Honest Amazing5 Reviews – Is It Really A Scam

By | March 13, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Honest Amazing5 Reviews - Is It Really A ScamI was hesitant writing up this review, but I feel it is necessary to give an honest Amazing5 Review for newcomers. First and foremost I want to go on record and state that I am not promoting Amazing5 as an affiliate. This is because, I’ve been in this online game for a few years now and have seen every program crumble around me, bar one!. I for one have a conscious and do not want to drag fresh people into these types of money makers and be responsible for them loosing money.

So the burning question ‘Is Amazing5 A Scam?’.

Many marketers will be trying to promote this program in order to potentially make money from you when you sign up. So this makes it hard for a person to really know if amazing 5 is really a scam, or whether it is in fact a legitimate investment opportunity. So to get the truth behind the scenes you first need to understand what this type of program is. From there you can base your opinion on whether or not you want to join this company. However if you are looking for a quick solid answer, then yes stay away from Amazing5. In my opinion it won’t survive.


What Is Amazing5 All AboutIs Amazing5 A Scam

Amazing5 is a similar program to what BeOnPush is with it’s multi tired referral program. Meaning that you promote the program to get others to sign up and when that person signs up. They then promote Amazing 5 and if they get referrals, you get % commission on both these referrals. I don’t have a problem with this concept when there is a legitimate product being sold.

So Amazing 5 is a investment program which offers 2 types of investment plans. The first is 155% return over 31 days and the other is 112% return in just 10 days. So if you invest $100 with option A you get $155 back in 31 days. Option B you get $112 back in just 10 days. Pretty incredible interest rates don’t you think. Makes me wonder why banks don’t pay us this much % on our high interest bank accounts? Probably because it’s unsustainable.

Unlike programs like Triple Threat Marketing, with amazing5 you don’t need to ‘surf’ other members Ads to make money. There is also no monthly membership fee unlike Triple Threat. However, TT3 has the extra income from membership fees to keep their Ponzi operating a little longer than Amazing5 will be able to.

How To Make Money With Amazing5

What’s My Honest Opinion

As I touched on earlier, amazing5 has 2 different investment opportunities. 155% & 112% ROI. To make money, all that’s needed is to make a minimum deposit of $20 using one of their payment processors. Log in and watch your earnings grow (grow on screen, but what about your physical wallet?). I do want to warn you tho, this is classified as a very high risk investment opportunity.

Think about it for a minute, how could anyone survive paying out a ROI of 155% in just 31 days? In my opinion they cant and eventually the bank will eventually be eaten away. This is why I have stayed away from this program and providing an honest review of Amazing5 to try give as much choice for the person as possible.

How To Make Money From Amazing5


Alternatively you can be yet another soulless affiliate for Amazing5. Here you can promote Amazin5 to other people wanting to know how to make money online. Once they make a deposit into Amazing5, you can earn up to 20% commission. Again, where is this money coming from that amazing 5 seem to love throwing around?.

So if you go down the affiliate route, you will be responsible for bringing new members into a high risk program. I can’t recommend any of these Ponzi/investment/MLM/Matrix schemes because my conscious would eat away at me. Why?. Because I know they are all doomed to fail, it’s not a matter of if, its a matter of when. I couldn’t bare knowing I brought some poor person into a scam telling them they can have 150% of there last bit of money in 31 days. To join up and days later the company falls apart and all money is lost. So therefor I am OUT!.

Is Amazing5 Working

What I Like About Amaxing5.net

  • The website does look professional and easy to navigate
  • The earnings potential is high if you get in early and Admin aren’t scammers. High Risk again.
  • In multiple languages

What I Don’t Like About Amazing5Live Help Amazing5

  • The risk of loosing everything is too high
  • No actually product, basically it’s jut a Ponzi scam
  • The online chat/help never seems to be available.
  • The fact it’s in multiple languages opens it up to scamming more people world wide.
  • The legitimacy of the whole company is shady
  • Their Corporate Headquarters as displayed on the website is located in a virtual office with 19 other apparent companies. Sounds fake to me!.
  • The company is not owned by Noah Tuck as mentioned on the website. It was opened in Sept 2015 by 30 year old Richard Pardee.
  • No company records/declarations to speak of yet as they are a new company. However when it comes to enter the details by LAW, this is when you will know if Amazing5 is hiding anything from you. So keep an eye out for the months of August, September, October 2016. If no data is submitted to the government, chances are they have done a runner with everyone’s money!. You have been warned.

Should You Join Amazing5?Is Amazing5.net a scam

As I believe Amazing 5 revolves around a concept of bringing in fresh money from new members to pay the existing members in the queue, it’s unsustainable. This type of business model is very unpredictable and could go under at any given moment. So therefor it’s classified HIGH RISK and you should only go into Amazing5 knowing you may never see your money again. If this sounds like you and you are happy to loose it all over a quick buck, jump right in.

However, if this type of online program scares you in the slightest. Don’t Join!. Trust me when I’ve never mad a single cent from about 10 or so programs just like this over the course of 5 years. While people do make money in the beginning from these types of programs, it’s rare for then to be sustainable to last a long period. Meaning anyone who joins anywhere near the end is likely to loose everything.

As I stated in the things I don’t like about Amazing5, if the company is still around by the late half of 2016, they will be required by law to provide details. Which is a time frame of about August to November at the latest I believe. So I don’t suggest you taking the risk with amazing5 because odds are against you right now.

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