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My Best Suggestion To Make MoneyFirsts and foremost. CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a premium member. My name is Josh and it’s my pleasure to hand you the keys to your online business. By now you should have read about me on my WA profile and know that I practice what I preach. By this I mean make $1000’s per month online. So now it’s my time to pay it back and teach you the ways in which I make money online.

Overview Of What I Do

I make websites through Wealthy Affiliate, which is why this bonus is relevant to premium members only. I want a team of successful affiliates, not free riders not willing to put in the effort to change their lives. I want to help people, but only if they are serious!.

My websites are slightly different to how WA teaches. But the fundamentals you will learn within WA are REQUIRED. So make sure you follow the training in the ‘Get Started’ Green button. Keep this guide as a reference to work alongside the training within WA premium.

Moving on…. I make websites focused around products you find on The main difference between my technique and WA is I target ‘Buyers keywords’ predominantly. I’m looking to make money more than build a brand or build a following online (Which will still make you money, however I think my methods are much quicker to make money)

So my websites are mainly posts/pages that do mini reviews on groups of products. About 8/9 out of 10 pages I publish online would be considered promotional. In this I mean have Affiliate links to Amazon so I can make as much money as possible.

Proof Of Income

Here is my earnings from the month of January made from Amazon’s affiliate program. Thought I would show you beforehand my proof that what I do works. All that’s needed is action on your end. This is income earned from January 1 to January 31 2016

income proof


What I Want You To Do FirstWhat Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

Sign up for free at Jaaxy. This is a keyword tool we will use to find the words people search in google so that our websites can rank for them on page 1 of google and make money. 30 free searches are available. So don’t use any searches yet. Just sign up for free.

Next I want you to think of a targeted niche. This is where the WA training will come into play. Preferably I would like you to follow Kyle in the course while keeping this guide by your side. View Kyles “choosing a niche”

Now I want you to go to and find some products that are over $50/$100 ea and are not your ‘normal’ products. Think outside the box a little because every man and his dog will be promoting the iphone, kindle, PS4, kitchen appliances etc. Try to find obscure products that most people wouldn’t think about making a website about. JAY has a great video series on making a small website around a niche like this on NFL snack helmets.

Some ideas could include: Furniture, garden tools, laptop bags, safety gates, baby monitors, dog beds, etc.



Think about the market/people that need these products. As example: Dog Beds. The market could be dog beds for grey hounds, large dogs, small dogs, outdoor dogs etc.

So go to Jaaxy and look for 15-30 “Buyers Intent Keywords” in relation to the product you have chosen. These keywords will be the main part of the title for your posts. By buyers intent keywords I mean words which look as if the searcher in google is wanting to buy something. Example could be: “Brown large dog beds for extra large dogs”  this would suggest the person typing those words into Google are definitely interested in buying a brown XL dog bed. You’re job is to find a few of those products on and review then so the reader can buy them.

If you can’t find 15-30 keywords around the product/market then skip it and look for another product or target market. But these keywords you find must have a certain criteria. They must have a search volume of at least 50. A QSR of no more than 75 -100 and a SEO score of 90+. This information is displayed to you once you type the keywords into Jaaxy. I have a post on my site explaining it a bit better:

P.S Sometimes while searching in Jaaxy you may find some awesome keywords which are not related to what you searched. Perhaps go after that niche/keyword and see if you can find other keywords around that new discovered keyword. Many times I do my niche research in Jaaxy alone.


So Now YOU Should Have

1 group of products and preferably a target audience in mind Example: Dog beds FOR Large Dogs

15-30 keywords with my above Jaaxy requirements 50 QSR etc. Example of these 15-30 keywords could be” Oversized dog beds, XL dog beds, Dog beds for a large dog, dog beds for rottweilers Extra soft large dog beds etc, brown large dogs beds ”

This is the foundation of how the site will work.

The Domain/name of the website will be “” Or whatever type of narrow niche product you choose. Another example could be backpacks for hiking…

So head over to WA and either create a free siterubix website or buy a domain.

If you have been following the training within WA you will know how to set up a website. Add the relevant pages: about me, privacy, contact us pages.


Alternative Route

I also make sites about a group related niche. This is a site which offers products this particular market is interested in. Some examples could include: For Girls, For Teenagers, For The Elderly, For Fishermen, for outdoors, For Teachers, For Athletes, For Fitness Junkies, For The Office, For School Children, etc….”

From there I find 20-50 buyers keywords to make sure there is enough keywords to target on the site. The more you dig into the niche, the more you find out what these markets need.


Time to get busy

IF you are not already a affiliate for then you will need to have quality content on your website before you apply. So I suggest writing some posts on your website just to boost up the content and make it look like you are not just a promotional website. Examples could include :how to clean a large dog in under 5 minutes, sleeping tips for an outdoors dog, why dogs don’t like to sleep indoors…. Write about 3-5 posts before applying for amazon affiliate program.


Once you have been approved into amazon, it’s VERY important you understand the rules or they WILL terminate your account. Quick run down, but I suggest you read the Amazon operating agreement : DONT copy and paste ANYTHING from or their customers reviews. DONT alter their images, DONT use there logo on your website unless its a direct code from amazon, don’t use amazon customers reviews in your posts without an API from Amazon, dont claim something is something it is not. Plus many more. Common sense really but don’t do anything you may think is dodgy.

YOU MUST HAVE  AN AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE on your site. Amazon says you must have this “your name/or your website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

Put that text into a ‘text’ widget in the sidebar widget area or at very least in the footer of your website.


Set Up Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, A sitemap, bing webmaster tools.


Social Accounts

Facebook fan page: Log into your Facebook account and scroll down the left side where it says ‘create a page’. This is where you make a fan page for your niche website. If your site is about dog beds, then name your fan page something relevant. (your Facebook page is separate to your main FB account, your friends won’t see this page unless you like or share the page”

Inside of your fan pge you want to add your website url, add a description about your niche and profile images. Everytime you  write a post on your website, share it on your fan page. Periodically also share posts from groups inside FB related to your Niche. Also like other peoples pictures inside your niche and try to grow your followers. Facebook Fanpages rank for keywords too, and it’s a great way to build up social traffic.

Twitter: As in the WA training, add a niche related Twitter account and follow niche related people. Tweet your post after you publish them. As above, create account and add your post links and follow others in your niche. Create a niche account and follow related niches, Add links after publishing etc.

Pinterest: Create Boards for your keywords. Every board ranks in google. So a new board for each keyword. Add other peoples pins to your boards and lastly PIN your post to the relevant board, so your website is the 1st or 2nd in the board.


Write posts

This is how I structure my mini review posts/pages to target buyers keywords. I try to aim for a minimum of 800 words per post.

Title: Example Keyword: (Best Wireless Headset For Gaming)

Introduction: Here you introduce what your page is going to be about and mention the keyword in the first 2 -3 sentences. Every post you should try to bring out the pain points of the target market. Why do they NEED this product, why are they searching for it etc. If you don’t know the pain points, google what people are saying about the topic. People will share just about anything.

E,g for our keyword could be: The difficulties to having a wired headset  getting in the way, broken or run over by our chairs, wired headsets too restrictive etc. After a few sentences you offer the viewer a ‘solution’ to their wired problem. By presenting the top 3-5 wireless headsets so they can finally break free from the cords in their life.

ADD AN INTRO IMAGE – Add a intro image related to your keyword. Save the image as your title of the post. Align the image to the left. See below for instructions on aligning and saving images as keywords. I use Stock Unlimited for professional looking images. Again it’s a small fee per month (Free trial) BUT you are 100% safe and won’t ever be sued or held liable for copyright images. I use to use Pixabay which is free, but I cannot recommend this as it is not 100% copyright safe. So make sure you cover your backside and don’t break the law. They will catch you if you do.


The Body – 3-5 Mini Reviews

Next Section: Heading (H2) A Keyword related to your main keyword – Something Like ‘The Best Gaming Headset With Wireless Capabilities’

Next Line Add A Heading (H3) Something like ‘My#1 Pick – Logitech G345 Wireless Gaming Headset (I try to add the name of the product into this H3 heading – Not always required tho)

Once you have gone through Amazon and looked for the best products for your keyword (Sort by Amazon’s Star Ratings) make sure the product has atleast 10 reviews on it. Next choose 1 product to be your #1 recommendation. This is going to be your first mini review.

Underneath the H3 tag is where you write 150-300 words about the product. Read the amazon description and read a few customer reviews. Once you have a feel for the product, summarize the product into your own words: What you liked, what you didn’t like and your conclusion: Highly Recommended?

REPEAT this mini review for 3-5 products related to your keyword. By now you should easily have 800+ words of unique content.


Adding Pictures & Affiliate Links

Align Images To The Right On Mini Reviews

For each mini product review I add 1 image aligned to the right of the first Heading (H2).  To get the image of the product you MUST use the ‘image code’ from inside the Amazon affiliates site stripe bar.


DON’T copy and paste or download the amazon images. This will get your account banned.



Where To Find Your Amazon Affiliate Links & Images

Log into your Associates Account and load the product page you want to link to. Because you are logged in, you should see a white bar up the top. Click on the word ‘Text’ this is where you will get your Affiliate link for this page on amazon. Do this for any page you want to link to on, including amazon review pages. The text link is for using words in your articles as links to the product on amazon.

linking to amazon

Adding The Image From Amazon

As you can see from the above image, the words ‘text’ ‘image’ ‘text+image’. What we want is ‘image’, so click on that when you are on the product you want to promote. Then copy the code it will give you.

Next you go back to your dashboard on wordpres. On the post where you want to put the image, click on the “TEXT” tab. This is located on the top right side of where you type text for your post. Next to the VISUAL tab.

The TEXT is where code and technical stuff goes on. So find the place on your post inside the TEXT tab where you want the image to go. Paste the code you just got from the amazon site stripe bar. Now click on the VISUAL tab. This will then show you the image inside you post. Click on the image and align to the right. Drag the image to wherever you like. When you click on the image, also click on ‘Edit’ (The pen icon). Then you will see ‘Alternative Text’ box. In this area, type in a related keyword to describe the image. For example, if your post was on  the best mouse food for whit mice. You could type in the alternative text box something like ‘mouse food all white mice will eat’

Next Step – Adding Call To Action Links

Underneath each mini reviews I like to put a call to action link to get people to click through to amazon. To do this you can either simply write “Check Price On” & “Read Reviews”. Bold or make them a heading and link to both the product and review page for each product.




For each post or most posts I embed a you tube video. This is because Google owns You-tube and it not only makes the page look more professional/helpful it also helps you rank better. So I look for related you tube videos to my keyword, however I try not to find videos which other marketers have their affiliate links/website in the description of the video. I don’t want to loose a sale to the you tube video owner now..

Internal Links

Interlink posts and pages among each other on your websites. So if you are writing about a 6 Foot snapper and you mention the rod you caught it on, link that to your review on the fishing rod. I try to do atleast 1 internal link on every page/post.

External links

These are links you put on your website going to other websites (Not affiliate links). This is another ranking factor in Google.. So it’s good to have 1 external link on every post you make. Try to link to Authority websites in your niche. A good source is Wikipedia.

Add TAGS – On posts only you can add TAGS to the right hand side of the WordPress Dashboard. I always add my Title of the post and about 5-10 related keywords. TAGS actually rank in Google, so it’s important you put your keywords in the Tags section.

Featured Image: This is just below the TAGS section, here you choose your introduction image with your main keyword embedded in the image. This makes it so that your homepage has the latest posts showed with the featured image.

PUBLISH your post and share on all your social networks. Important!!




Don’t Like WRITING?

When I first started, writing 100 words was hard enough. But trying to get 800 to 1000 words per post seemed impossible. But things do get easier. These days I can write 1000 words easy and much faster.

However, if you are struggling or simply want TO DO MORE, then you can pay other people a small fee to do the hard work for you. This is known as outsourcing.

You can outsource just about anything online, but I mainly use it for articles on my niche websites. So instead of me just writing 3-4 posts a week, I can pay someone to write a further 3-4 posts for me as well. Essentially doubling my out put and growing my future income faster.

If this sounds like an avenue you would want to explore, I show you HOW I OUTSOURCE here.

Master Tip:

After you publish your posts, it can take Google along time to find your website and new content. I have written a post on how to get your posts/pages indexed in minutes. View my post on how to index a blog fast. Do this for your first 10-20 posts and after that google should find your new content faster if you are regularly posting.


That’s All Folks!

This is my strategy that is earning me over $6000 per month just from The secret is to publish content regularly in the first few months to really get your site zooming up the search results. The fastest I’ve made a sale from a brand new website is 7 days. But this is not always the case. So just keep pushing, keep writing mini review posts targeting buyers keywords in a narrow niche and you will get there. I promise you.

Feel free to private message me from  WA on my Profile.

Good Luck

Josh From Oz