Honest CPA Smasher Review – Just Another Scam To Take Your Money?

By | February 28, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

In this Honest CPA Smasher review you will be able to discover the truth on whether it’s a legitimate way to make money or just another scam to empty your wallet. CPA Smasher is the latest cheap Warrior Forum product by Nick Marks.

CPA Smasher is the second product released by Nick Marks this month that I’ve reviewed. The first product was titled Commission Smasher. Something look familiar?. Well yes besides the ‘smasher’ element, unfortunately this product is delivered much the same way as the commission smasher product.

Quick Review Of CPA Smasher By Nick Marks

CPA Smasher Review Is It A Scam

Overall Rating: 3.5/10

In summary, I find this course to be drawn out and could have been either halved in the amount of videos, or cut the crap out and add more quality training. So CPA Smasher is about sending free traffic from Instagram over to a CPA offer that is available for anybody to promote.

Do I recommend CPA Smasher?.  While this course is definitely not for everyone, it may suit some peoples tactics as it doesn’t involve reviewing products, writing much or any thinking. It’s basically a repetitive course which will take up to a month to see decent results. Each day involves doing the same thing over and over..

*Update: Immediately after following the instructions and setting up a Instagram account with the secret CPA offer, my Instagram account got shut down. This leads me to think that the offer link is not allowed in Instagram. So as a result the course is not rated as 3.5 out of 10 instead of 4. Due to beginners not knowing how to cloak their aff link I don’t recommend this course.


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What’s Good About CPA Smasher?

Initially I was interested in seeing this secret CPA network that Mark guarantees you to be accepted into. Upon following CPA Smasher I soon discovered that its not a CPA network, it’s 1 offer to promote which could get you as much as $5 per lead.

The structure of this method does work but how much money it can make is left to be desired. It relies on attracting followers from Instagram in order to possibly make money when people sign up to this offer. It’s not a new technique in the make money online arena, however there is always the possibility to make money from this method.

I will take this course for a test run, but I don’t know if I will be able to commit 2-3 weeks to it. Like I said, it’s rather repetitive and this style doesn’t really suit my style. I get bored too easily.

CPA Smasher Review - Just Another Scam To Take Your Money?

What I Didn’t Like About The Training

The problem with the training is that it is mainly slide shows of ‘text on screen’ and not much over the shoulder training. In fact there’s none. A beginner will not like this method and may be confused a lot by it. The presentation is very slow going, the amount of time it takes to move on from one point is ridiculous. I ended up skipping sections and I was still able to follow what Mark was talking about.

The first 2 of 4 training videos can be completely skipped. I don’t know if they were added to just ‘bulk’ up the training or what. Anyways, if you know what CPA is just skip the 2 videos and start on video 3.

No text support. By this I mean if Mark had provided a downloadable PDF file with actionable steps, this course would be slightly better. But the buyer is left to write down every step in the training in order to remember what to do. Or be forced to watch those long drawn out videos again.

Does CPA Smasher Work Or IS it A Scam?

Is The Upsell OTO For CPA Smasher Worth It?

I intend to actually take the steps involved in this course. However I don’t know how long I will persist and before I end up quitting. As this style of business is not long term in my opinion. I prefer to make passive income websites that will make me money for years down the track. Temporary money is good and all, but longevity of a website always wins in the end. Be sure to ‘bookmark’ this page if you are on the fence about buying CPA Commission so you can follow my updates from this method. Read latest update below.

Is the the OTO worth buying if you are thinking about buying CPA Smasher? No not really. Again it’s a 2 video series and the 1st video is completely useless. The second video details a similar method to the main course using another social media platform. So put 2 and 2 together and save yourself some coinage.

CPA Smasher OTO Review

My Overall Opinion Of CPA Smasher

If I see any results from this course I will be sure to document them here. But as of first impressions, I don’t hold too much hope for BIG time income, Nothing compared to My January 2016 earnings online anyway.

For the price of this course, it’s not a complete rip off. Had I spent $50 or more I would have been severely disappointed. The training is not thorough enough without any community or group to help each other. However I believe the principle thinking of this course should work, but how much you could make is uncertain. I give CPA Smasher a 4 out of 10 overall.

*Update: After following the instruction my Instagram account got cancelled. This is not a good sign and something I do not wish to pursue any further. I got a feeling that this course was risky because it involved setting up numerous amounts of Instagram accounts.

However if you wish to make money online with a legitimate training program I recommend you read my previous post: What Is The Best Affiliate Training Program Online. This is my bread and butter online and do recommend you at least read my post.



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24 thoughts on “Honest CPA Smasher Review – Just Another Scam To Take Your Money?

    1. Patti53cakes@gmail.com'Patti

      Hi josh just read your review and I have never heard of cpa smasher but will leave it alone. I feel it unfair that u got cancelled on Instagram. You only did what they said to do. This was very informative and I am gonna be sociable and post review on Fb and Twitter. People need to be informed.

      1. Josh Post author

        Hi Patti, It’s a good choice to leave this product alone. There is too much misinformation these days about making money online. CPA Smasher is just one of them. After further investigation, the technique used is basically saturated already with people on Instagram putting out flashy images of boats, cars, houses etc to get people to click on their link in hope that one day they too can have a flashy car, boat etc. Unfortunately too many people fall for this sort of thing and don’t realize that creating an online income id like running a business. It requires work. That’s the bottom line.

  1. theenglishteacher01@gmail.com'Funkydunc

    Hi Josh,

    Good read about CPA Smasher. Never heard of them until this article popped up. I will take your advice and leave it alone.

    On another tangent, I had a tour of your website and tried to leave a comment on another article but your spam filter blocker refused to let me do so. Shame really, because I had some positive things to say and share.


    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Duncan. The spam filter is a new issue. Will have to look into it. I just don’t think this course offers enough training, however the cost is low. But if you are to buy 100 $7 courses and still have no direction. Whats the point right.

  2. chong.fred@gmail.com'Fred Chong

    I have never heard of CPA Smasher but will certainly bear that “Smasher” name in mind. Thanks for the quick round up about it and with all those screen shots that, like you have mentioned, really is not worth spending the time. You have also highlighted that fact that if the author is trying to upsell the same thing by not giving much value-added content to its “Advanced” course, this is in itself a sign of a cheat. I’m glad to have nothing to do with CPA so far.

    1. Josh Post author

      I believe CPA has its place, but the sales page for CPA Smasher makes people think that there is an actual CPA network that’s easy to get into once you buy the course. However the creator is playing on the fact he knows how hard it is to get accepted into an actual CPA network.

      1. mrmichaelj413@gmail.com'Mike

        It depends on the CPA network. Based on what I have read I don’t think all of them are that difficult to get accepted into.

  3. noticonick@gmail.com'Nick

    I paid $6 for this. I’ve never felt this stupid in a while. As soon as I learned it revolved around getting Google images and posting them on instagram, I knew I just got conned. As Josh has pointed out, instagram will instaban you for doing this.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi nick. Yes taking images from the mighty Google will no doubt get you in trouble down the track. I’ve heard of cases where someone used a image of a capsicum and ended up paying 12k for it due to copyright laws. Not worth the risk!.

      However that’s not the reason I got banned as I was using my own image. I also only followed 4-6 people on Instagram so I assume it’s the affiliate link to the program CPA Smasher tells us to promote. Sorry you had to loose $6 before reading this review.

      1. mrmichaelj413@gmail.com'Mike

        I think it depends on how you use those images. If you are selling something with those images and profiting from it then I would agree. In this case it’s probably not a good idea. However, I have images I have used with my facebook groups and other places and have not had a problem.

        1. Josh Post author

          It’s a risky business to take images from Google. Copyright is copyright and while people may get away with using them, not everyone does.. An easier way to get images is by using Pixabay for example.

    2. mrmichaelj413@gmail.com'Mike

      That’s how I felt as well. I’m sure there are other WSO products you could say that about as well though.

      1. Josh Post author

        I totally agree Mike. I think out of all the WSO products I’ve bought over the years, I’ve only made money with like 2 of them. Both by Erica Stone.

  4. mrmichaelj413@gmail.com'Mike

    I bought this product. Unfortunately I was not able to put it in use because I could never figure out how to sign up for instagram. I had to go though apps online(since I can’t use a cell phone to do it). Regardless it just didn’t work for me. On top of that I felt it was too complicated even if I did get on instagram. There was just too much involved and it didn’t seem worth it to me.

    1. Josh Post author

      Yea Instagram is not really that practical for computer users. I use it on my phone, but it’s just not worth it. Especially to try and create 5 accounts…

  5. acbower@hotmail.com'Archie Bower

    I was really surprised to find your great review. I am owner of two of the CPA Smasher
    products. Quite disappointed in what the upsell offers so I am trying to get a refund.
    No reply as yet from the support office (weekend) and his website is not helpful.
    I have been trying to get an account setup on Instagram for the new Instamite product which seems a variation of Marks product.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Archie, hopefully Mark follows through with his refund policy. I can see the potential with Instagram, however for people wanting to learn how to make money. I don’t think Instagram is the best place to market.

      I think it’s best to show people first hand how to actually do it. Without having to spend money before buying a product. This way it’s has an element of proof (which is real) and human interaction. This goes along way with helping someone change their financial future and not end up with 100 useless products that don’t work. I hope you manage to get your money back. Take care. Josh

  6. cathyling29@gmail.com'Cathy

    Hi there Josh,

    So this is one of those cheap warrior forum offers that I heard so often about. From your review, it certainly doesn’t sound like a program worth signing up for.

    Which brings me to the next question – what is CPA and how do you make money from it? Are there any courses that you would recommend for beginners to learn about this?

    Thank you.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Cathy,

      Yes most of the Warrior Forum products aren’t useful. Not all but most imo. As for CPA, it is stands for Cost Per Action. It’s not a method I have really been involved with. I’ve bought courses before but never found the right one. So haven’t investigated any further and as most CPA programs require you to be manually approved via interviews, phone call etc. Without thorough experience in CPA I have avoided it.

  7. elisabethhelp@gmail.com'Elisabeth

    I too was taken aback by the cavalier way he suggested using Google images. And by having to open those 5 instagram accounts, especially considering I don’t use a smart phone.

    BUT what really got me was that I signed up for the “CPA” program and then emailed them to ask a question. Three weeks later, I still have no response – after repeated inquiries! And I’m supposed to count on them for paying me?!

    The site is full of instructions and warnings on what to avoid (i.e., promise a specific amount of money), yet their “ad” that you’re supposed to post says exactly that. So I wanted some clarification because I don’t want to get into trouble with them or the FTC.

    Was also very disappointed with the upsell – $27 for, ahem, 5 supposedly pre-made campaigns, while all it tells me is open 5 accounts with (another social media platform, one I’m using a lot), and repeat the sequence (including Google images). Yeah, right. That’s ONE campaign in my book, and telling me to open 20 accounts and rinse and repeat doesn’t make it 20 prewritten campaigns. He could have told us to create 100 and called it 100 campaigns!

    I also would suggest googling the “CPA” company he recommends… Wish I had done that before buying the upgrade.

    Now, I’ve got to remember who recommended this “gem” of a product…

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Elisabeth, yea this is the 2nd of 3 products Nick Mark’s has pumped out in a matter of weeks. Much like the other 2…This one is a flop as well. Sorry to hear you had to waste money on the upsells. That’s why I never buy them anymore. The course should be sufficient enough without needing to buy more stuff…

  8. Distraction@gmx.de'Jan

    Too bad I have not found your honest and above all extremely useful review before. All the reviews on Youtube’re 100% Fake, evaluating the product as well, although it is not.

    I’m new to the English-speaking market and trying to make money there. The promises on the sales side were of course great and so I bought the product. I should have let it remain. Especially the first upsell.
    This is a bad joke, if not fraud.

    Nick speaks of 6 Done for you campaigns and what do you get? 2 videos.
    And for $ 27.

    In his videos he shows only text, and nothing else. I only found out in other courses that you can use Instagramm via the PC.
    The important hashtags mentions not Nick.

    Implemented I do not have the technology, because the creation of 5 accounts seemed equally funny. Thus, rather it looks like a spammer.

    In this sense: Thanks again for your honest review.
    I’ll try to get my money back for this ridiculous upsell.
    Maybe i have luck with paypal or warrior +

    Hopefully your site help that many people will be spared a disappointment.

    Best regards

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Jan, Im sorry to hear you wasted you money on the upsell as well. The warrior plus products seem to be only getting worse. People are teaching new marketers to just throw up a quick and easy product which offers no value. Making money online isn’t a complex task. With the right training and direction. I hope you can find your way to online success in the future. Best of luck.


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