Honest PayDay Smasher Review – It’s Risky! Be Warned

By | March 20, 2016

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Payday Smasher Is Risky, But No ScamHonest PayDay Smasher Review

After purchasing the last 2 products by Nick Marks, I was a little hesitant to put more money in his pockets with his latest release PayDay Smasher. As you may know, these types of Warrior Plus products don’t exactly give you much detail on the actual course. So I had to do a little digging around before I bought myself a copy.

What intrigued me about Payday Smasher by Nick Marks was something that I had noticed in a You Tube video review of Payday smasher. Obviously this video didn’t offer much insight at all, just hyping the product up so you will spend your money. But what I did notice was that this method involves being an affiliate for Amazon.

I’m an Amazon Affiliate myself so naturally I was intrigued to further educate myself on more ways to make money with Amazon. My regular blog readers would have seen my post on how I almost made $1000 in one day online just from Amazon. So, you know how passionate I am about Amazon and why I am giving this program by Nick Marks a High Risk Warning.

Brief Review Of Payday Smasher

Payday Smasher is not a scam, but yet another out of the box method of making money online. Much like Nick’s previous course CPA Smasher, I find this course way too risky for someone with an established Amazon account. I wouldn’t risk loosing those $500 days to even attempt this ‘method’ described in the course. However of the 3 recent products Nick Marks has released, I can honestly say that Payday Smasher is the best of the Smasher trio.

In a nutshell, this course is about advertising a product on a cell phone classified ads app which you intend to sell. Once you have sold 1 product, you hope for more customers to want to buy this product. Because you have already sold the item, you then reply to this potential customer with a message saying ‘ Sorry, this product is already sold, however this is where I bought it’. Insert Amazon Affiliate link.


Full Unbiased Payday Smasher Review

What Is Payday Smasher About?Is payday smasher a scam

This product is the latest of 3 to hit the virtual shelves by Nick Marks. Nick has a unique way of finding avenues to exploit online that most marketers haven’t flooded yet. However, he usually under delivers on the training. This is also a similar case with Payday Smasher. It’s all very brief explanations with little in depth training.

But if you already know how to build a website/free Blogger account and already have a Amazon Associates Account. Then you should be pretty right to skip straight to the last 5 minutes of video 3 (Of 4). The first 2 3/4 videos are pretty much useless especially the first video. It just focuses on telling you to take action basically.

All in all there are 4 videos which total: 57 minutes roughly. Module 1: Intro. Module 2: Signing Up As Amazon Affiliate. Module 3: How to get affiliate links from amazon. Module 4: The process.

The process (Last video is 20 minutes long) is rather simple and one which I’m not willing to be involved in. This video shows you how to get your affiliate links in front of buyers on a classified ads App. Nick Marks does cover his ass here, by saying you should buy 10 products from Amazon and legitimately sell them on this classified ads App. But once those 10 different products have sold, wait for the next person to reply to the ad wanting to buy the product. This is when you tell them you have sold the product already, but here’s my affiliate link to where I bought the item (Amazon.com).

What I Liked About Payday Smasher

  • Very simple method
  • Unique method but one which can be exploited
  • Shows how to sign up as an Amazon Affiliate

Payday Smasher Nick Marks Review

What I Didn’t Like About This Product

  • Highly Risky – Both for your account on the APP but more so for your Affiliate Account On amazon (I explain why below)
  • Not very detailed instructions on how to setup a WordPress blog or Blogger account to get into amazon’s affiliate program
  • First 2-3 video’s most will find boring and waste of time
  • Doesn’t explain the risks involved with this method

Why I Won’t Risk My Amazon AccountUnbiased Review Of Payday Smasher

Being an Affiliate for Amazon is how I make my money online. So this is a serious issue for me. Amazon pays my bills, my mortgage, and everything else you expect from an online marketer. Other affiliates will also recognize the high risk of getting your Amazon account terminated from such possible behaviors.

I have had my Amazon account terminated once before for accidentally breaking the rules and I never want to feel this again. I lost about $25,000 for my simple mistakes. So I’m very cautious now of anything Amazon related. Which has led me to the red flags present within Payday Smasher.

Amazon has some pretty extreme rules when you are participating in their affiliate program. So many rules some might say you need a Lawyer to understand them all. But one thing I do know is that Amazon want quality unique blog posts to send traffic to them. Tricking someone into buying products from Amazon most definitely breaks the Amazon terms of service.

Before anyone clicks on a affiliate link, the person clicking is meant to be made aware that it is an affiliate link and that you may get commission for them purchasing. This is not the case with Payday Smasher. I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to put Amazon affiliate links in Ebooks, PDF’s and Emails. So how is sending a reply to a message with your affiliate link not breaking the rules either?


So What Should You Do?My Best Suggestion To Make Money

I for one, won’t be testing this method. Like I said, my Amazon account is worth to much money to me. So i suggest you avoid it as well. While people will apply this technique described in Payday Smasher and get away with it in the immediate future. In the long term Amazon will catch them. Bam! there go’s almost 3 months of commissions when they terminate your account.

Why do you think affiliate links are not allowed on Craigslist?. Amazon know where the traffic comes from, they know where you got the traffic from and how you sent them the buyers. If the methods used are a little black hat. Amazon will not be happy. How do you think they can associate links coming from web 2.0 properties with your affiliate link embedded?. If it’s breaking the rules, Amazon will find out.

If you want to build a solid long term and trustworthy business as an affiliate, I would avoid Payday Smasher all together. However if you want to take the risk, I can’t stop you. But I highly recommend you read and then re-read the Amazon Associates Agreement.

I started making money online for free about 4 years ago. What may also surprise you is that after 11 years creating online businesses like the one I run today, they are still free to get started. Which is basically unheard of in the internet marketing world. 11 years in the game, and still allow people to join for free. If only I had got Payday Smasher for free….

What’s Next?

If you’re one of the many people who are simply fed up with WSO’s, sick to death of paying for scams and going backwards online. Here’s what I suggest. Join me for free at the very same place I learned how to make money online 4 years ago. Learn how to build an online empire, one which will reward you on auto pilot for potentially years to come. Master the art of Affiliate Marketing and NEVER need to buy one of these lame products again. It feels good to break free from the endless junk received in the inbox. If you want to know more about how I started online, feel free to Read My Review.

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Am I Wrong? Am I Being Over The Top?

Let me know what you think about Payday Smasher. Have you tried it?. Or are you afraid to get your Amazon account in the spotlight as well?.

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8 thoughts on “Honest PayDay Smasher Review – It’s Risky! Be Warned

  1. Alexey@onlineguitarshopping.com'alexey

    Hey there, it’s Alexey! thank you for such an awesome review of the honest payday smasher. I never heard of this before, and after reading your review – I prefer to stay away from this program. 1 – because I am an affiliate with Amazon too, and 2 because for me, everything that isn’t 100% risk free, or sure is out of my radar.

  2. macheriejewellery@gmail.com'Hayden

    Yes, affiliate programs are free to join but some of them are very risky. I have once joined Google Sniper. It was a scam but risky like Payday. Most of the methods were outdated and he tells you create as many as possible. I agree that Amazon is super safe and make you a lot of money. I am thinking about joining Amazon

  3. hejaes2009@gmail.com'Hector Jayat

    Excellent review. I was a minute distance to buy this product based only on the sales page.

    1. Josh Post author

      No worries Euegne. Something else I forgot to mention. Once you get your first sale from Amazon, one of their staff manually reviews the website where the sale came from to make sure it passes Amazon’s strict rules. Somehow I don’t think having a sale made from an app will pass on the first sale.

  4. jacobschilling914@gmail.com'Jacob Schilling

    Hi Josh, thank you for this informative review on the payday smasher. I would like to ask, is there anything offered here that Wealthy Affiliate does not offer? Do you feel you learned any new tips and tricks to add to your arsenal? Also, how much does the payday smasher cost?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Jacob, no I can safely say that I learned nothing more or even close to what I learned at WA. It was only $7 or so back in 2016. But it’s one of those products designed to make quick money and not be updated etc etc. Un like the training at WA.


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