An Honest TNT Traffic Now Technique Review

By | December 14, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Today I am reviewing TNT – Traffic Now Technique by Jennifer Ledbetter. A.K.A Pot Pie Girl. This little underground style of product WON’T get much attention and that’s a very good thing. It’s highly unlikely you have even been emailed about this product unless you are on Jennifer’s email list. This is because she doesn’t want this method leaked.

In fact she is only letting a handful of people that she trusts to even promote TNT. Why?. Because the method taught inside TNT is so unique and powerful she doesn’t want the scene to be flooded with 1000’s of marketers. So basically she released this product to help her existing students and only the serious action takers wanting to expand their online business. This is not some cheap Warrior Plus product full of fluff and rehashed crap.

An Honest TNT Traffic Now Technique Review

Who Is Pot Pie Girl (Jennifer Ledbetter)

Jennifer is a successful Amazon affiliate marketer like myself, but she has been doing this business for over 10 years now I believe. Back when I started my internet marketing career one of the first products I EVER had success with was One Week Marketing (OWM) which Jennifer created. This was based around Squidoo, a platform which isn’t around anymore. Since then Pot Pie Girl has gone on to create at least 4 more detailed courses on how to make money online. Each course is different in it’s own way and all of them actually work and make you money. My favorite course by Jennifer was RAM, until I bought TNT that is.

So as you can tell, I have a lot of my online success thanks to the courses by Jennifer Ledbetter and the foundation of Wealthy Affiliate. Combine the both of these brilliant online training and it’s incredibly hard not to succeed. With Jennifer’s unique twists and techniques combined with a true proven long term business in a box model (WA), internet marketing doesn’t get any better. I owe a lot to Pot Pie Girl and highly encourage any affiliate marketer to follow her online.

This is why I am one of the handful of people Jennifer has trusted enough to review here latest installment: TNT Traffic Now Technique.

What Is T.N.T All About?

So I think you can understand by know that you don’t need to worry about if TNT is a scam or not. Because it’s not!. But what is TNT all about then and why is it being kept as a secret?. Well to understand what Traffic Not Technique is about you preferably need to have a basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is. Although this method can be used to send free traffic to any domain you wish. Most folks will use TNT to increase their affiliate sales online.

I cannot reveal all the details to TNT (Remember its a highly guarded technique only a few people can get there hands on) but I will give you a brief overview.

What Is TNT About Pot Pie Girl

What TNT Is About

  • A new hidden method of sending traffic to your website form the search engine Bing
  • Mastering the art of free traffic from Flipboard
  • Learning how to optimize you website specifically to attract a special kind of Bing traffic
  • A easy and quick way to get traffic from Bing today!

What TNT Is NOT About

  • Keyword research using keyword tools is NOT required. Although Jennifer does provide a Bing specific tool if you wish to research more.
  • TNT won’t teach you how to build a website so you will need how to quickly set up a website. Don’t worry it’s not hard.
  • Spending months trying to rank in search engines. This method will get you on the first page of Bing within days and often hours.
  • Competition – This is a tactic that doesn’t face stiff competition for big time keywords. This is a method that sneaks you in the back door of Bing and plants your website on page 1 of google
  • This is NOT about organic rankings. Unlike traditional methods where your aim is to get your website ranked on page 1 of Google for any given keyword. T.N.T is about a unique twist that will get you on page 1, but in a different arena. While you get to page one for this new technique, you can also rank organically on page 1 of Bing as well. So you can get 2 spots on the first page increasing your chances of making money. But typical Pot Pie Girl wants more than just 2 spots. She shows you how to rank for more than 2 spots on the first page of Bing.

Who Is T.N.T Best Suited Too?

TNT is not a get started guide, so if you are a complete beginner you may struggle to understand what Jennifer is talking about. While what she discusses is not all that technical or hard (Can easily be researched on Youtube) you will need to know how to add plugins, create pages etc for your website. Like I said earlier, if you team Wealthy Affiliate up to get a quick and easy website up and running and some basic training and combine the techniques of TNT you are in a very good position.

But if you already have a website online and want to learn a new technique to get targeted traffic for free. Then TNT is for you. Right now TNT is HOT!. With Christmas fast approaching, you can really rake it in with all the Christmas online shoppers using TNT. This method is perfect for seasonal occasions such as Christmas. You can get your website in the eyes of Christmas shoppers by tomorrow and be making money already. That’s how powerful this technique is.

But TNT is not only about making money from affiliate sales over Christmas. This method can be used in any niche and at any time of the year. It’s just that Christmas is right now and is making many people a lot of money online. So jump on board the Christmas money train!.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the weight lose, make money online, fitness, how to play piano niches, any niche is a suitable fit for TNT. Because this method targets a specific result in Bing which can be used for anything.

OK I Given In…It’s Bonus Time!my TNT bonus

I don’t normally give away bonuses whenever I recommend a product, that is because I believe the product should be able to stand on its own 2 feet and deliver value. But in the case of TNT, my exclusive bonus ONLY given to people who join me over Wealthy Affiliate is now available to ANYONE who buys TNT through my website.

I may decide to take down my bonus because it’s my actual techniques I use to make over 10k a month from being a Amazon Affiliate. So I don’t just share it with anyone. But for as long as you can read this, my bonus will still be available. Once you buy TNT and get taken to JVZoo (the Vendor) you will see that I have added a bonus to TNT beneath the product details. Click on this bonus and you will need to enter this password to access it : wealthyaffiliate  Once you enter the password you will have access to my secret methods of making money. Combine my technique with TNT for an explosive Christmas.

If You Have Any Questions?

Please drop me a comment below if you have any questions about TNT or ow to make money online. I’ll be sure to reply ASAP!. Thanks Josh.


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4 thoughts on “An Honest TNT Traffic Now Technique Review

  1.'Jeremy Hier

    Is the bonus only for WA members.
    What is the bonus related to.
    I ask because TNT is not inexpensive.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Jeremy, the bonus is what I normally give to premium WA members. It is a step by step guide to how I build websites that are always profitable. TNT is a method in which can bring in traffic faster to compliment the bonus.

      1.'Jeremy Hier

        thanks Josh,
        I signed up to WA through your affiliate link.
        I hope it worked and I see your emails in my inbox.

        1. Josh Post author

          See you on the inside Jeremy. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions while you are learning the ropes. The members at WA are very helpful, so take advantage of it and myself 🙂


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