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By | February 18, 2017

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An Honest ProfiteE ReviewSo like me you were probably lured into the claims of spending $5 and turning it into $100+ per month every month right?. Now you are looking for an honest review of ProfiteE to find out the real truth. Find out if these claims of easy money are truly possible. This product has been forced into my email inbox from just about every marketer I’m subscribed too. So I though, heck it must be good. I’ll give it a go.

So after spending the $7.07 on the front end product, and going through the entire cause I can safely say I don’t like it and I think many of you are going to agree with me. In fact, I don’t even see how the turn $5 into $100 within 20 minutes claim is possible with this course. It’s much more advanced than what you maybe thinking and will take you a many months to see any real results. So read on to discover the real ProfiteE by Mosh Bari and Aidan Corkery.

What Is Profitee About?

Is ProfiteE A Scam?What Is ProfiteE About

This is where many of you will drop of feeling totally disappointed like I was. Or even scammed?. ProfiteE is about building a brand and a list in the ‘Internet Marketing’ niche so that you can promote other internet marketing related products to your list. Nothing new here right?. It’s a tired old game if you ask me and I personally am tired of these products. But hey, my loss is your gain right.

The course consists of 10 training videos of decent length. Averaging around 15 minutes each. They take you from knowing how to brand yourself so people can recognize you to creating your own products (Fluff in my opinion) so that you can gain ‘buyers’ onto your email list. Also by becoming partners with other established marketers to work as a team to grow your list. It’s seems to be the trend lately, release simple theory based training just to make a quick buck and build THEIR email list (Not yours). It’s rare these days to come across a good WarriorPlus product which actually teaches you something step by step. Not just a bunch of overviews.

During the training Aidan Corkery will show you ways to get traffic by joining Facebook groups, creating groups, making Youtube video reviews, solo Ads and PTC sites so that you can build your email list without having to create your own product. Problem is that there is no training on where exactly you are sending the traffic. If you are a complete beginner you won’t have a website set up, nor will you have a Autoresponder with a landing page built. This is crucial training not covered in ProfiteE if you want to go into the Internet Marketing niche.


What I Liked…

  • To be honest, I felt very disappointed with ProfiteE. It didn’t wow me at all. I don’t know if it’s the false hype or the whole concept that bugs me most. I did like how Aidan included a section for getting approved by the Warrior Plus Vendors so that you can actually promote products. (Requires you to go on camera)
  • Hmmm, still thinking…

My Complaints About ProfiteE

  • My BIGGEST gripe is with the misleading sales letter. Turn $5 into $100 with just 20 minutes to set up. This is 100% false and a newbie could never do this in 20 minutes. Building a brand and a email list takes lots of hard work and time. Months to years to see any good results. There is NO case study showing how $5 can be turned into $100+. So don’t be fooled like I was thinking this is something simple when it really isn’t!.
  • I love how these course say make this much money this quickly when the method involves promoting products from Warrior Plus or JVZoo. When it is extremely difficult to get approved by the vendors inside Warrior Plus etc to even promote their products. Aidan even states this. So why make a course about promoting these products when probably 90% of people won’t get approved due to having no reputation, previous sales records etc. Trust me, it’s not easy to get approved. I’ve been there, done that.
  • Basically a course to show you how Aidan does things to make money recommending these Warrior Plus, JVzoo products. Basically for the above reasons and most people don’t want to recommend make money products as a way to earn an income online. I make over $10,000 a month by recommending Amazon products without having to feel guilty making money by promoting products that simple won’t work and confusing people more.

Is Profitee A Scam

The Bottom Line Is…

ProfiteE is not a course on making your own online products, nor is it a step by step method to make money online. It’s simply an overview of how Aidan got started and became a seller/vendor for Warrior Plus and JVzoo. Which is fine if you already have a grasp on the internet marketing niche and if you actually want to promote these kinds of product to people. I personally think it’s a bit of a inner circle club and normal people rarely make money from these types of products. I highly doubt a beginner will profit from ProfiteE. But this is just my opinion as a Profitee product owner.

Now after reading through this honest Profitee review and you are feeling somewhat disappointed with the result but still want to learn how to make money online. Listen up. I got started way back in 2012 as a complete newbie without any marketing or computer skills at all. After finding what I believe to be the best affiliate marketing platform in the world, I took what I learned and ran with it. This has nothing to do with promoting internet marketing products either.

This is something you have probably been looking for. A fresh and proven system to build a online business. This place has been online and helping others and myself make money for 11+ years now. How is that for some kind of track record. I owe pretty much everything to this place and it is free to join as well. So if you are tired of being used as an ATM machine and want to turn the tables, I highly recommend you check it out. You have nothing to loose, only much to gain.

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