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By | November 24, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Honest Profit Instantly Today ReviewThis is going to be a short but honest review of Billy Darr’s latest product release Honest Profit Instantly Today. The reason for it being short is pretty straightforward. It’s basically a rehashed version of his older product ‘Insta Cash Machine‘. You could even just read that review to get the same answer… Waste of time for the most part in my opinion.

So the thing that probably really got you interested in buying Profit Instantly Today is the claims of making money today with minimal work. Let me tell you know, if you are a beginner you CANNOT make money with this method today. Why?. Because this method requires you to promote either JVZoo, Warrior Plus or Clickbank products.

So why can’t a beginner make money immediately using those affiliate networks?. Well for JVZoo and Warrior Plus it is extremely hard to get approved to promote these ‘make money products and software’ without having already making sales on the network already. So you really need to be in the know and let somebody approve you to ‘promote’ there products so you can get some sales under your belt. Once you have sales racked up, other sellers will feel more comfortable approving you to promote their stuff. As a beginner you don’t get paid immediately either, once you reach the pay out minimum amount you have to wait 15 or 30 days. Which is the same with Clickbank, you cannot get immediate payments into your PayPal account.

Is It A Scam?

So the whole draw card to Profit Instantly Today is False in most cases. Don’t expect to make money today or tomorrow with this method. In fact, making money online is not that easy, it requires learning, trial and error, time, patience etc. Not this overnight instant riches, it doesn’t work like that. For a realistic time frame I urge you to read my article on how long does it take to make money.

So What Is Profit Instantly Today AboutIs Profit Instantly Today A Scam

You may feel as tho you have been scammed if you previously bought Insta Commissions Machines as Profit Instantly Today is virtually the same product… I know I was left severely disappointed with this product.

But for the sake of this review, I will briefly explain what Profit Instantly Today is all about. This is a short video training course which explains how to pay someone on Instagram to advertise your Instagram image/link.

Billy does actually go through the steps needed to set up a squeeze page/landing page so you can build a email list from the paid advertising on Instagram. However some basic knowledge on how to build a website is required. Plus additional costs of running a autoresponder to build your email list. So keep this in mind.

The technique to get traffic from Instagram is by requesting ‘Shout Outs’ by well established Instagram account holders. The idea is to approach these accounts with 1000’s of followers in your niche and ask them how much to promote your ‘advert’ on their Instagram account in front of there 1000’s of followers. This can be expensive, especially if you are currently not making money online.

Obviously you will need to have a Instagram account and one that is branded towards your niche. The make money online niche in particular. When you share an image on Instagram you will tell people to check the link in your Bio for more information. This is where you have a link back to your squeeze page/landing page. Once the person enters in their email address, they can then be taken to a thank-you page. On this page is your Affiliate offer. This is how you primarily make money upfront.

For this to be profitable you need 1000’s of people to view your squeeze page. Only a fraction will enter their email address and a even smaller fraction will buy the affiliate offer. Making money online is a number game. But in order for Profit Instantly Today to work well, you will need to be paying for lots of advertising in hope to make a sale here and there.

In ConclusionWhat Is Profit Instantly Today About Billy Darr

Profit Instantly Today is just a half arsed stab to try make Billy Darr and Co. more money from a previously released product. Essentially milking the technique dry. While Instagram does have it’s place in the make money online world, I don’t believe paying for Shout Outs is the best way to begin a online business.

If you have struggled for quite some time online before, not all hope is lost. Making money online is in fact possible, and it’s not all that hard. It’s more about following a proven plan, consistency and putting in the time to make it work. I didn’t get to $10,000 a month by following some $7 short video product. It took me some time to build my income up. Each month I would earn more and more and eventually I cracked the 10k month barrier.

It’s an amazing feeling to make money with nothing more than a laptop and a internet connection, which is one thing the Guru’s do have right. But unfortunately many Guru’s only make money off you, and you end up broke. That’s just the way the internet seems to be going for the most part. But like anything, there’s always a hidden gem. I found my hidden gem back in 2012 and it’s been my ‘Rock’ ever since. Find out ‘My Hidden Gem Here‘ to get my unbiased and more importantly real review.

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