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By | October 14, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Honest Quick Fire Commissions ReviewAfter going through the entire front end of Quick Fire Commissions I can give my honest review as to whether it’s a scam or a worthy investment. Like the majority of products released daily on Warrior Plus you never really know what you’re getting until you have handed over your money. Fortunately for you I have actually been through this product and can fill you in on the blanks.

What Is Quick Fire Commissions About & Is It A scam?

Quick Fire Commissions is a new course by Jason Fulton, this is the first time hearing of this fellow Aussie. But apparently he has been around for several years. This course is delivered in the form of video with a couple short PDF’s.

So what is Quick Fire Commissions about then?. Well don’t be shocked when I tell you it’s just another course on building your email list using a squeeze page. The quick fire part is about the landing page of the funnel. After you get someone to sign up to your squeeze page, they are then taken to a thank you landing page where you offer ‘bonuses’. These bonuses are of course your affiliate links to CPL or CPA offers.

So in order to make money from your landing page the visitor needs to click on these bonuses and then will be taken to a 3rd party affiliate offer. If they then put there email address into submit box you can get paid small change. Like $0.20c upwards. Which doesn’t sound like much, but with enough traffic you can make some decent money. However, anyone who has played with CPA before knows not all email submits are paid for and that it is NOT easy to get accepted into CPA networks. So this to me is not the best business model for a beginning marketer.

What I Liked About This Course

  • The amount of resources Jason mentions is enough to get people seeing results.
  • Jason provides 2 ways you can get a email submit offer without needing to be a member of a CPA network. I haven’t looked into these offers although.
  • You are provided with a 5 day short email sequence to plug into your Autoresponder to continue to promote your ‘bonuses’ landing page (CPA links).
  • Jason goes through both free and paid ways to get traffic to your squeeze page, however the training is not in depth.
  • The concept of this course works.

What Is Quick Fire Commissions About


My Complaints About Quick Fire CommissionsIs Honest Quick Fire Commissions A scam

  • While the concept of setting up a funnel and directing traffic to email submit offers is a legit method, the training is simply not there. If you have no clue how to set up a squeeze page, landing page, Autoresponder and how to do email marketing. Then you may feel lost on this course.
  • While Jason provides plenty of resources to get traffic, no real in depth training is included on how to use these methods. So further research is required to understand Solo Ads, Safelists, Guest Blogging etc.
  • CPA is the main method to earn money up front with this course, but CPA networks are not easy to get into as a beginner. Often they want you to have marketing experience, sales on your belt and the ability to drive traffic. Trust me I know, I have been REJECTED before and I generate over 30,000 organic visitors a month online. So it’s not easy to get approved. Plus CPA networks don’t pay you for full email submits. Lets say you get 100 people to submit there email and you think you are going to be paid $120, just to find out you have only made $20. This is not uncommon by networks to hold back many legit email submits.
  • This course is more of an overview of a strategy. If you can fill in the blanks then you are fine to go ahead. But beginners will struggle.
  • No training on how to set up a website (Which is easy the way I do it), how to get website hosting etc.

The Quick Fire Commissions Review ConclusionWarrior Plus Online Scame Reviewed

All in all, this method is not something new and most experienced marketers will request a refund. It’s just another sales funnel list building product. There are literally hundreds of courses on this which are more in depth. While beginners will learn a fair bit about how a funnel works, there’s no direct training on how to set one up. So at the end of the day, I don’t recommend this product to beginners or anyone wanting to make their first money online.

However, if you are looking for a way to learn how to build a honest and reliable online business then listen up. I have been making money online since 2012 using this proven online business model, so I know it 100% works. (Feel free to question me in the comments below).

BUT…. This online business model should be treated as a business and not something you should just ‘give it ago’. For this business to generate you over $10,000 a month every month like it does for me, you must be prepared to WORK!. I know right, shocking. How dare I tell you that you have to work to make $10k a month online. But that’s the absolute honest truth. There is no quick fire way to make large amounts of money online. That’s the truth pure and simple.

So if starting a legit and real online business is of interest to you, I highly recommend you read my #1 Review for how to make money online. Again you will get my honest review and will have real payment proof and all that fun stuff. So I will see you over there.

Josh From Oz


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3 thoughts on “Honest Quick Fire Commissions Review

  1. alljabuzz@yahoo.com'Royan Shaw

    I have been in affiliate and internet marketing from the earlier days of Corey Rudl and others and since those days almost every email I receive from so called guru marketers are solely directed at some stone dead noob who don’t have a clue about what they are doing.
    Why don’t they segment their subscribers list and send relevant emails to marketers as absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced??? Only GOD know.
    I figure when these gurus see you they see you as having no idea of of the market place as they are the only ones who know how to pysho sell a few hundred copies of shiny objects to the 95% who are always failing to make a success of being an internet marketer. More on this…

  2. mam7077777@gmail.com'mm

    This sellers need to reform the consumer up front that there is no warranty on digital products. If they warrant them they shouldnt complain if the buyer wants a refund.

    1. Josh Post author

      I 100% agree. There’s too much rubbish online and they know this fact. Just keep recycling trash from product to product. It’s sad really that people stoop this low.


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