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By | April 16, 2016

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Honest Flashing 5RR Profits ReviewAnother day, another Fiverr course and yet more confusion to add to the ever growing Fiverr product compilation. In this real and honest Flashing 5RR Profits reviews I will be revealing what the actual course is, without the BS!. I’m sure you have already read 3-5 reviews and seen 2-5 YouTube videos on this course. But you are still yet  to figure out whether Flashing 5RR Profits is a scam and what the actually product is about.

It’s sales tactics like these products which disclose nothing about what to expect before buying the product that really drive me nuts. I’m sure I’m not alone here. So in order to educate the buyers beforehand, I have actually gone through the course word for word and will be presenting my honest review.

Short Flashing 5rr Profits Overview

Flashing 5rr Profits is a course delivered in PDF format focusing on the Fiverr.com marketplace as the monetary method. The PDf is 51 pages long, but under delivers in specific important areas. No real explanation on how to actually make the Gig is in the training. So unless you already know what you are going to create as your gig then you will be left thinking ‘what am I meant to be doing?’ by the end of this course. Without a Gig of your own, you won’t make any money.


What Is Flashing 5rr Profits All About?

Whats so different about this Fiverr course compared to the hundreds of other courses?. Well, truthfully not a great deal. While the PDF is written by Nishkarsh Sharma who probably did make money with Fiverr, I don’t believe everything is disclosed in the course. Unfortunately that’s how these cheap courses work. They give you the basics, but leave the most important parts out. Why?. So you don’t make any money and will be forced to continue buying courses into the future.

Unbiased Review Of Flashing 5rr profits

Flashing 5rr Profits is basically about creating gigs on Fiverr.com that offer a higher ROI (Return on interest). Which in theory is less work for more profit. Which is fine and dandy in the perfect world. However, not everybody is going to be able to sell $50 animated video services without facing a boat load of competition (Other buyers of this course).

The way Nishkarsh Sharma claims to have made over $3000 is by selling animated 1 minute long videos for $50 each. By using a animation software online he is able to create these 1 minute videos in 1 to 2 hours work. Which I guess is ok money if you like working at an hourly rate so to speak. However, as the course doesn’t include ANY training on how to make any gigs, most people will likely do the same things…. Create animation videos and possible undercut Nishkarsh to get some of his business. Thus making the competition level go through the roof. How many people can possible rank on the first page of Fiverr for the term ‘create animated video’

7941 Results For ‘Create Animation Video’ That’s your competition!!

Is Flashing 5rr Profits A Scam


Also note that people are actually selling this service for $5 ($6.47 AUD). It would be difficult to compete a $50 gig vs a $5 gig wouldn’t you think. Not impossible, but building up a professional profile to charge such high rates is going to take time and effort. There are a lot of these animation gigs for just $5, but I didn’t screenshot them all, however you can go to Fiverr to see the direct results for yourself.

What I Liked About This Fiverr Course

  • Minus there being absolutely no training on how to make a Gig of any kind (Not even the animation video), the course did have some good tips. Such included how you should either buy your own reviews/pay a friend or 4 to review you Gig and leave positive feedback to improve your Fiverr ranking.
  • The course covers basic Fiverr account setup – Including naming your account to be relevant to the Gigs you will be selling, Title and description of the Gigs. and adding tags. Everything a experienced Fiverr member will already know.
  • Easy to read PDF


My Flashing 5rr Profits ComplaintsFlashing 5rr Profits Complaints

  • If you decide to go down the Animated video route along with the existing 7491 other Gigs you will need a way to make these animated videos. Unfortunately the program recommended to create such videos costs $89 every month. Which is very steep considering most people have no experience with creating animated videos.
  • In order to gain any respect in Fiverr, you need to have some reviews on your Gigs. The method outlined in the course is pretty much illegal. To do the fake reviews you need to set up 3 Fiverr account, 3 PayPal accounts all on different Proxies, so Fiverr and PayPal don’t know that all 3 accounts belong to you!. Although, you can always get your friends to buy the Gig and leave a fake positive review for you.
  • No training on how to make a gig worth selling for $50. Seeing as tho this is the means for which you will be getting paid, not including any training here is going to leave most buyers of this course highly disappointed. Do you currently have the skills to sell a $50 gig?
  • It’s NOT PASSIVE! – The one thing I love about making money online is that it can be 100% passive when set up right. This method includes continues work for as long as you wish to get paid. This is not my style, I prefer my style which made me $520 just last night while I was out with friends catching a movie.

In Conclusion

For what the course actually costs, it’s not a complete scam as it does include some pretty basic Fiverr tips. In saying this, I believe most people are going to find it hard to come up with a Gig on their own worth selling for $50. The only other suggestion besides animated videos is to set up a WordPress website and sell it for $50. Again, this is not something everybody can do and is rather time consuming.

While I do think people can still make money on Fiverr, I just don’t think there is room for everybody to make a full time income in that marketplace. It is saturated and is only getting worse. Making a few bucks here and there is definitely possible, but it’s nothing that will change your life.

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Best part is… You can start for free. So unlike these lame sales pages that offer no insight to a product until you have handed over your money, you can actually tell if the product is right for you before hand. Highly Recommend you atleast read my review. This place changed my life and it can change yours too. Good Luck!

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6 thoughts on “Honest Flashing 5RR Profits Review

  1. clickbankchristopher@gmail.com'Chris

    Well thats a shame overall – I quite liked the idea behind this and the hourly rate is pretty decent when you think in terms of internet money. The fact that he doesn’t really teach you how to make the animations is a a bit of a killer really – I mean how long will it take to get to a professional level at that? Shame!

    1. Josh Post author

      HI Chris, thanks for reading my review on Flashing 5rr profits. The hourly rate may sound good IF you manage to make sales that is.

  2. transfervirginia@gmail.com'Virginia

    Thanks for this straight forward review.

    I bought something from Fergal (a Fivrr course as a matter of fact) which turned out to be a bust. Fergal refused to refund – in other words he doesn’t really stand behind his products. I’ve learned my lesson!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Virginia, Sorry about your misfortune with Fergal. It’s not very professional to advertise that you offer a money back guarantee and then not deliver on the promise. Bad for his reputation. I have also bought a Fiverr course from Fergal about 6 months ago, it was not to my standards and I did manage to get a refund.

      1. Josh Post author

        Thanks Dan, it’s good to know they are true to their word on refunds.


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