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By | September 25, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Best Way To Make Money Online Answering QuestionsThe best way to make money online by answering questions may come as a bit of a skewered answer to you. For starters, I’m not going to be listing the top 10 websites in 2016/2017 that pay you to answer simple questions. The thing is, if it sounds too good too be true….Then most likely it is. The simple reality is, that to answer questions online and actually get paid for it. Chances are that it’s a scam or you will only be rewarded if your answer is a ‘top rated’ answer.

Getting a top rated answer is no easy feat either. Especially when the questions are not going to be as simple as, what color does red and yellow make when combined. For the websites to pay you for answering the questions, they must first get paid. The way they make money is via ‘ads’ displayed on their websites. Now tell me how many people would be looking to click on ads when all they are wanting to know is the answer to ‘what does red and orange make’, or ‘how to tie a knot’ just as rough examples. Not many, if any at all is the answer.

So sure, there may be legitimate paid to answer question sites, but don’t expect to quit your job just yet. The amount of questions you would have to not only answer, but to get a ‘paying’ answer as well would equate to a tonne of work by you. For what?. Maybe a few bucks.. Taking surveys in my opinion is a level above this method of making money and I don’t even recommend taking surveys as a income source. The pay out is far too low for your time. But don’t fret yet, I have a way for you to use your knowledge and get paid.

What If I Was To Tell You You CAN Make A Full Time Income Online Answering Questions

Are Question And Answer Sites Legit For Making Money

This is where I need you to change your mindset a little. Now think about when someone goes to and types something into the search bar. What is it that we all use Google for?. To get ANSWERS! Whether it’s to find a store opening hours, map/directions, product reviews, sizes of things, the cost if things and ‘how to’ searches. Most people want to get answers to their questions when they turn to search engines. Hence the saying ‘Google it’. It’s become the largest online resource the world over.

So How Do You Get Paid By Answering People On Google?.

Now this is not as easy as it may seem, but with the Best Training Available, you can learn how to answer as many questions you like and make money for the rest of your life. This training is the best asset you could ever have. So it’s important you listen up if you are serious about making money online.

Now to make money by answering questions online you need to have a website. Whoa hold up!. Creating a website in 2016 is no longer as hard as what it use to be. In fact you can get a basic site up in less than a minute using the right framework. 4 years ago I had no idea about making a website or any of this. But now I have multiple websites and make enough money online from my websites to support my entire family. So for a beginner to make a website back then was something incredible in my eyes. The good news is that it is even easier now. So don’t fret. Lets continue on…

Your Website Will Give People AnswersDo I Need A Website To Make Money

So for you to make money online answering questions, you need to think about a certain industry for which questions you want to answer. These are known as ‘niches’. So you choose a niche or hobby that you have an interest in. So lets roll with the niche ‘toy models’ for example. Lets say you are a crazy fan and know everything about toy models. Even if you don’t know everything, you love the idea and are willing to learn the answers to the questions in order to make money.

Once you have built your basic website in mere minutes you can start writing the answers to the questions related to ‘toy models’. Each page of the website (A page is what you are on now, a singular article) will answer JUST one question. So in order to answer 10 questions, you make 10 pages.

Get Paid To Answer Question Scams

The way you make money by giving people answers to their questions is with your website. On your website page, you will give the people the answer to their specific question. On this page you will also be making money through the means of ‘Ads’ (Those ads you see on the edges of websites everywhere) or affiliate marketing.

With Ad’s you make money any time someone clicks on the Ad. The most common advertiser is Google Ads. Google pays you cents every time someone clicks on an ad. This method of making money is not the best as you only earn very small amounts. Affiliate Marketing on the other hand can make you a full time income and much more if you put in the effort.

How I Make A Full Time Income By Answering Peoples Questions

How much money can you make from answering questions onlineSo using Ads makes you little money, but when you recommend products as your answers you get paid A LOT more. For example, I use the Amazon Affiliate Program. I make most of my online income with Amazon because I answer peoples queries. With Amazon, you can recommend any product from and get paid a commission for referring the sale.

So lets go back to our example of ‘Toy Models’ niche. Now what answers would someone be looking for in this niche. Heaps I tell you!. Now to get your brain ticking over, I will give you an example of how YOU could make money by answering questions on toy models. Lets imagine a Mother goes to Google and is looking for a Birthday gift for her Son and she knows he loves making models. So she might type into Google search bar ‘what’s the best toy models for a 5 year old boy?’.

Do you see how the Mother is asking a question and wanting answers. She wants to know whats the best toy model for her Son. Now all you have to do is connect her with your website on Toy Models. To do this you write a page called ‘the best toy models for a 5 year old boy’ for example. On this page you have just created in under 1 minute. You then find the 5 best rated toy models from amazon. The next thing you do is copy the images form amazon, paste them onto your site. Pretty easy so far right? Copy and Paste.

Then you write a few sentences about each of the 5 toy models you think would be appropriate for a 5 year old boy. Because you are hypothetically working for amazon, you will get paid $$$ every time ANYONE buys something from amazon after using the affiliate links on your website. Not only that, let say the Mother also buys a handbag while she on Guess what?. You make money on the handbag as well. In fact you get paid on anything she buys within the next 24 hours. Now that is how you make money online from answering questions people. Not just pocket money money either, but you have the potential to make $5k, $10k, 20k, 50k+ per month using this method. Think about how much shopping you do online over the Christmas period. Christmas is seriously the best time of year for affiliate marketers.

But What If You Like Answering More Serious Questions?

Faith, Health, Nutrition, Weight Issues, Fitness, Stocks, Money etc…

Perhaps you are more intellectual and want to talk about the more complex things in life. Or you have a huge background in managing money for example. It seriously doesn’t matter what interests or hobbies you have. You can make money online from ANY niche. Just recently a Women appeared on the popular Shark Tank TV show. She was making over $100k per year from 1 website about ‘fortune telling’. She was wanting to expand, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what type of questions you can or want to answer, you can make money from it. And a lot of it if done correctly. Just about everything these days has an affiliate program. This means you can essentially work for any company and make unlimited money. These sorts of products can be eBooks, Digital online courses, Fitness video online, subscription based products, money guides, Forex trading accounts,  iTunes, website related items etc. The list goes on.

How To Get Started Today!My Best Suggestion To Make Money

Now that I have shown you the best way to make money online by answering questions, it’s time for you to decide if this is right for you. Now I’m not going to just leave you to be starring at a empty screen. I want to help you reach the level I have reached. But I must warn you, this becomes very addictive knowing you can earn as much as you are willing to put in. I don’t know any other job where you get paid more and more every month simply from doing the same amount of work. It’s incredible that WE ALL have this opportunity.

I’m also not going to just send you to some random website so you can figure it out for yourself. What I want you to do is do exactly the same I did. I joined this online community which trains you on how to make a profitable website. I want you to first read my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. From there you can ask me any questions you my have and decide if this is the right make money online opportunity for you. This way you are not going it alone, join me and the rest of the community and before you know it. You too will be making money online from answering questions.

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