Can You Make Money With WordPress Blogs Without A College Degree

By | March 13, 2017

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Can You Make Money With WordPress BlogsIn 2017, there has never been a more interesting time to make some extra cash on the internet. As technology grows we become more and more dependent on the world wide web. So the demand for a online presence has drastically risen, even in just a few short years. So it’s a natural progression to wonder if you can make money with WordPress blogs as a beginner. Since you  have probably heard or even know of regular people creating highly successful online businesses that use WordPress. But you still aren’t 100% convinced it’s not all just smoke and mirrors. Otherwise known as a scam right?

Well, I get it. There are so many ‘Guru’s’ out there promising this and saying that, you become overwhelmed and start to doubt that living the laptop lifestyle is even possible. When you fall into this routine, which is commonly referred to as ‘chasing shiny objects syndrome’ jumping from one money making venture to the next, you become stuck. Not too mention flat broke!.

So the question remains, can an ordinary person without a college degree make money by using WordPress as the business foundation. I’m not talking about the free subdomains you get from either. Because that is not ‘your’ business after all. Those free subdomains will never belong to you and can be taken away from you at any given time. But I am talking about websites that use WordPress as the engine that runs the website on a domain that you own. So yes the WordPress installation is free, but the domain and hosting of your website will cost you a small amount of money. But we are not getting into those kinds of details right now.

6 Ways To Make Money Using The WordPress Platform

The Best Way To Make A Living Online – Affiliate MarketingWhere Can I Learn About Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the best and easiest way for the common person to get started making money online. Affiliate marketing in itself is a huge section of how people make money online. In fact it’s the sole reason I make over $10k month every month online. So naturally I am going to say it is the best avenue that just about any person on this planet should take up. By the way, I’m not bragging and I’m not a Guru. Just a regular guy who had the determination to quit my day job and live life how I wanted too. Basically I’m just trying to say it works, it’s legitimate and just about every company online takes advantage of affiliate marketers to make them money(In a good way).

In case you haven’t already read my article on what is affiliate marketing online I will give a brief description now, or you can read the full in-depth explanation here. Like I said, AF (Affiliate Marketing) is a huge sector and can be utilized in many ways online. Not all methods are accepted and can get you in trouble with certain companies. But for this brief run down I will explain how I make money from word press being an affiliate marketer.

My Experience With Making 6 Figures Online Using WordPressLearn How To Make Money Using WordPress

So I make simple niche websites that are built with WordPress from the skills I learned at Wealthy Affiliate. Well, to be honest I learned everything from WA, so I highly suggest checking them out. It’s free to get started too.

Anyways, these niche websites are about a certain topic. Each page on this website will target a different sub sector of the main topic. Within these pages I will have written my money pages that make me all the money online. These money pages are basically reviews for the best products available within the chosen topic. Check out how I write reviews here.

So my actual method involves reviewing products on the website. No, I don’t own these products either. Some I do, but mostly I don’t. I’m here to make money, not spend it all right. When I write a few hundred words about each product I will have an affiliate link on the image and the “Check Price” text. So when a reader clicks on either they are sent to Amazon. Any sales they make on the amazon site I get commissions for. Pretty sweet right. Certainly is, and that’s how I roll.

For me personally, its the best method to make money online. It’s easy (Once you know what you are doing), there’s no need to ever touch a product, never handle financial transactions and best of all. You don’t have to create your own product. Which leads us onto our next method of making money using WordPress.

Creating Your Own Product On WordPressWays To Make Money Selling On WordPress

There’s many ways you could make money on WordPress by creating your own products. The most common method is when a dodgy course will instruct you to buy some other dodgy course and then rename it and try to sell it as your own. I don’t encourage this method at all.

Making and selling your own ‘virtual’ product is not an easy task. There is much involved with the process and learning marketing skills is still very much required. So in essence you still need to know how to do affiliate marketing, but just replace the products with your own.

Some Ideas For Creating Your Own Products To Sell Online:

  • An Ebook on a particular subject that you are experienced in. An easy way to sell these is by becoming a seller on Amazon.
  • Make your own ‘how to’ course and or community. Much like Wealthy Affiliate is for teaching people how to make money online, but this can be reflected in any niche if you can get interested people in your niche to find your WordPress site.
  • Create your own plugins or themes. This is more technically advanced and should only be considered if you have the skills. Webmasters are always on the look out for new and exciting plugins or themes for there websites. I am not skilled in this area and will never be a developer of such a thing.

Ecommerce/Drop Shipping/ArbitrageHow To Make Money With WordPress

Another popular yet more difficult method of making money using Wordpres is by selling physical products directly from your website. This differs from Affiliate Marketing because you personally have to handle the financial transactions, ship products, buy products from 3rd parties etc. The work load and degree of difficulty is much higher in my opinion. Well, if you want to be successful that is.

The FBA service by Amazon is rather popular in 2017 and many people are having success with it. However, as I am not from the USA, I find it daunting trying to deal with vendors, sellers etc in the USA when I’m not from the country. The FBA is the ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’ program. This is where you ship products to be stored and handled by the Amazon store.

The best method behind FBA is to find online retailers/distributers that sell a high selling product on Amazon, but at a much cheaper rate. Then you contact the distributor and buy 10,50,100 units of each product and ship them to the Amazon warehouse. From there, Amazon deal with the shipping out to the customers and financial transactions.

But, you will have to deal with refunds, have a high upfront expense (Buying the products), figuring out how to get your products ranked in the Amazon search bar so that they appear when customers search Amazon etc.

By no means is FBA a easy solution, there will be a lot of work and trial and error involved. However, the margins are greater than Affiliate Marketing. Something to consider if you have a few thousand laying around. I highly suggest you undertake some training on FBA first.

Place Advertising On Your WordPress Website

Putting Google Adsense On WordPress

Another simple and easy method to make money with WordPress. However, much like affiliate marketing you should undertake some relevant training first. Drawing traffic to your website is the number 1 reason people fail online.

Having ads on your site is easy to do. But if no one sees them ads and nobody clicks on them ads, you don’t earn a cent. Which is no fun. If you can get traffic on demand, or take advantage of Bing’s under utilized keywords using the Traffic Now Technique, you could quickly generate some quick traffic to your site. However getting the people to click on the ads is a whole different story. Relevancy is key and always will be. In order to make a lot of money from people clicking on ads from your website, you need a lot of traffic. If you don’t know how to get traffic, then this option is not your best bet. Google Adsense is the most popular advertising network from where you can get these types of ads for which you make money. But without traffic, your ads will never get clicked on. So focus on building your traffic up first.

Sell Advertising From Your Website

Sell Advertising On wordpress To Make Cash

On the other side of the coin, if you already have a lot of traffic, but don’t want to submit to Google Adsense, you can charge whatever you want for people to put their advertisements directly on your site. There are a few ways of doing this.

  1. Sell space on your WordPress site directly to the public. Have a page on your website labelled ‘Advertise With Us’ or something similar. This won’t get you too many interested buyers, but it is a start.
  2. Use a advertising marketplace where you control the bids for your advertising space. Websites like buysellads will allow you to barter better prices than what lets say Adsense may offer. There are many alternatives to look for, so just search for reputable marketplaces.

Sell Your Website!Methods To Make Money With A Website

I for one would NEVER sell my assets, but that’s just me. However, many people make a living by domain flipping, or selling their websites. If you can prove that your WordPress website is making you money each and every month, then you stand to make some serious coin.

How much you get for a website will vary. A rough estimation could be to times your monthly income from that site by 10-25. So if you are making $10,000 a month online, you could potentially sell the website for 100k – 250k through website selling marketplaces such as Empire Flippers.

In rare cases, other websites in your niche will offer to buy your website for even higher prices. This is because they want to eliminate the competition basically. This strategy alone of building a rivalry website just to potentially sell to the #1 spot in Google could make you a lot of money.

But all in all, I happy to be earning 10k a month from my websites and while 200k+ does sound tempting. In the long run the 10k+ per month is better.

Can You Make Money For Free With WordPress?

Nothing in life is free, but yes it is possible to make money online without spending a cent. For a complete beginner?. Highly unlikely.

If you are serious about making money online, then treat it like a business. A offline business needs money to be put into it in order for it to potentially make you money. The same goes with an online business. Don’t be afraid to invest money into your online business.

But it’s of utmost importance that you know what you are doing. Don’t be wasting money on shabby irrelevant online courses if you don’t have to. Get the correct training from the get go and you will be in a much better place 12 months from now. Trust me, I’ve been there and one that. There are no short cuts and there is no secret to making money online. Just correct training, hard work and persistence.

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