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By | June 29, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Honest Lightning Commissions Review 2016Lightning Commissions is the first product I have bought and reviewed by Alan Magliocca. So I went it this course not knowing what to expect. First of all I went looking for honest reviews for Lightning Commissions but as you would expect, I could only find useless click here to buy links with no real or honest review.

What intrigued me about Lightning Commissions was not the bold $180 per day income claims. As we all know… These are just hyped up numbers which may not even have come from the actual method in the course.

But the real reason I bought this product was to find out what Alan Magliocca’s secret unlimited, untapped traffic source was. But seeing as tho it seems, nobody does honest reviews anymore I had to buy the product to see first hand what this untapped traffic source was.


Unbiast Real Review

So What Is Lightning Commissions In A Nutshell?

…and Is it a Scam?

Get Lightning Commissions Alan Magliocca

Before I get into what I liked and didn’t like about Lightning Commissions let me give you a brief review of the product so you can see immediately whether this product is worth your time.

First of all, Lightning Commissions is not a scam, but is definitely NOT for everyone!.

This course is delivered in video format and is rather well put together. Kudos to Alan here. But I want to advice newbies or people with a tight budget up front that this course is NOT for you. It will cost you $100’s to get going.

So the whole process of the training is to set up a landing page with ClickFunnels (Minimum $97 Month Expense To You) to capture emails. Once the person has typed in their email address, the user is then sent to the Thank-You Page. From here the user can access whatever you promised on the landing page. Whether it’s an affiliate link to a marketing course, free video etc. Underneath the item you promised is a ‘bonus gift’ for the user. The bonus gift can be whatever you like, but ideally you should get paid for the user clicking to get the bonus gift right.

So Whats The Lightning Commissions Secret Traffic Source?Secret Traffic Source Lightning Commissions

So now the training has you set up a funnel where you now have the users email address (So you can email later down the track with your promotions) and 2 potential income streams set up on the Thank-You Page as I described above. I will talk about Alan Magliocca’s 2 income streams next.

So a funnel is useless without traffic (visitors). To get traffic to these affiliate offers so you can make money you need to be prepared to spend $100’s. Will you make your money back?. Well this is anyone’s guess. I am yet to try this new player to the market.

I won’t spill the beans on the actual name of the secret traffic source in respect to Alan Magliocca. But I will tell you what it is. Solo Ads. Alan has a local friend who started this professional Solo Ad business and it’s brand new to the marketing arena. So it’s not flooded (YET) with demand for solo ads. So the prices are competitive due to being so new and less marketers creating bidding wars and driving the price up per click. So in the course you can see that 1 click to your landing page can cost you as little as 33cents.

The 2 Income Streams Inside Lightning CommissionsWhat Is Lightning Commissions About

Well to be honest, Alan has set up 3 affiliate income streams from you when you click on the products you need to make this work. Alan’s training shows how to set up a landing page using ClickFunnels, which is not free. After the 14 day free trial, you are hit with a $97 month fee. To most people this will be too much of an expense to get started. So Alan not only makes money from people buying this course, but also when people click on the 3 affiliate links as part of the training. Smart Man.

The 2 actual revenue streams you could make money from are Aspire and CoolHandle.

  1. Aspire is a marketing training program, one which I haven’t reviewed yet, but will be so stay tuned. This is the first promo you present to the user after they submit their email address on the landing page. It costs them $1 to get started and if they continue on you make $15 per month. The current training program I endorse and been a member for over 4 years now is FREE to start.
  2. CoolHandle is a website hosting and domain website. From what I have read they are pretty much scammers and you should steer clear. However Alan claims you can make $100 commission whenever someone signs up for their hosting deal. Even if they refund you still get the $100 apparently. But from my research, CoolHandle doesn’t do customer support/refunds very well, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling people to buy anything from them. Plus I searched far and wide to find there $100 commission offer and could not find it anywhere online… I won’t be recommending CoolHandle to anyone, sorry Alan but I try to help people, not screw them over for my own benefit. Plus with my #1 recommended program, hosting is included free, not for like $200+ like CoolHandle charge.

My Complaints About Lightning Commissions

  • My biggest complaint is that this course is not suited for beginners, yet it doesn’t state this on the sales page. There is far too much going on for a newbie to be able to achieve success with Lightning Commissions. Unless you know how to use a autoresponder, write email copy, be approved by warrior plus/jvzoo as an affiliate (Which is hard for newbies to get approved), have basic knowledge of setting up landing pages and most of all a large budget you will struggle with this course.
  • Money need to start adds up quickly!. Lets look at the costs: ClickFunnels $97 mth, Aspire $37 month, Autoresponder $30 mth (Depends where you buy) and the traffic: Minimum budget to get started $170. While some are free/$1 to get started, you will end up forking out more money. Plus the upfront budget you need to buy solo ads will be large, so keep this in mind.
  • While I know the saying ‘to make money you got to spend money’, Alan says on the sales page he buys clicks for 40 cents and makes 97 cents per click (57c profit per click). But in the course Alan is mainly saying to promote Aspire/Coolhandle and on the sales page his proof is a screenshot from warrriorplus. 2 totally different affiliate companies. Can you really make 97c per click from Aspire/coolhandle?. This is left to be desired.

Is Lightning Commissions A Scam

My Overall Opinion Of Lightning Commissions

Without actually testing the secret traffic method myself, it’s hard to say whether or not you can make money with this product. I prefer to help people make money online with free traffic from learning SEO at Wealthy Affiliate. Once you are making $10k a month, then you can open the door to paid traffic. Otherwise you could be opening your wallet to dust for the next 6 months.

The actual presentation by Alan was really good and thorough. I liked how he set up a live landing page/thank you page as part of the training. It would have been nice to see him ‘test’ the paid traffic source for this landing page as proof that this actually works. But you know…

Who Do/Don’t I Recommend This Course For?

Beginners and people on a tight budget, don’t buy this product. You won’t get anywhere with it. Experienced marketers looking for a new ‘paid’ traffic source will find value in this course. Whats $9 on a product to learn a new traffic source that’s untapped right?.

Stuck? Don’t Know Where To Go From Here?Need Help Making Money Online

Look, if this course seems out of your league and you need help learning how to actually start a profitable online business then listen up. You may have heard of affiliate marketing before (Getting paid to recommend products online basically) and never knew how to get started.

The good news is that you can learn just like I did 4 years ago. Back then Wealthy Affiliate never had the free option like it does today, so now is the time to jump on board. Anyways, Wealthy Affiliate gives me all the tools, knowledge and support I will ever need to continue making money online for the rest of my life. Not only me tho, there are loads of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories floating ll over the internet.

If this sounds like an avenue you would like to take (Highly Recommended), then please do yourself a favor and read my Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review. You will also see that I have included a premium bonus and live support from yours truly. So best of luck in which ever path you take online.

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