Honest Easy Profit Secrets Review – Why You Shouldn’t Buy It!

By | October 17, 2016

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Honest Easy Profit Secrets Review - Why You Shouldnt Buy ItIn my honest review of ‘Easy Profit Secrets’ by Art Flair, Lisa Curry and Aiden Corkery you will discover why I think this course is not only a waste of time, but money also. That is unless you already have some experience with the traffic source mentioned in the product. But for complete beginners, don’t believe the hyped up sales page stating that you can make money quickly without any prior experience. I feel strongly that you will be disappointed if you go into this thinking that is actually possible.

Again, like the majority of Warrior Plus products, you are never told what the product is about. Which is highly frustrating, especially for the beginner who has no idea what to expect. So instantly, people start to question whether Easy Profit Secrets is a scam as they sales page is so misleading. Which is why I have written this honest review.

Is Easy Profit Secrets A Scam?

Unfortunately I won’t get back the hour (With skipping sections of videos not included!) or so that I invested into this course, but hopefully I can spare you the same dilemma. Easy Profit Secrets is a scam in my opinion. It’s misleading and promises unrealistic statements. Easy Profit Secrets is in fact the works of 3 courses blended into one. When I watched the first training video it opened with ‘Triumphant Target Pro”, which is a previously released product by Lisa Curry. So Art Flair and Aiden Corkey have basically thrown there name on the product to make a quick buck. Off you!! Google Triumphant Target Pro, Lisa Curry if you don’t believe me.


So the core of Lisa’s training is focused on how to target people using paid Facebook ads. But the problem is, there is no real training on how to do Facebook advertising. It’s just Lisa explaining how to ‘know’ your target market. Any experienced marketer already knows this and I found it to be a hugely drawn out time consuming process. So Lisa will show you ways in which you can identify who your niches target market is by using Google and Facebook audience insights.

While knowing who your niche is, is important. The sales pages says this:

Is Easy Profit Secrets A Scam


How on earth is Facebook Advertising BRAND NEW? Massive let down for me personally right there. Again, it’s not training on Facebook advertising, just how to know your niche (Age, Sex, Interests etc). So once you know your niche, you are left stranded to tackle Paid advertising on your own.

So What Is Easy Profit Secrets About?

What Is Easy Profit Secrets About

Once Lisa’s video series is finished, you maybe left very disappointed. The next video is about ‘how to get leads from Facebook for free’. This is a short video (11 minutes) by Aiden Corkery. This will show you how to add friends in your niche and grow a following like that.

So WHAT was the point of going through a long session of working out what my niche wants just to be shown how to ‘add friends’ on Facebook as a way of getting traffic??. Totally unrelated and not useful at all. WHY did Aiden include this video at the end?. Well because the main training is by Lisa taken from her old course on how to ‘know your niche’. So I guess he added 1 video on ‘how to add friends’ to justify his involvement ($$$) in Easy Profit Secrets.

While his method of getting free leads by adding friends within his niche (Make money online niche) is a legit method, it just makes this product completely WEIRD feel  and makes it blatantly obvious that it was a throw together to make some quick bucks. Plus his method of getting free Facebook leads involves giving away a free service to his friends. This is a service that you have to do yourself and takes at least 1 minute to do (If you are good with photo editing). So imagine if you get 100 people sign up to your email list to get this free service from you. That’s 100 minutes minimum of your time to make these free items, and more like 300-500 minutes in reality. There are much better ways to make money if you ask me…

But What About Art Flair

All over the sales page there are testimonials about Art Flair the internet marketer and how great he is. Is he even involved with this course or just putting his name on it to make himself some more money.  You may be shocked here. But this is where the 3rd segment from another course is included. There are 4 very very short videos taken from Art Flairs previous course on how to get free traffic from Facebook. Sounds dodgy right, that’s because it very much is. This separate unrelated training won’t make you money on it’s own. It just shows you how to get traffic from Facebook groups and pages that you create. Simple and nothing new at all.

In Conclusion: The Easy Profit Secrets Exposed ReviewComplaints about Easy Profit Secrets Art Flair

If you skipped the bulk of my review to get my overall opinion on Easy Profit Secrets, then don’t buy it is my recommendation. I suggest you read the whole review. To be honest with you, this product really left a sour taste in my mouth. It just seems very deceiving to me and just a money snatch using Art Flairs branding as the sales point. The training is something else all together. It’s all over the place and doesn’t seem to gel at all. From talking about paid ads to not showing you how to do it and then onto free traffic methods which have nothing to do with the bulk topic of knowing your audience. It doesn’t make sense to me and that’s because it’s literally bits and pieces from other courses added into one course. I feel many folks will be 100% disappointed with this product and will be wanting a refund.

I’m sorry to have broken the bad news about Easy Profit Secrets, but I guess someone had to… The truth is there is no secret to making money online. Well maybe the best secret is to stay far far away from these cheap and nasty products designed to hype up something that is not possible. To make money online, the money needs to be treated like a business. The money will grow, as the online business grows. The real secret to living the laptop lifestyle is consistency. If you follow a proven step by step system, then making money is inevitable. It really is that simple once you learn how to do it ethically and the right way.

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