7 Day Profit System Review – Is It Worth The Hype

By | September 18, 2016

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Honest Real 7 Day Profit System ReviewThe 7 Day Profit System has just been released and in my honest review you will get the juicy details you need to know before you buy the product by David Fearon. Like the majority of Warrior Plus products, you left wondering what the heck is this product even about?. Which is down right annoying for the consumer but lucrative for the seller. They do this so they can tempt you into buying the product without having a clue what it is and hoping on less refunds than sales.

So I’m here today to give you my honest 7 Day Profit System Review in order to make you aware of what your actually buying. Yes that doesn’t mean I have bought the product and actually went through the course. So lets get into the review.

Is 7 Day Profit System A Scam?

Whats David Fearon Going To Teach You

A quick overview of what the 7 Day Profit System is all about: This product is all about Facebook. Creating a Facebook ‘group’ geared to towards a niche of your choice. For example you could have a niche group called ‘Retro Furniture’. Inside this ‘group’ that you manage you can sell products to other members of your group. The concept of this course is to buy cheap products, typically old used products from Garage Sales and Auctions and then sell them for a much higher price inside your Facebook Group. That is the method used inside the 7 Day Profit System.

While this concept is a legitimate service and is not a scam, there are some flaws in this course which I will get to shortly. I wanna start by saying, if any of you have no idea how to ‘buy and sell’ online then this course is not for you. Some good knowledge of online transactions and Facebook marketing is required before you take action on this course in my opinion.

What I Liked About This Product

  • It’s a legitimate way to make money online.
  • Something different to the usual Warrior Plus product (Build a list and sell them crap products)


Is 7 Day Profit System A Scam

What I Disliked About The 7 Day Profit System

This may seem like I’m being very critical on this course, but I try to always think about the beginner trying to make money online. So if the course isn’t well suited than I have to let beginners become aware of this before they waste more money on products that will only collect cyber dust.

  • The buy products and sell them online niche is not for everyone. While you can make money with Facebook groups by being an affiliate marketer (Which I recommend). This is not discussed in the course. It’s primarily aimed at buying used products and selling them online.
  • High risk of not being able to sell these products after you have bought them.
  • During the course there is no training on what to add to your group page?. What are people meant to do with a Facebook group once they set it up?. Add content, if so what kind of content? This is not discussed. I don’t see why people would want to join a group that is empty and only full of the owner selling products. What value must the group owner add to the group?. These are the kind of things that could have been discussed during the training. Unless you have some knowledge on Facebook marketing, then you may struggle on this bit.
  • No live examples were given. People learn more by having examples to go off. I am somewhat confused by the entire process of this course because there is nothing to go off. Telling us to buy something and then sell it in a Facebook group is not enough detail for me and probably a lot of other people wanting to make money with the 7 Day Profit System. Had the training showed step by step; adding products to the group, adding content, how to communicate with other groups in your niche and examples of requesting to advertise your group inside other peoples groups would have made this product a lot better and easier to understand.
  • No explanation at all on how to actually do money transactions. This was a big negative for me. Sure we can say ‘yea this table is $200’  but how do we make the online transaction with the buyer in the event someone buys it?. There was brief mentions of eCommerce sites. This I would imagine is where you have your products listed for sale. So from the group you advertise products from your eCommerce site. But there is absolutely no training on how to even set up a eCommerce site and how to integrate a PayPal button etc. Not very noob friendly at all.

My Final Rating For 7 Day Profit System

4 Out Of 10Get 7 Day Profit System David Fearon

While I like the idea of buying low and selling high, it’s nothing new and been around for all eternity. But without the proper step by step training, I think this course will be lost of many people. In other words don’t waste your money.

Making money online is no mystery, but so many products out there don’t give you the full story. When there’s bits and pieces missing from the puzzle you can never complete it. Which is why so many people struggle to make money online.

Fortunately for me, I have put all the pieces of the puzzle together. But if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate I never would have become a stay at home Dad making a living off the internet. I got to tell you, it’s worth finding the missing pieces and living ‘Boss’ free.

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