Honest $200 In 20 Minutes Version 2 App Review

By | June 6, 2016

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Honest 200 In 20 Minutes Version 2 App ReviewDesmond Ong is back at it with the release of Version 2.0 of his product $200 in 20 Minutes App. I’m going to share my honest and real review of $200 in 20 minutes V2 from the perspective of your average person looking to make some money online. This product has just been released and I’m sure it will sell 100’s of copies. But if anyone’s familiar with Desmond Ongs background, you will know some of his products are a bit hit and miss.

But is the new and improved $200 in 20 Minutes V2 all it’s cracked up to be?. Can you actually make money using this technique or is the $200 in 20 minutes V2 just another scam or waste of money. Before you invest your hard earned money, be sure to stick around to get my full unbiased review and uncover what this system is all about.

Quick But Real Review Of $200 In 20 Minutes App Version 2.0

$200 In 20 Minutes version2 is not a scam, however it’s a cheap product trying to teach you how to build an online business. With anything this cheap, the chances are slim that you will be able to fully take home what you need in order to achieve a full time income here.

In a nutshell the product includes an app which can split a capture page into 3 different opt in pages targeting specific markets within a niche. Which is a fantastic idea and one I think would be very handy to the already established marketer. However, if you are a beginner and don’t know how to build a website, run a Autoresponder and set up hosting then this course will be very unfulfilling for you. Too much extra knowledge is required. But for $7 or so, it’s not a bad investment for people with an already established knowledge on list building.

Overall Ranking: 6.5/10

So What Does This Course Involve?What Is 200 In 20 Minutes About

The entire $200 in 20 minutes V2 product is delivered in video format with a downloadable app to upload to your website. The videos mainly deal with the app itself. You will learn how to set up the app and configure it to your liking. With 2 videos after on how to pay for traffic to your website to capture leads and make money. Which I will talk about in a minute.

So I’m sure you are wondering what the $200 in 20 minutes app actually does right?. Ok so I’m going to assume you know what a capture page/opt in page is, if not then I think you may struggle with this course. So a normal capture page you drive traffic too and hope to either capture emails or make affiliate sales. With this App, you drive the traffic to the capture page. When the traffic are on this page they are given the option to select an answer to their problem. Once they select what problem that it is that they need solved they are then send to a page to enter their name/email to get this help. Once this has been achieved the traffic is then send to an affiliate promotion which you then hope they buy so you can make money.

How Does It Work!

For example lets use my site which is about learning how to earn online. People that end up on my site are wanting to know how to make money online, or find out if a product is a scam. The way I make money online is by Affiliate Marketing. So I could and probably will install this app. I would then send my traffic to this page either by banners or by text links. On this page I could then ask them a question and provide 3 answers for them to select from.

So lets say my question is “What Are You Struggling Most With About Affiliate Marketing?”

Then underneath the question I could have 3 options:

  • I need help Understanding Keywords!
  • Traffic! I need MORE Traffic To My Site
  • SEO – I Want to Understand SEO Better

Is 200 In 20 Minutes App V2 A Scam Desmond Ong

Each of those answers are a separate entity in the affiliate marketing world, so I could then send the traffic to 3 separate affiliate offers which are relevant to the reader. If someone clicked on “I need help Understanding Keywords” I could direct the traffic to a affiliate product which teaches people how to understand keywords. If that person buys then I would receive a commission. As the traffic selected “keywords” as their main problem, chances are higher of making the sale as its targeted traffic.

That is why I think the $200 in 20 minutes is a decent product worth the low price. It’s a asset to anyone building an email list and pretty straight forward to use. However, to run a business online such as mine, there is a lot more to know then just having a capture page. Such as driving traffic, which I do with free SEO. But in this course it relies on paid traffic which can be quite costly and you may not see results. So there is a risk of loosing money compared to free SEO which is how I made my first 10k month.

Real Review Of 200 in 20 Minutes V2

What I Didn’t Like About $200 In 20 Minutes Version 2

complaints about 200 in 20 app reviewNow this is depending on your marketing experience and level of skill, so I am providing my complaints from the perspective of a new person to the make money online world. Like I previously said, I like the App, but the training lacks in some critical areas a less established marketer could handle.

  • $200 in 20 minutes is a bit of a stretch for a product name. There is no guarantee of making any money and I’m sure it will take longer to do the entire process.
  • No training on the required tools to set up a website, autoresponder and hosting. To a beginner this can be daunting.
  • Traffic is critical to a online business, but this course doesn’t deliver enough training on how to drive traffic to the capture pages. Which is fine is you already know how to do this. But not everyone does. No free traffic methods are taught in this method. Paid traffic can cost a lot of money and may see not even see any results. So a high budget is recommended. The 2 methods mentioned are:
  • 1. Instagram which seems to be a popular marketing product lately. The method is similar to another course I reviewed on buying Instagram shout outs. This method can cost $100’s up front with out any guarantee of sign ups/sales and a lot depends on the trust you have with the account holder.
  • 2. Buying Solo Ads from solo ad providers and established big websites in your niche. This method can be daunting as a newbie as you have to contact website owners of huge established websites asking them if you can buy email’s to send to there subscribers. Can be costly as you have no idea what the vendor may charge.
  • Sneaky tactic inside the product to reduce ‘refunds’ – Which is: Get Desmond Ongs best selling course for free once 30 days has passed since you have bought 200 in 20. This will tempt you to hang around longer than wanted if you were wanting a refund. By then you my have forgotten about this course and of course getting a refund.

My Overall Opinion On $200 In 20 Minutes

While I think the App included with this course is pretty decent, I don’t think many people will benefit from it greatly. The number one reason: Traffic. People struggle to get traffic to their offers and this course doesn’t deliver any free methods. So the beginner won’t want to be spending $100’s on solo ads or shout outs from Instagram in hope of making a sale.

This is very risky for a new marketer and it could end up costing them their dream of making a living online. Which is not what I want, I’m a firm believer in mastering free methods first before you spend any money on traffic. It always helps to be making passive income from free traffic. This allows you to experiment in paid arenas and not end up sending you broke. For marketers with an established source of traffic, then I think you may benefit from the handy App which can send traffic to 3 different affiliate offers.

Overall: 6.5/10

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8 thoughts on “Honest $200 In 20 Minutes Version 2 App Review

  1. purplpig@gmail.com'Steve Jones

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for this review, it has been very helpful for me as I had seen Desmond Ongs $200 in 20 minutes and was considering buying it.
    Unfortunately I don’t think I know enough for it to be of use to me just yet as I am just starting out with my efforts to learn about affiliate marketing.
    I will keep it in mind for future use when I know more about how things work.
    Once again, thanks for this review, I will come back to your site again to see if you have any other useful info, which I’m sure you will!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Steve, I have to agree with you on learning the basics on Affiliate Marketing before one dives straight into trying to build an email list with no experience. Many of the Guru’s have spend years building their lists and mastering the process before they start to see this sort of income. As I stated in another email list building review, one does not always need a list to make a full time income online. Glad you found my review helpful.

  2. desmond28@gmail.com'Desmond Ong

    Josh I appreciate the honest review.

    If you audience has any question, I’m here for them. 🙂

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Desmond, really glad you like the honesty. If anyone has any questions for Desmond, fire away!

    2. howrah302@gmail.com'INDRANIL DAS

      Hi, Desmond,
      Do I need to have a website and install Your App in my website ?
      I am already having 3 affiliate approval with me, Is that enough to start using your app ?
      My Laptop is windows 10, is that okay?

      Would appreciate if you could reply.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. Josh Post author

        A website is easy to create these days, so don’t let that hold you back. An autoresponder is also needed for building a email list. These are all common tools the internet marketers need and use on a daily basis.

  3. ttfolli87@gmail.com'Tina

    Josh, I had not heard of this app yet. I am also looking for ways to make money online. Thank you for the review. I will have to think about $200 in 20. I’m not sure it would be helpful in my Wealthy Affiliate sites or not. It sounds like I can do the same thing with SEO.


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Tina,
      I’m not saying building an email list is a bad idea, but when starting out I think it’s best to focus on SEO and not get too distracted by other opportunities. This can lead to failure, the best route is to master free methods like SEO before expanding. Good luck with your online adventure.


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