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By | May 6, 2016

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 honest Easy Paydays ReviewMy honest Easy Paydays Review uncovers the truth about the latest Tyler Pratt product release. Is the product all it’s hyped up to be, or just another cheap scam?. You can find the whole truth about Easy Paydays presented by trafficandclicks.com before you spend your hard earned money.

Sales pages have a way of capturing any online entrepreneur’s interest because of the bold promises they make. The sales copy for Easy Paydays is no different. Promising great financial rewards with a easy to follow strategy. But that’s as far as the sales page goes, after this you are left wondering, what the heck is Easy Paydays even about and how can I make money from this course?.

This is where I jump in. From here I will reveal the truth about Tyler Pratt’s latest product (which gets a similar rating to his previous product “Passive CPA Profits“) so you can get the heads up before handing over the cash. So lets dig!.

Short Easy Paydays ReviewComplaints About Easy Paydays

To be honest, I’m far from thrilled with the Easy PayDays course. I’ll get straight to it and say I don’t recommend this course to anyone and I wouldn’t object to someone calling Easy Paydays a scam. The simple fact Tyler says a beginner and experienced marketer will be able to take tips from this course is a joke. There is absolutely no step by step training, the whole course is basically listening to Tyler talk with some very brief power point presentations on the screen. When I say brief, I men brief. A total beginner will have no idea what Tyler is talking about and to make it worse there is no live/documented examples for anyone to follow along with. Don’t waste your money on this one folks.

What Is Easy Paydays All About?What Is Easy Paydays About

Tyler Pratt delivers anther short video module and PDF course. The PDF alone is very very brief and the video modules are meant to compensate for the short bullet point training on the PDF. The concept of this course is nothing new at all. The sole training presented in Easy Paydays is about creating a Facebook ‘Group’ so you can promote affiliate offers to your chosen niche.

I’m sorry I keep bringing this up, but the training is that thin it has to be mentioned. The poor training in this course will tell you to join other groups in your niche, pay for Facebook advertising and get shares from Fiverr.com. All of this training is verbal only and follows along the lines of: go to Fiverr and buy some shares of your group URL, spend $5 a day on advertising on Facebook for your group page, go to the Google Keyword tool and find keywords. While all of these things are important, nothing is expanded on or explained. That’s as in-depth as the training gets.

What I liked About Tyler’s Latest Release

  • Not a lot. In fact I’m really digging deep to find something positive to say here…. Nope nothing.

Is Easy Paydays A Scam

My Complaints About Easy Paydays 2016

  • Very thin product which Tyler has released to basically lure people in with the sales page.
  • Training is non existent. Had this course been released as a free podcast, then maybe it may be of value to somebody. The course is more of a walk through on Facebook group marketing but without proper step by step instructions.
  • Not suited to beginners or established marketers.
  • Advertising on Facebook is a very tricky and potentially dangerous market. No training has been given on this subject. So be prepared to do further research (buy more products) to understand how to advertise on Facebook without loosing money and getting your account banned for life.
  • No support for this product. So once you buy it you are on your own. Having live support for learning how to make money online has been a critical factor to my success online.
  • Affiliate links are not so welcomed on Facebook these days, however no training is on how to get around this.

Final Thoughts On Easy Paydays By Tyler Pratt

Secret To Making Money Online

Trust me when I say you will be severely disappointed with this product. The product was designed to make Tyler and his affiliates money, not the average Joe. This is one of the most under-delivered course I have come across and would never recommend it to anyone in my circle.

But There Is Hope….

Not all products are complete rubbish and i know it may seem as though I don’t recommend too many. Well maybe that’s because it’s the reality of trying to find a decent course these days. Marketers have cottoned onto the idea of throwing up quick useless products to make themselves a quick buck. The sad reality is that it is only going to get worse. Marketers are teaching marketers to do this, and it’s a real shame for the common folks who actually want to build an online income to replace their day jobs.

The good news is that I do have a great recommendation for you. The fact it’s been online for over 10 years now and has a whopping 500,000+ members speaks volumes. Yes I am one proud Wealthy Affiliate and yes learning how to make money online the correct way has enabled me to earn $1000’s each and every month. If you would like to join the smart marketers online, I suggest you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate. I even have payment proof like those flash Sales Pages we are so use to seeing. See you over there!.

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