An Honest CPA Monster Machines Review

By | April 9, 2016

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An Honest CPA Monster Machines ReviewI have bought many CPA products over the years, but haven’t really pursued them due to the fact of needing to be approved by CPA networks first. So when I saw CPA Monster Machines, I thought maybe, just maybe this time it’s not a scam. In my honest review of CPA Monster Machines I will be dissecting this course into what it’s all about, the methods used, does it cost any additional money to make it work, what I liked and my complaints.

Short Review

After going through CPA Monster Machines by Sreejan Guha Niyogi & Jason Finley I wasn’t overly impressed. Why?. Well, anyone who has experience with CPA previously won’t find anything new here. This course is a brief run through of finding CPA offers and paying for traffic from Bing Ads to send visitors to your sales funnel.

The delivery of this course was in order, however one of the videos is missing. A pretty crucial video as well. How to pick keywords on Bing. This is probably just a technical error as the previous video was repeated twice. So perhaps the owners will correct this an put in the keyword video in its place.

The training is in the form of videos and honestly I believe it lacks depth. While the steps involved are correct, the amount of detail and instructions is limited. A complete beginner won’t know 100% what to do, yet an experienced marketer will already know everything offered in this course. There are many better course online on how to make money, but not too many training programs offer a free membership to test the waters out.

What Is CPA Monster Machines All About

Is It Really A Scam?Is Cpa Monster Machines A Scam

CPA stands for cost per action which means that you can get paid by companies for sending visitors to a offer where all that’s needed is a simple action. Such as submitting a email address. In theory this sounds like a great way to get paid because no selling is required. However CPA is not for everyone and not everyone can even get approved by CPA networks. Nothing inside CPA Monster Machines explains this or shows the beginner how to get approved by these strict networks.

The core of this course goes through these steps:

  • Finding CPA Networks: The course does tell you that you should join up to Peerfly and MaxBounty as these are 2 of the best networks online. Additional methods of finding CPA networks are also briefly explained. Such as OfferVault. This is a place where you can find offers related to your niche to promote. Then you can see immediately which network is offering the offer.
  • How To Choose A Offer: Not too much detail is given to this section. However Sreejan does give his recommendations to look for. Such as a EPC of $0.10 minimum and $1.20 minimum payment per action.
  • Set Up Bing Ads: This module should be much much more in depth. This module could ultimately bankrupt you if you don’t know what you are doing. Paying for ads is a risky business. One that I don’t recommend until you have mastered the art of free traffic and are making a decent income online already. Once you are making $500 day online, then you have a safety net if you loose $100 a day to paid advertising.
  • Setting Up Opt In Pages & Sales Funnel: Again, this module alone should be dedicated to a full training course. This section plays a huge part in paid traffic and I find the training doesn’t cover enough details for the complete beginner. If you are paying $10 -$100 daily on advertising, you must know how to convert this traffic into money. It’s pointless having a email list of 1000 people if you have no idea how to monetize your list.

What I Liked?Review Of CPA Monster Machines

Not a lot unfortunately. Perhaps the way Sreejan shows how he manually puts a price into Bing ads which is lower than the current bidding price. No real explanation as to why, more just do this…

The course was pretty straight forward. So the action taker will have essentially the most common blueprint there is to make money with CPA, however additional research may be required to fill in the blanks.

My Complaints About CPA Monster Machines

  • Quality of videos are quite poor, there are times it feels as if Sreejan has walked away during the recording, that’s how low the sound is in some parts
  • Training Video Missing on how to find keywords
  • No live case study to prove this advertising on Bing Ads really works
  • Training isn’t in-depth enough. A few extra minutes on each module may have improved the course a fair bit.
  • No PDF file for the people who prefer to read step by step instructions, especially important when you talk with a strong accent.
  • Simple method rehashed poorly to make the owner money

My Overall OpinionThe Best Way ever TO Make Money Online 2016

Save your money!. There are much better courses available online. Maybe not for $7, but that’s unfortunately what you get from these cheap over rated products.  As CPA is something I’m not 100% committed too, at this time I cannot recommend a top rated product.

However, if you are interested in finding out how I made $8000 last month from affiliate marketing, I suggest you read on. This is the kind of income anyone can expect if they are willing to invest in themselves. I learned how to make a website in under 5 minutes and how to build my website to the money making machine it is now. But it didn’t happen overnight. I spend months just learning and applying the techniques described in Wealthy Affiliate.

While this may not sound appealing to some people (As I know everyone wants to be a millionaire overnight, but it just doesn’t work that way), I say would you spend a year working your butt off, so you can spend the rest of your life living the dream?. I sure would, and that’s exactly what I did to build my online income to what it is today.

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