of the shear amount of ideas that flood my mind. This tool opens up many doors in any niche that can be used with ease by anyone. Rank Hijack is amazing for finding keywords to write about that you previously would never have found. Best part is, they are easy to rank for. Which is how you make money online folks!.

I HIGHLY recommend you take advantage of the lower Launch Price before it gets more expensive. In all honesty I would pay $30 per month for this tool. But instead Matt Garrett has it going for a low once off launch price that is way too cheap. If you have ever been stuck and struggle to rank in google, you NEED Rank Hijack. Bottom line!.


Got any questions about Rank Hijack? Feel free to comment below.





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8 thoughts on “Honest Rank Hijack Review – A Must Have Tool

  1. Gantryfoster@yahoo.com'James Harvey

    Ranking for keywords has been an issue of mine for some time now. I have tried many different products on the market paid and free. But nothing seems to help me get the first page first position rankings. I will give this a shot. You explained it very well and gave the courage to hop on it. I will follow up with you to let you know how things went.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi James, I hope you can see the value in Rank Hijack. It’s a tool that can uncover many keywords previously not thought of. It’s exciting when you find such good tools that actually offer value and help us increase our online business. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the tool.

  2. blesso@geniusprofitsaffiliatemarketing.com'Blesso

    I recently read an article on how Google has stopped analyzing keyword for SEO and it is claimed to be an outdated strategy to rank in search engine’s . But,some suggest that without a keyword in a content, SEO cannot workout. Reading about Rank Hijack, in this post makes me wonder if it will offer something which works in year 2017 and years forward. If its completely legit and not a scam, I guess its worth a try. Thank you for updating about recent trends happening in Keyword research tools.

    1. Josh Post author

      I for one don’t write an article that’s not focused around a keyword. But simply putting a keyword in the title these days is not enough. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) plays a big role along with other factors in determining rank I imagine. At the end of the day, Google is a business which needs its customers (Searchers), so it must provide the best targeted content to such keywords or the customers will go elsewhere (Yahoo, Bing etc). If you aim to write your content targeted to a keyword and don’t try to game Google, then that’s the best way in my opinion.

      Rank Hijack is basically making it easier for us to find already ranking articles for multiple keywords which otherwise normal keyword tools may have not shown us. I have several niche sites where I have run out of content ideas, but when I added a phrase into Rank Hijack I got a heap more keywords to attack that I had not seen elsewhere.

      There is a difficulty gauge inside Rank Hijack as well which determines how difficult the keyword is to tackle. So in theory if you use the same or higher authority website to create a better article based around the already ranking keyword you should outrank it. There is also a section on back linking to these authority sites, which I am yet to get into and probably won’t explore too much. I do just fine without backlinking and just creating content on my niche sites.

  3. debra.j.scott@gmail.com'Debra

    Hello Josh,
    Thank you so much for your review on Rank Hijack. I love the idea that there is a program out there that helps uncover keywords that have not been previously thought of. I think with your understanding that this is an amazing tool to have in our affiliate marketing arson ole. It is difficult at times to come up with keywords for an already authority site. I feel we all need one of the Rank Hijack programs. Thanks again, great review! Debra

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Debra, I am in the process of doing a case study of using Rank Hijack, I will share the results once completed.

  4. nabilmandev@gmail.com'nabil

    Hi Josh
    It seems to be very helpfull, my question is : do they suggest later to buy a pro version or to upgrade the actual version for a better result ?

    Cheers !


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Nabil, you don’t need to upgrade for Rank Hijack to work, it’s a once off payment for unlimited use of the tool. However, like most products there is options to upgrade for more, but the standard front end product is what I am reviewing.


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