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By | November 4, 2016

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Honest Explode Your List Review Reveals AllIn this honest Explode Your List review by Fergal Downes you can get first hand access to somebody who’s not just promoting it to make a quick buck. Yup me, I have bought this product, gone through it and ready to expose the truth. Am I promoting this product: No, why? well find out further down in the review.

I was lead to Explode Your List by a fellow internet marketer whom I thought promoted only good products so I thought I should at least buy it and review it for you guys so you can decide whether to buy it or not. After going through the entire course, I have been left somewhat disappointed. So lets get into what I learned.

So What Is Explode Your List About, Is It A Scam?

Brief Description

  1. Can You Make Money: Yes
  2. Is It Easy: Not for a beginner
  3. Is The Methods Free To Start: No
  4. Method Used: Creating You Own Products, Solo Ads, YouTube

The thing that annoys me most about WSO’s from WarriorPlus is when the vendor (Fergal Downes) claims something to be free when it’s NOT. According to the sales page “With Just a Few Minutes Of Work Per Day You Too Can Easily Build Your eMail List By 66+ Brand New Subscribers Per Day For Free!

This is NOT true, in order to have a chance of getting email subscribers using this method you need to create a product listing on WarriorForums which cost’s $20 a pop. How is that free?. Plus Fergal shows how to outsource the product so you don’t have to create them from scratch, which again costs money. So like the sucker I am, I fell for the “free traffic” claims again…

Is Explode Your List For Beginners?

Absolutely not!. While Fergal does go through the steps needed to upload a course to Warriorforums and how to put a price tag on it etc. A beginner will not understand how to : Create a sales page, create a website, integrate a autoresponder to your product on the Warriorforums etc. These are all steps needed to create a product and sell it anywhere, so without this basic training, the beginner will struggle with this course I believe.

However, if you are accustomed to product creation and setting up sales pages etc, you may find value in Explode Your List. The methods Fergal does teach are legitimate, but require you to spend at least $100 basically advertising your product before you may or may not get email subscribers and or profit.

Experienced marketers are always looking to find new ways to get traffic to their products or affiliate offers. What is offered inside this course is not new and simply rehashed from other products. Not saying it doesn’t work, but just be aware that you may already know everything this course offers if you have been around the block a few times. Fergal does talk about Solo Ad’s and recommends his top resource for Solo Ads which may benefit experienced marketers. These types are Ad’s are geared towards the cheap WSO products Fergal teaches you to create.

Is Explode Your List A Scam


What I Liked About This Course

  • The methods used in this course are legitimate, not new but legit.
  • Easy to understand videos, even tho Fergal is Irish he is easy to understand unlike some Irish people I personally know.
  • The detailed lessons on how to set up a product launch on the WarriorForums. Easy to follow training.

My Complaints About Explode Your List

  • I guess my biggest gripe is that it’s basically teaching you to recycle products and make them appear new. These products are lacking severe amount of info and are basically only used to get email subscribers. They typically won’t teach anyone how to make money correctly which I really don’t like. If you are going to teach someone how to make money, then teach them!. Don’t just rehash old crappy info to make a quick buck. Think about the poor person on the other end who is always handing over money on these rehashed products and never makes a dollar themselves.
  • While this is a personally pet hate of mine, some people may want to go down this route. You will basically become another one of those Warrior Plus guys who emails people every day with new make money products. You probably know all to well, Make $100 in 20 minutes, easy profit secrets, easy cash machines etc etc. These guys build up large email lists and just pump them each others products. Most of the time the products are useless and will only cost you more money. I know it’s the current trend at the moment, but its just not my style. I prefer to send people to somewhere they can actually learn how to build an online business and not take $7 off them every second day. I’m sorry but I have morals.
  • The training is out of order. Initially I was VERY confused, but when I got near the end of the videos I realized that the videos at the bottom should have been watched first. So just a technical error by Fergal I think.
  • Not a complete step by step method, not suitable for newbies wanting each step explained in detail.
  • You Can’t obtain free email subscribers like stated in the sales page. All methods require some investment.

Overall Opinion Of Explode Your Listtop rated way to make money online

While Explode Your List by Fergal Downes is not a scam, it’s just not something I think the many folks are interested in. I know myself when I first started looking for ways to make money online, I didn’t want to recruit people, or shove make money promos down peoples throat without having a proven method of making money myself. But hey, that’s just me.

But if the idea of promoting make money products as if you are a Guru without ever making a dime yourself appeals to you, then get this course. Plenty of people do use this method and make good money doing it. But for me, it’s not my style. My business model is built around not ‘selling’ to people, but rather helping people find what they want. Helping people make a good buying choice with my physical product reviews. This method has worked for me since 2012 and I never have to feel guilty for recommending a half arse product either. So it’s a win/win for me. My readers are happy because they get what they want whether it be information, how to training or recommendations on physical products. It’s a great feeling!.

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