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By | November 6, 2017

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Honest Passivly ReviewMy honest Passivly review will explain to you what this course or product is actually about. Is it a scam and should you invest your hard earned money into this product.

The most important thing to understand before buying any product online is whether or not it is suitable for you. Is it something you can actually do or is it something that is of no interest to you. Unfortunately, like most sales pages these days, there is not real ‘hints’ as to what Passivly is about. This is why you need to find an honest review so you can make an informed decision. Trouble is, most reviews are biased and only want you to click through without finding out the truth.

Until now. Discover exactly what Passivly is all about and whether its the right course for you.

About Passivly

Passivly is a video and text product that is presented by Neil Napier. Brandan Mace and Dalton Scott have put their names on the product for extended reach. But the presentation is from videos and text by Neil. In this review of Passivly I will only be reviewing the front end product. Not the upsells.

The sales page https://www.passiv-ly.com/buy-now is a pretty standard sales technique used to excite you without giving too much information away.

What Is Passiv-ly About?

While the sales page states that this is 100% newbie friendly I can say after going through the 21 modules that a fresh newbie will struggle with this product. This is an ‘overview’ of a technique used to make money. While it is not a scam, I believe that due to the lack of step by step directions, many if not most newbies won’t have a clue about what Neil is talking about.

The technique used to make money is via creating your own monthly recurring product. Which is a very good business model if you have the skills to pull it off. The 21 models inside Passivly give an overview of subjects such as:

  • Monthly recurring versus once off sales
  • Mindset (While important, is very over used in my opinion)
  • Creating Your First Product – A overview of what to include in a product. Not step by step directions.
  • Traffic Generation – Brief overview on Facebook fanpages posts and paid traffic. Not too in depth at all.
  • Promoting your product by building excitement
  • etc etc



My Thoughts On The TrainingIs Passivly A Scam

I can’t really call it training as such as it feels like more of an overview to me. Would be like if I was to say to you: “you make money by creating affiliate websites which make me $10k a month“. But not giving the step by step directions needed to perform all the tasks. “Pick a niche and write content on a website”. But not giving you step by step instructions on how to create a website, find keywords, write articles etc etc. The parts to the puzzle are certainly missing here.

There is a lot of video and text content inside of Passivly. It’s not a short course at all. Neil has put a lot of effort into this course. Neil does go over the important areas in which you need to set up a recurring monthly income stream. But as I have said, it’s more of an overview than step by step training.

Who Is Passively For?

Newbies: No. In my opinion, a complete newbie will have a very hard time doing anything in this course. As its a overview on a technique that is quite involved. Many many steps involved in creating a monthly recurring service. First you have to be good at something that would sell, then you need to make it a viable service that people would pay month in month out for. Create enough content every month to keep your buyers buying.

But then there is the technical side of things like: Buying a domain, setting up a website, finding hosting, building sales pages, marketing your sales page, making a membership area, setting up transaction accounts so that you get paid. Unfortunately, Passivly is not a course that goes over any of these steps in great detail.

Experienced Marketer: Maybe. I say maybe because I don’t feel it’s a product that every successful internet marketer would be interested in. Which is why I firmly believe the method should be stated on the sales page. So that you don’t waste money (Like I did) on a course that has no interest to you.

If you have experience setting up membership websites, creating salespages, marketing etc then you may pull out some valuable information. But without this knowledge, it will be a struggle.

What Is Passivly About


The Bottom Line

From my experience, Passivly (Front end course) is a gateway to get you to buy into their much higher priced coaching (Was around $2k I believe for the upsell). Nothing unusual here if you have been in the game long enough. I must admit that I didn’t watch all the videos all the way through. I jumped sections and skipped bits once I knew ‘this was not the course for me’.

I have been making money online since 2012 through affiliate marketing, yet setting up my own product with monthly recurring commissions did not interest me. Without spending a lot more on the ‘upsells’, I would struggle to stay on track with Passivly. For me, it’s too much hard work. I’m a more simple step by step kind f person.

I have my daily routines that I’ve been doing since 2012 to build my online business to what it is now. Without ever having to sell my own products. Which is how I like it. But you may have an interest in selling your own monthly service, so perhaps Passivly may be of interest to you. Just know that you will have to fill in a lot of the blanks yourself.

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