Can You Make Money With PTC Sites – 3 Proven Ways

By | March 9, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Can You Make Money With PTC Sites - 3 Proven WaysIf you are new to trying to make money online you may have stumbled across Paid To Click programs. First thing you want to know is “can you make money with PTC sites?“. If so how much money is it possible to make with PTC programs?. All very valid questions, and ones which I will answer honestly and to the best of my knowledge. After discovering these types of site 4+ years ago, I can confirm that some of them are legitimate, while some unfortunately are just scams to make money from advertisers while you do the hard work. This is what you have to look out for when joining a PTC site, a honest program which won’t waste hours of your time without paying you.

For those that may not know, PTC sites are sites where you are required to view an advertisement for a set amount of time. Once the time is up, you get paid a credit. Usually a very small fee but a fee none the less. For many younger people, this is a popular way of making a few extra bucks.

3 Ways You Can Make Money Using PTC Websites

  1. Get Paid To View An Advertisement

    How to make money withptc

This is the most common method and the whole basis behind PTC websites. Signing up to these programs should always be free. If a site is trying to charge you an application fee, or monthly subscription. Proceed with caution. These PTC sites are designed for advertisers to share their web pages. They pay the money and you view the advert for free to earn money. So be careful if this is how the PTC site you may be interested in is not operating.

To make money, you will view the webpage for about 05 to 20 seconds. Next you will be required to click on a button of some kind once the timer runs down to zero. As seen in the below image, the timer has run down from 20 seconds to 0. Next to it is a rectangle box with 5 icons/images inside. To proceed onto the next advert you must click the image which is a double. This is to prove you are not a robot and are in fact a human.

Continue this process for countless hours and keep earning credits. Some PTC sites offer bonuses for viewing 50/100 ads in a row, or 1000 ads per day etc.

Example Of Ads Available On Clixsense.

How PTC Works


How Much Money Can You Make From Viewing Ads?

This is where I leave PTC sites behind. The pay rate is horrible if you are serious about making a serious income online. To make $500 a day from viewing ads alone would be impossible.

The honest PTC sites which actually pay their members usually pay very minimal money. For example the maximum you can earn on Clixsense is $0.02 per ad. Clixsense is one of the biggest PTC online, operating since 2007. Yet the income potential is still very low. This is how it is across the entire PTC field.

See below how I clicked on a AD and it lasted for 5 secs (Say 10 secs all up including clicking etc). I earned $0.001. Yes thats correct 1/10 of a cent. So after 10 ads I will earn 1c taking me between 1 minute to 1:30 maximum. Thats a record breaking 60 cents per hour. Does this sound like a income you could retire on!. No way get out of here. Heck even when I did a test job at ClickWorkers I earned more than that!.

How much money can you make with PTC sites

2. Promote Your Own Advertisements On PTC Sites To Earn Money

As PTC websites are mostly about promoting ‘how to make money’ products, it makes sense for you to do the same right?. Wrong… The reason these people place ads is in hope that you will click on the ad and buy/sign up to their recommended product. As most people who use PTC sites don’t usually have much money, chances of them buying your product a decreased. They just want to click on the ads and make $0.001 cents.

However, I’m not saying that this is 100% the case. If you have a strong landing page or simply the best make money online product in the world, you may make a few sales here and their. But you will have to take the risk and PAY to have your adverts clicked on by people. So chances of loosing money with PTC are possible as well. I have tried this route before and let me tell you not many people handed any money over. In fact none and I ended up loosing $140. However, back then I was not promoting what I am now. So just remember that there is risk involved as to see enough traffic it will cost you money.


How Much To Advertise On PTC sites

3. Refer A Friendways to make extra cash online

This method of making money with PTC sites is a twist on the 1st method. By referring ‘new’ members to these PTC sites you can make money off them. This is an incentive for you to spread the word around the web on how you can make 60 cents per hour. When a new member signs up under your special link you may receive a % of what they make from their 60 cents per hour. Therefor making your pay rate slightly increase.

This method can be a nice bonus income, but one for which you will have to work really hard. Many members of PTC sites don’t spend 8 hours a day clicking on ads. So you are going to need 100’s if not 1000’s of referrals under your link for you to earn anything decent. This is in essence ‘Affiliate Marketing‘ but on the lower end.

Should You Spend Time Clicking On PTC Sites?Are PTC sites scams

In a nutshell NO!. There are better and easier ways to start making money online. For example, if you have any writing skills you could head over to ‘‘ where you can get paid $$ per word that you write. Naturally you must have a good grasp on writing and English.

Using PTC sites as a form of income is fine if you don’t want to make more than a few bucks every month. However long term passive income on auto-pilot is where its at. Through Affiliate Marketing is how I make over $6k per month basically on auto pilot. Do the hard work once and get paid over and over for years in some cases.

If a long term online business that can allow you to quit your day job sounds like something you would like to pursue, then I highly recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review. The reason I recommend this place is because its exactly the place where I learned how to make serious money and not pennies from PTC sites. I hope you have enjoyed my article and have learned something new about PTC websites. Feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below about anything ‘make money’ related..


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5 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With PTC Sites – 3 Proven Ways


    I’ll do my best to earn as much as I can in this online world. PTC site do pay very little and are not worth my time in comparison. Thanks for sharing

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion John. Some people use PTC as a way to earn small change, but without recruiting a tone of referrals, it’s not something you can scale to a full time income.


    I am a member of since June 2011. Until March 2013, I just managed to earn 18$ by referring people and seeing adverts. And I was like “Whats the point earning $1 in a month?”. But since then I discovered that Clixsense offers tasks to perform that can fetch you anywhere between $0.02 to $0.10 per task depending on the complexity and time consumed. Secondly, there are surveys to be completed that fetch you anything between $0.25 to $4.00 depending on the time it takes to complete this survey.

    As on January 2017, I managed to earn $360 in totality. That makes $342 in 46 months. i.e. $7.5 per month. If I become a paid member, then I stand a chance to earn more. As there are more ads to be clicked and more surveys to be completed.

    Just an experience I wanted to share.

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for sharing Parag and I’m glad you have managed to make some money. For some people the time invested compared to the amount made just doesn’t work out. However, you could use that $360 to invest into a higher paying online business and move forwards like that. Either way, as long as you are happy. That’s what matters most.


    Thanks for sharing your insight on PTC sites, I agree that big money is extremely hard to make from clicking for pennies.


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