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By | January 5, 2017

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Honest 5 Day Fix ReviewToday I went through this very brief course by Paul Prissick and Mark Barret. You may have heard of these guys before and even bought their products before so you may know what to expect. However, in this honest review of 5 Day Fix you will find out the truth behind the curtains.

As usual the 5 Day Fix sales copy gives you absolutely no idea what this product is about and what you are going to learn. Which is frustrating and a not so welcome marketing tactic if you ask me. Hence why you must turn to the internet and look for some real reviews. After all, making $690 in just 5 days is very tempting to say the least. But what are you getting when you hand over your hard earned money?. Well lets find out.

What Is 5 Day Fix About

Is It A Scam?

This new product is more of a case study than a training guide. Despite the sales page stating “No “tech” skills or prior experience is required”, this is NOT newbie friendly. Is 5 Day Fix a scam?. For the most part I think it’s a misleading and very simple course aimed to get money from you. So in essence I believe many folks will feel scammed after buying. Like I said 5 Day Fix is more of a case study/method overview than actual step by step training. So a beginner will have no idea what to do once they buy this course.

Basically the concept is to pay for traffic from a certain site which allows you to post text and image ads. Connecting these ads with your high converting funnel. If you don’t have or know what a high converting funnel is then you are going to be left stranded if you buy this course. There is also a video on buying solo ads from a unknown vendor which apparently is of high quality. That is yet to be determined and with needing $150 minimum to send your squeeze page/website link from this source. I highly doubt too many newbies can actually afford to ‘risk’ $150 on a sales funnel that’s not proven.

Who Is 5 Day Fix Best Suited Too?

If you don’t know how to set up a website, hosting, build squeeze pages and incorporate an autoresponder then you are most likely not going to like this product. If you do know these basic steps but are not familiar with finding high converting affiliate offers in the make money online niche or how to successful promote these offers to your list. Then you too will probably be disappointed.

There is absolutely no training on finding affiliate offers or how to set anything up. 5 Day Fix is merely a small course that’s an overview of a paid traffic method. However, if you are currently in the online business opportunity niche and are looking to spend $$$ on advertising, you may get something from this product. But from my research on this traffic source, I wouldn’t expect high quality traffic. The sites you will be paying to advertise on are from the likes of Clixsense, ads4hits, paidclix etc (See image below of some of the sites you pay to advertise on). From my experience and advertising on the likes of Clixsense etc the traffic is not very good.

Is 5 Day Fix A Scam


The people on these sites have minimal money and are clicking on ads to earn cents. So they don’t convert into sales very well. From my experience anyway. It’s always wise to be careful with your money and don’t go overboard on paid traffic. It can very quickly empty your bank account. For example, the second method of paid traffic requires a minimum of $150 to get just 200 clicks on your ad. If you know your average stats, you can work out whether this is a good option for you or not. But me personally, I find it’s about 1% conversion on a $19 product, even with targeted SEO traffic. So do the maths!.

My Final Thoughts For The 5 Day Fix ReviewMy Best Suggestion To Make Money

Honestly, I would avoid this product all together. Especially if you are not yet successful online. I found my success and earn over $10,000 per month online from free organic traffic. So paid traffic is not the only way to get traffic. Don’t believe what anyone tells you, there is billions of free traffic available and that number is always growing as more and more people get access to the internet.

My advice? Stop buying these cheap and nasty Warrior Plus products. The majority of them are pure crap and are intended to only make the creators and their affiliates money. Unsubscribe form the people whom constantly promote these product to you. Why?. Because you are making them rich and you are only slipping further and further behind. Unfortunately I have to pay these guys money so that I can review the products for you guys in order to save you wasting your time an money.

Making money online is NOT HARD. I know that may sound hyped up and outrageous. But every website I have created in the last few years makes me money every month. Once you have the formula down pat, making money is super easy. But it does take time and hard work, there’s no two ways around it. So it’s time to give up the idea of making $690 in 5 days from scratch because it simple won’t happen. These types of hyped up products are the only ones making money. Not you!.

Once you implant the idea of setting in for the long haul and take consistent action. I assure you success will come. Stop buying into false hyped up courses and do what every other successful internet marketer is doing. Work!. Work on building a solid and long term online business. If you don’t know how to start or build a online business, I suggest you read my story on my Wealthy Affiliate Review page. Heck, it’s even free to join. So you really have nothing to loose, but so much to gain.

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