Honest Madsense Reborn Review – Be Cautious!

By | January 24, 2017

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Honest Madsense Reborn ReviewThis is going to be a relatively short but honest review of Madsense Reborn. This product has been shoved at me from every marketer that I’m subscribed to (Bar the respectable ones), so I figured it’s a great opportunity to see what all the fuss is about and whether or not Madsense Reborn is a scam.

I was very suspicious on this product when I saw on the sales page something about getting content for a website without having to write it. Alarm bells went off. But out of curiosity I had to find out the method. Boy was I disappointed, and I am officially warning you from using this method.

So What Is Madsense Reborn 2017 All About?

So the idea behind this course is to create potentially viral posts on Facebook and and advertise this post by paying $5 a day minimum. Because they are suppose to be ‘viral’ topics, many people should ‘share’ and ‘like’ on Facebook. So when someone (Or thousands of people) shares your post, it can then be seen by even more people and potentially shared by a load more people. That’s how going viral works right, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. Paying for advertising to make more money is a perfectly legit method.


This is where it gets ugly!. Madsense Reborn is all about duplicate content and if you have been around the make money online game for long enough then you know all to well that duplicate content is a BIG no no. I’m not talking about content curation or syndication either. I’m talking about a whole website full of copied content from other peoples and Companies websites.

This is blatant stealing and is not tolerated. Especially if you fall into stealing ‘copyrighted’ content, then you are potentially facing court cases, fines, banned accounts etc. Is it worth it?. Heck no!

How Do You Make Money With Madsense Reborn?What Is Madsense Reborn About 2017

So you are encouraged to use a legit program called Buzzsumo to find out existing tending posts within Facebook. Which is good and fine for researching your niche and what not. But it is rather expensive at $79 a month for the lowest cost. So if your not prepared to pay that much you could struggle right from the get go.

Once you find a trending topic on Facebook you go to the actual website where the article is located and copy it. Then paste it into your website. On Facebook you have a Fan Page set up and from there you publish a post with a link back to your stolen article on your website.

On your website you have Adsense installed. These are ‘ads’ displayed by Google. When someone clicks on your Ads, you get paid very little money. The trick with making money with Adsense is high traffic volume and using this ‘viral’ technique taught by Madsense you can get a lot of traffic from shares and likes etc.

So Whats Wrong With Madsense?

The problem lays in the duplicate content issue. The traffic is coming from Facebook to your website which is full of duplicate articles taken from other websites. This traffic then clicks on the Adsense Ads and you get paid money. Correct?. Yes until you get banned and terminated for using duplicate content. It is strictly prohibited to use this large amount of duplicate content on a Adsense website.

Is Madsense Reborn A ScamThen there are the copyright issues we mentioned earlier and don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t be caught!. A simple google search on copyright cases involving website Authors should provide enough reason. Plus at the end of the day it is stealing and is not right. Please refrain from doing this if you want to run a successful online business.

My Final Opinion On Madsense Reborn

Don’t be thinking you can seriously run a online business without having to do the hard yards. There’s no way around it if you don’t want to risk losing everything overnight. Taking someones content and claiming it as your own is not going to get you anywhere. While in the Madsense Reborn course, he does mention that you could re-word these articles so that they are not 100% copied, but then also says that it takes a long time to do so.

While you could get away with rewriting articles in many cases, why not just create your OWN viral content. It takes almost as long to re-writes someones article as it does to write your own unique article. Plus with writing your own articles you are creating your OWN business and not risking any copyright fines and termination from the Adsense account.

Tired Of Falling For Scams?

You believe deep down inside that it is possible to make legitimate money online, but you are yet to find the right opportunity right?. Trust me I know. I went through $1000’s on scams and products giving false hopes etc. If you want to end the misery, then listen up.

I finally found a legitimate and proven way to make money online after months of searching. Fortunately for me what I found wasnot only a legit method but also the best training centers online which provided me with all the knowledge and tools I could ever need to build a 6 figure online business.

Did I make it?. Did it really work and bring in the big money?. You bet it did!. Without this training website I would NOT be where I am right now and possibly could have given up the dream of the laptop lifestyle. So my recommendation to you (If you are driven to succeed), is to give it a go and give it everything you got. It’s free to get started and test the waters. None of this “hand over $47 before you see what the product is rubbish”. So you really have nothing to loose, I promise you this. If you have any questions, please do leave a comment below.

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