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By | May 20, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

So I have just gone through the entire Clone My Commissions course by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton. Now its time for a short but honest review. I haven’t reviewed a product in a while, and unfortunately for you guys the product that I ended up reviewing was a huge flop.

While I do like to bring you proven and solid methods to make money online, at the same time it’s good to review the shady products in hope to steer people away from loosing money. So lets jump straight into why I think this product is a complete waste of your time.

What Is Clone My Commissions About

Is It A Scam?

Is Clone My Commissions A Scam

To be honest with you, it’s a very confusing video series that is not going to help many people at all. In fact, I believe it to be solely a product used to bring traffic to heap of affiliate offers available on the training page. To me this is very unprofessional. I believe this to be a scam because it offers absolutely no training and the sales page is basically a lie. How is it a lie?. Well, it says that this course is complete newbie friendly and no websites, skills are needed etc.

This could not be further from the truth. This course is basically a mind-map of how to make money selling products on Warrior Plus or JVzoo.  Remember its a mindmap, not training. So if you don’t know how to create a info product, how to make a websites, set up email lists etc etc then you are screwed. Still think this course requires no experience?. It would be fine if Mosh Bari actually showed you a step by step guide on how to do all this stuff, but he doesn’t. All it is is a mind map of the different moving parts of basically becoming like him. No training!.

My Complaints About Clone My Commissions

I’m still trying to process the waste of 1 hour plus of my life by watching these videos and regurgitate them into words that best describe this product. So basically, it’s a video series telling you to copy what other marketers do (Like the people in Warrior Plus), tells you to go make money online before telling people how to make money online (With no direct methods….), tells you the tools needed to become an internet marketer (Not how to use them), once you can prove you know how to make money online, make a product and sell it online. Again no training on how to do this.

Something that really got under my skin was the amount of affiliate offers to other products inside Clone My Commissions. Sure, have some at the bottom of the training. But under every video module was very unprofessional to see.

What Is Clone My Commissions About

The Secret Cloning Method

Omg, I couldn’t help but feel sick when I found out that this was the core of the product. It’s not new and people have been doing this online/offline for decades……

So lets say you create a review post like the one I am doing now. Now the secret cloning method would be me also turning it into a video and posting it on YouTube.

Or, lets say I was showing you how to make $10,000 a month online, I could turn that into a video, or I could use it as a email series to gather peoples email addresses. Hmm seems very familiar (See my 9 day email course) haha. Point is, Clone My Commissions is taking the piss out of anyone serious about making money online.

The Bottom Line….Will You Make Money?Warrior Plus Online Scams Reviewed

I honestly don’t see how you could. There is no clear step by step training which instructs you to do anything at all. It’s a mindmap of a online business. Think of the maps you find at the shopping center/Mall. Sure they say what all the places are in the Mall, but they don’t tell you how they built them. All the map shows is the finished product. Which is useless to someone wanting to know how to build a Mall (Online business).

Could anyone benefit from clone My Commissions?. Perhaps, but it would be a very small percentage in my opinion. The people this course may benefit are those already making money online who already know all the basics. But are yet to figure out that a blog post could be turned into a video, product, membership site etc.

I’m Tired Of Buying These Products….

I imagine if I am tired of buying these crappy useless products that promise so much but deliver absolutely nothing. I can only imagine that you are fed up with wasting countless dollars….

Trust me, I’ve been there done that, bought the T-shirt…. It’s not good, and these product creators like Mosh Bari continue to put out these useless products to keep you in the never ending loop of failure after failure. Truth is, they need you to fail. Why?. Well if you were successful, you wouldn’t need to buy anymore of their products and they would go broke. That’s the bottom line.

So How Do You Make Money Online?Honest Clone My Commissions Review

Regardless of how many times you have failed to make money online, it is possible. But unfortunately you have been trapped in this internet marketing void it’s starting to seem impossible right?.

I’m going to tell you right now that making money online is not easy and it takes time. Well it is easy compared to cutting concrete or carrying timber all day. But it does require you to basically learn a new language. This language is known as online marketing.

This is the easiest way to start an online business and work for yourself. As it doesn’t require you to have large start up costs like an offline business would, just about anyone can start an online business today.

Do you Want A Legitimate Online Business?

Out of all the places online, and all the ways of making money online. There is only one website I 100% honestly recommend. This online training university will teach anyone willing to listen how to start a online business from scratch. Yes, I 100% guarantee you that every step is explained in detail unlike Clone My Commissions… I’m still recovering from this one..

This is the place where I started my online journey back in 2012. It is not midway through 2017 and I am still a member there. I think that explains a lot about this place. Or it shows that I am too lazy to move on. Haha. No it really is the best and only place you need to go online to start a new income stream. I challenge you to find somewhere better!. Need to see proof?. Here’s My Post On Making $1000 in a single day.

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